How to sync Samsung Galaxy S III with Microsoft Office Outlook

Update: Click here for Galaxy S5 Outlook sync

We want to show you how easy it is to sync Samsung Galaxy SIII with Microsoft Outlook. There appears to be a lot of confusion by S3 owners about how to do this. CompanionLink can automate the sync process with a few simple configuration steps.

CompanionLink is right for you if you are looking for:

  1. Plug-and-play sync experience. Connect your Galaxy S3 to the computer and the sync will begin automatically.
  2. Reliable sync. No fussing around with hard resets, switching to Mass Storage Mode, or lost data during the sync.
  3. Data security. We offer both USB sync and encrypted Cloud sync. Furthermore, our Outlook-like app for Android encrypts all the data you sync so no one can break into it even if your phone is lost.
  4. Complete Outlook data. We sync all your data – contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, journal, categories, and contact photos.

Samsung devices ship with free software to sync Galaxy S 3 with Outlook. Many users report that it is a very complicated process that often destroys their data. Your mileage may vary. If you don’t want to deal with this, CompanionLink is for you and others who value their data and time. We even offer free US-based phone support to stand behind our software.

Steps for Outlook to Galaxy S3 sync:

  1. Install CompanionLink for Outlook to your computer. It is free to download and try for 14 days.
  2. Download the DejaOffice CRM app on your S3 for free from the Google Play store. The app gives you contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, journal and categories just like Microsoft Outlook.
  3. Synchronize using CompanionLink. Choose from DejaConnect USB sync or DejaCloud sync. Both are secure.

Yes, it’s really that simple to sync Microsoft Outlook to Galaxy S3. Give it a try and please share your feedback below.

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93 thoughts on “How to sync Samsung Galaxy S III with Microsoft Office Outlook

  1. Hello, I see that Companionlink for outlook is free for first 14 days. How much does this cost after this time? Is this suitable to use with the Samsung A3 phone please?

  2. CompanionLink can sync using USB and any Android Device. However, we recommend DejaCloud sync. Google has worked hard to ensure that USB Sync doesn’t work with Android devices. So we have a lot of workarounds.

    You will need to load DejaOffice on your Tab A. Download it from the Google Play Store.

  3. I have an HP laptop running Windows 10 & Office 2013 and a Samsung Galaxy TAB A with only the standard S Notes, S Planner Email & Contacts. Will CompanionLink successfully sync by USB directly between my PC & Tab?

  4. I have just got a new computer and use companion link on my old one as well as my Galaxy tab. I have downloaded the app and can’t get it to sink using my log in information. can you help?

  5. It seems that CompanionLink puts contacts in a separate Dejaoffice contact folder. This is not the folder that opens up when I use messaging or phone contacts. If I change someone’s number in Outlook, it changes it in the dejaoffice folder, but when I try to text them it goes to the wrong number. Is there a way for it to sync with the Android contacts so everything is correct?

  6. Yes, you can select the specific Outlook Contact folder. This is in the Settings area of CompanionLink in a tab labelled “Outlook Folders”.

  7. In outlook I have several contacts folders. I ONLY want to sync the folder actually named contacts. Can I do that, or does it have to sync all of them

  8. I am unable to sync attachments from outlook tasks and calendar to my deja office tasks and calendar. Is there a way to do this?

  9. Thanks for supporting CompanionLink through the years, Christy!

    You do not have to use DejaOffice if you choose. DejaOffice can be set to automatically sync Contacts and Calendar to the phone’s built-in apps. While you still need DejaOffice to sync data with Outlook, you do not have to use it to manage your data.

    To set up this type of system, go to DejaOffice > Settings > Sync Settings.

    Here’s a link with more information:

  10. I’ve used CompanionLink before for previous Samsung phones… but now that Kies3 has messed up the world, it looks like I may be back to using CompanionLink. However…. I really don’t want to have 2 different contact files, and 2 different apps for calendar. I’ve seen others ask this question before….

    Will CompanionLink 5 or 6 sync to the native contact/calendar apps on my S3? Or will I have to use the Deja apps?

  11. Duplications should not occur. When you set up the DejaOffice app on Galaxy, it creates a data storage separate from the People app on Galaxy. Because this DejaOffice data file is empty upon creation, there will be no duplication. If, for some reason, you already have data in the DejaOffice data file, CompanionLink has a built-in duplication handler to take care of matching data in Outlook and DejaOffice. This acts as a second measure to ensure no duplicates. As a third measure, if you ever have problems for any reason, we offer free support.

