Top Rated Sync from Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar. CompanionLink for Google is the only sync solution that can sync changes from Google real-time to Outlook. For speed, ease-of-use, and value, buy CompanionLink! Full money-back guarantee!

Fast and Easy Outlook to Google Calendar Sync

Full Guarantee

Featured in USA TODAY and The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris

CompanionLink provides an easy to use but full featured sync tool for Outlook and Google Calendar.

  • Use Local IMAP or Pop folder sync support (Exchange/Office 365 too)!
  • Link scheduler intergrations that only support Google with Outlook (TripAdvisor, Calendly, Schedule Once, etc..).
  • Configurable sync directions if you only need to see your Google Calendar in Outlook (or vice versa).
  • Real Time Calendar sync to Outlook and Google are in sync as fast as possible.
  • Multiple Google Calendar Support with options for linking Outlook Catehories to Google Calendars.
  • Excellent Tech Support with Remote Setup and Premium Support Options available.

  • With so many different ways people work, there is a need to keep everything in a central location. This avoids excess logins, missing appointments and needing to use different calendar for the same information. CompanionLink's Google Calendar Sync is quick and easy to setup, but if you need indepth calendar matching, setting specific sync directions, and easily automating the sync, this is the product for you.

    We know you have questions. Call us today. We are happy to pick up the phone and give you the details.

    How to Sync Google Calendar with Outlook

    With CompanionLink for Google, it is easy and fast to automatically sync from Microsoft Outlook to Google Calendar, Contacts and Tasks.

    1. Install CompanionLink on your PC or Mac
    2. Set Google Credentials.
    3. Set your Outlook Folder
    From this point, sync is fully automatic. Every change you make in Outlook Calendar goes to Google Calendar, and every change you make in Google Calendar goes to Outlook's Calendar.

    Setup Guides:

    CompanionLink for Google
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    Average rating: 4.83 out of 5 based on 654 reviews.
    Free 14 day trial. Price $14.95 3-Mo Subs - $69.95 One-time License.

    Buy CompanionLink for Google

    Buy Portable license
    Buy 3-month subscription
    • 1 PC license registers your current computer
    • Portable license is for 3 computers that you own and you can later move it to a new computer.
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    Outlook Google Sync

    Compared to the Competition

    Easier to set up

    CompanionLink for Google is easier to set up than any competing product.

    Automatic Push Sync

    CompanionLink for Google is the only Google Sync tool that supports Google Calendar V3 Automatic Push Sync. That means changes from your phone get to Outlook in seconds, not minutes.

    Portable License

    You can install it on up to three computers; work, home and laptop. The competitors products only install on one computer. When you buy a new computer, you can install CompanionLink on it. Your license is portable and tied to your Email Address. With the competitors you need to purchase a new license whenever you buy a new computer.

    Telephone Tech Support

    We offer support by Email and Phone. You can call us any time during our business hours. Only one of our competitors offers telephone support, and only for two years from your purchase. CompanionLink support is for the life of the product. We also offer premium support where our technicians will log onto your PC and set up your sync. After it is set up, sync is fully automatic.

    More Data Integrity

    CompanionLink synchronize more telephone fields and custom fields than any other product. We synchronize multiple Calendars from Google so you can schedule multiple people from your Outlook Calendar. We support attachments with Google. We support Sub-Tasks for the new Google Tasks app.

    Competing Product Comparison

    Click here to compare competing products

    CompanionLink for Google Features

    1. Automatically Sync Calendar, Contacts, Tasks
    2. Fully automatic - no buttons to press
    3. Accurate Free/Busy and Invitation Status
    4. Accurate Time Zones
    5. Works with iCloud, Exchange, IMAP, and POP3 folders
    6. Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016, Outlook 2019, Outlook 2021, Microsoft 365, Office 365, Microsoft Teams
    7. Works with your Free Google Account - Does Not require Google Apps
    8. One purchase for 3 PCs; Work, Home and Laptop
    9. 90-Day Money Back Guarantee
    10. USA Based Telephone Technical Support

    Sync Google Calendar Colors with Outlook Category Colors

    For those that use Calendar Colors in Outlook, here is a guide to sync Outlook Categories with Colors to Google Calendar.

