webOS Lives On At CompanionLink [Updated]

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Update: USB sync is now live for all webOS devices! Read about it here.

The past week has been a bit of a roller coaster for webOS fans. We feel you – in fact, we’re right there with you. CompanionLink has worked with webOS since long before it was ever webOS. Back in 1997, CompanionLink was in the room at Palm’s first developer conference. Since then, we’ve worked closely with Palm, Palm OS, and webOS. Our software has allowed people to get their PIM and CRM information to Palm devices for years.

With the advent of webOS 2.x, we ran into a hurdle – as did many developers. The communication lines with the webOS team became blurred.  First, it was the HP acquisition. Then, the bombshell announcement by HP last week.

While CompanionLink was able to provide syncing options via Google, we could not find a way to connect via USB as we had in the past. I’m happy to announce that we plan to bring USB sync to webOS 2.x and 3.x in the coming weeks. This is a tribute to those people who have hung on to their webOS devices through thick and thin. It’s a shout out to those bloggers who have spent more than two years evangelizing the webOS platform.

We’ve had a long history with the Palm platform. While the future of webOS may be filled with uncertainty, there is one thing you can count on: we will continue to support webOS for as long as we are able!

Look for an update on USB sync for webOS 2.x and 3.x in the coming weeks!


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31 thoughts on “webOS Lives On At CompanionLink [Updated]

  1. It’s actually out now! I’ll be updating the blog shortly, but in the meantime, just download or update the CL USB Sync app from the webOS App Catalog to gain support for USB syncing.

  2. I am looking forward syncing my Veer with the companion Link. Do you have a release date right now?

  3. Look for it in the webOS App Catalog. You can see it on the web here: https://developer.palm.com/appredirect/?packageid=com.companionlink.clusbsync

    Let me know if you need further assistance! I’m happy to help.

  4. We’re still waiting for the new version of our “CL USB Sync” app to be approved in the App Catalog. Honestly, we aren’t sure how long it takes (In Apple’s case, it can take as long as a week or two – not sure with HP). I’ll be sure to let everyone know once it’s out, but know that it’s close!

  5. Just wanted to update everyone here – we’re currently submitting the update to the App Catalog that will enable the USB sync mentioned in the article above! As soon as it’s published to the Catalog, we’ll be sure to post an update to our blog. Stay tuned for more!

  6. Any news on WebOS 2 update? I bought a Pre 3, and was hoping to use CompanionLink to sync with Outlook.


  7. I just bought Pocket Mirrow by Chapura.  These guys are like HP (in the coming weeks….).

  8. Forgot about it.  I couldn’t wait any longer and bought Pocket Mirror from Chapura.

  9. Please, hold on you commitment. I do thik webos it’s a great OS and the only thing I really miss is the poosibility to sync outlook with my palm pre2.

  10. Wasn’t able to ever get my Pixi Plus to sync with 4.2.  Just got a Pre2 so I’m hopin’ it works this time.  Please make it work.

  11. Thank you. I’ll buy companionlink as soon as synch my palm pré 2 by USB mode will be possible ! Very soon i realy hope…

  12. Do you have estimate of when USB sync for webOS 2.0 will be here?  Very soon i have to make a decision to wait or buy the PocketMirror solution.  Thanks.

  13. That actually depends on your current setup. Are you already syncing your BlackBerry with something like Outlook or Google?

  14. I’m using a Pixi w 1.4.5 and the USB option right now. It took some searching to make it work but now it works great for me.

  15. Will those of us using CL for our original Palm Pre (“minus” or 1.4.5) be able to get the USB option? I’d like to stop sending private data to Google servers as they are indeed turning “evil” etc. Thanks!

  16. Thank you.  Long time Palm user and CL was the glue that has kept my business “together”.