  12. Duplications should not occur. When you set up the DejaOffice app on Galaxy, it creates a data storage separate from the People app on Galaxy. Because this DejaOffice data file is empty upon creation, there will be no duplication. If, for some reason, you already have data in the DejaOffice data file, CompanionLink has a built-in duplication handler to take care of matching data in Outlook and DejaOffice. This acts as a second measure to ensure no duplicates. As a third measure, if you ever have problems for any reason, we offer free support.

  13. I am going to try CompanionLink but I want to avoid having duplicate entries on my Samsung Galaxy S3. How do I do that?

  14. With 4000 contacts, each with lots of Contact Notes, I suggest you use DejaOffice because it was designed to the hold thousands of contacts. The built-in Contact List on S3 is not designed to hold that many records. If you need further info or want to discuss details, please email me:

  15. Time ago I tried your soft. It looks great but, if I try to use the native contact list (S3), frozen the system. That situation makes me to uninstall the soft. I have around 4000 contacts, all of the with their notes (big enough).
    I have to use only Deja contacs, or it was only a bug just solved?

  16. Yep, CompanionLink will work fine. We have phone support if you need to get a hold of us immediately. Please remove any other sync products first. One common cause of duplicates and other errors is people running two sync systems.

  17. I have Android-sync now and it stopped synching contacts and calendar and 4 requests for help over 2 months have been ignored (although I have a case number – how comforting). Can I switch to Companionlink and get the old program off my phone without screwing up everything even worse?

  18. Once the 14 day CompanionLink tril ends will I continue to receive full outlook acess on my cell?

  19. my brandnew Galaxy S3 works either in MTP mode or camera mode in both modes Companionlink does not pop up, when I press sync on the Galaxy (earlier I had a Galaxy S1 connected and it worked fine). Do I have to uninstall and reinstall the companion software?

  20. Thanks for the amazing comments about our software. My entire team appreciates this. To sync DejaOffice directly to Outlook, you can use our DejaCloud service. This is set up on both the phone (in DejaOffice > Settings > Sync Settings) and in the CompanionLink PC application. DejaCloud is our service that synchronizes data directly between Outlook and DejaOffice on your Android.

  21. Great program have used for years Deja and outlook sync perfect ALL outlook functions I have been using Deja as a bridge to keep contacts on my phone (GS3) / outlook and Gmail synced … My phone and Gmail sync automatically but I have to export my contacts to outlook or vise/verse to sync phone with outlook … – I understand Deja will sync with outlook but am I missing something here?? maybe a setting (I need note/memos which doesn’t sync via google)

    Gmail / Phone – Deja (on phone is separate app) / outlook … looks like one step missing? phone to Deja – but not as a separate database because I end up with multiple displays of the same contact –Phone / Gmail / Deja/ dazed and confused??

  22. Yes. Buy CompanionLink Professional if you want to sync multiple Contact Folders. You will need its Category Manager feature. If you have one Contact Folder with multiple Contact Subfolders, then buy CompanionLink for Outlook and toggle the “Subfolders” checkbox.

  23. Will Companion Link sync multiple contact folders?
    i.e business contacts & personal contacts.

  24. Why do I have 2 of each contact in my Samsung native contact list and 8 Deja icons in the Connection field?

  25. Yes, this is absolutely possible. Simply configure CompanionLink for Outlook to use our DejaCloud service. This ensures any changes are updated across all three (work PC, home PC, and phone). All this is included in one license of CompanionLink.

  26. is it possible to sync my work outlook with my Samsung, then sync my Samsung with my home outlook, then I have all contacts and calendar etc uptodate and all 3 devices

  27. i have companionlink 5.0 and when I sync to google the calendar and contacts sync fine but I get megta duplicates of my tasks. This is from a clean 1st sync to an emoty google account. what gives with the duplicates?

  28. Our technical support team will need to look further into this. I’m sure it’s a simple issue with setup. Please call them at 503-243-5200.

  29. I’ve downloaded CompanionLink and DejaOffice on the computer and phone, respectively, and then try to sync, and it just throws up a window saying ‘How to Synchronize’ and reiterates steps to do it. I set the USB settings appropriately for a Samsung III. However, it still doesn’t sync. any help?

  30. Terrible program when you have recurrent appointments; they appear every day, many times.

  31. I like what Companion link is doing here. The Google-MS wars have stepped up another notch. Both camps have made syncing between the other almost impossible. Google has withdrawn Google Sync and replaced with Google Apps paid and Win 8 breaks this link due to different protocols being adopted by both camps. Third-party companies offer direct sync between desktop program and your Android device. That is the simplest KISS principle. Don’t go syncing to the cloud then back to your device. Things will go wrong and often do. Keep up the good work guys.

  32. Yes, you can find Contacts on the device by company, first name, or last name. You can also group Contacts by either of these three. No, we do not impose a contact limit. You can sync unlimited number of contacts.

  33. Rushang, will i find my CONTACTS filed by COMPANY, LAST NAME, FIRST NAME on the phone and if not will a sync leave my filing on my PC in OUTLOOK as COMPANY, LAST NAME FIRST NAME?
    Secondly is there a limit to the number of contacts or is that not dependent on the CompanionLink software?
    Galaxy S3 (OS 4.1)
    Outlook 2010

  34. Will this allow updates made on my mobile outlook calander to sync back to my outlook desktop?
    Sorry if this is a repost

  35. Very disappointed that this hasn’t worked for me! It sounds great and the synch *seemed* to run but now I can’t see/retrieve the data.

  36. Use Kies; it’s a free download from Samsung and it does it all no problem! stop messing with the apps, tney don’t work!

  37. So, I have spent sooooo many hours trying to find a sync app: Outlook 2003 contacts and calendar TO my Samsung Galaxy S3 (USC). Kies 2.0, Kies Air, Mobiledit, Mobisynapse, DataPilot, let me see, who else…? NONE work. Either it can’t detect my phone – or it does nothing. So, here I see another, CompanionLink – but what I notice is that one needs to run a separate APP on the phone: DejaOffice. So Outlook contacts will sync with DejaContacts. What? I want my Outlook Contacts and my Outlook Calendar to sync with my PHONE’s Contacts (Address Book) and Calendar. So my question here is: does CompanionLink do that????

  38. Yes, that is what I am asking about. Have it on my phone but would like to find on my PC. Thanks.

  39. my android has Dejamemos and I like the feature…are they synced on my PC and, if so, where can I find them?

  40. Great point Don. We mention the distinction between standalone Outlook and Exchange-driven Outlook where applicable. For example, it’s on our Android/Outlook page:

    We actually support both type of Outlook setups. If someone has an Exchange Server, we can sync to Exchange Public Folders if they so choose. However, CompanionLink does not require Exchange.

  41. Since you seem to represent a firm offering such a product and giving such advice, may I make an important suggestion ? When I last considered switching to an Android device I wasted weeks investigating products that claimed to sync/integrate with “Outlook” when what they really meant was that they could exchange data with an Exchange server. MANY people use Outlook with no Exchange server or in “IMO” (internet mail only) mode. For another IMO (in my opinion), you should discuss this distinction specifically when discussing syncing or knowledgeable people may conclude you don’t know the difference and should not be trusted for such information. The upside is that people who have dealt with this will be strongly attracted to a confirmed offering specific to their needs.

  42. I think you mean DejaMemos, which is where notes reside. That app used to be called DejaNotes in some very old versions of DejaOffice. It is now called DejaMemos.

  43. on my galaxy siii i can not see the dejanotes. i see only dejacontacts-dejacalendar-dejatasks-dejamemo-dejatoday-dejajournal etc. help please

  44. Syncing my Outllook Personal Folder contacts with my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 puts all contacts into the Google Account, under the “My Contacts Google System Group”. I would like to have them under the “Integrated groups” of the local contact application, with the same categories as they appear on Outlook. How can I do that ?

  45. How can I sync Outlook calendar with the Samsung S Calendar application on Galaxy Note 2 (instead of the DejaOffice Calendar) ?

  46. I contacted Samsung, and have successfully set up sync with my Outlook calendar by following their recommendations. I set up the e-mail account configured with Outlook as a separate Inbox on my S-III and the Outlook calendar syncs to the S-III calendar automatically.

  47. all apps and software are installed on my phone and pc. when i plug in s3 to my pc and press sync it tells me to press sync on my pc when i do nothing happens. I have made sure usb debuggin is enabled on my device and installed on my pc. HELP PLEASE?

  48. CompanionLink is not free. They give you a 14-day trial, thereafter you must purchase it.

  49. CompanionLink doesn’t handle opening of MS Office attachments. However, there are other 3rd party tools for that. Search the Google Play store for “MS Word”.

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