    Parent/Child Tasks for Google Tasks App

    2018 - Added Support for Google Tasks App. This includes support for Parent/Child tasks in Google synchronized to Outlook.

    Switch from G Suite Sync (Google Apps Sync, GASMO, GSSMO) to CompanionLink

    The problem with G Suite Sync is that it takes over your Outlook folder. Here is a guide to switch back to regular Outlook Folders and Sync using CompanionLink

    Portable License

    Your license is for you, not your PC. When you buy a new computer, you do not need to purchase a new license. With CompanionLink you use your email address to register the software on a new computer.

    US based company

    CompanionLink is located in Portland, Oregon. Our servers are based in New Jersey to take advantage of proximity to international fiber network. Our servers are high technology and really fast!

    RunStart and Premium Support

    With CompanionLink you can call us at (503)243-5200 for support, Monday through Friday, 7am-3:30pm Pacific Time. For those with special needs, use our RunStart Service gives you a one-time hands on session with a top tier technician. Our technician will log into your computer, set up the sync, and ensure you are completely satisfied with the solution. If you want this service regularly, use Premium Support for a full year and up to five service tickets.

    Multiple Calendar Sync

    Outlook to Google Features

    • Sync Google Calendar to Outlook Calendar
      • All Calendar Event Details (Notes, Status and Location)
      • Recurring and All-Day Events.
      • Alarms/Reminders.
      • Accepted Meeting Invites (With List of Attendees).
      • Multiple Outlook Calendars (Requires CompanionLink Pro).
      • Multiple Google Calendars.
    • Sync Google Contacts to Outlook Contacts
      • Names, Addresses, Phone Numbers, Email Addresses.
      • Outlook Categories to Google Contact Labels.
      • Contact Notes.
      • Birthdays and Anniversaries.
      • Contact Photos.
      • Custom Fields in Outlook.
    • Sync Google Tasks to Outlook Tasks
      • Google Sub-Tasks.
      • Subject.
      • Due Date.
      • Notes.
      • Completions.

    Supported versions of Outlook

    • Microsoft Teams
    • New Outlook (via Graph)
    • Outlook 365 (via Graph)
    • Outlook 365 Apps
    • Outlook 2022
    • Outlook 2021
    • Outlook 2019
    • Outlook 2016
    • Outlook 2013
    • Outlook 2010
    • Outlook 2007
    • Office 365
    • Outlook Business Contact Manager 2013
    • Outlook Business Contact Manager 2010
    • Outlook Business Contact Manager 2007
    • 32 and 64-bit versions
    • Supports MS Exchange Public Folders visible in Outlook
    • Supports IMAP Accounts
    • Supports POP3 Accounts
    • Supports iCloud Accounts visible in Outlook
    • Supports and Microsoft accounts
      (formerly Windows Live Hotmail)

    Cut the Cord!

    Click here to find out How to use Office 365 without a subscription

    Supported Google Accounts

    • Google Accounts ( email addresses)
    • Gmail Accounts ( email addresses)
    • Google Workspace Accounts (all editions)
    • Google Apps Sync Accounts(all editions)
    Consistently OUTSTANDING Service, Performance
    By Ann G.
    on Sep 18, 2023
    CompanionLink for Outlook
    I am so impressed with the OUTSTANDING customer support I have received from CompanionLink, not to mention how pleased I am with how the programs perform seamlessly. Wayland has helped me a few times, and, like the rest of the team, is absolutely AWESOME. Finding a company whose support is this consistently good is hard, not to mention the flawless performance of their programs. I am so happy that I found CompanionLink.
    Great for 10+years until I went to iPhone
    By Barbara
    on Sep 16, 2023
    CompanionLink for Outlook
    I just upgraded my CompanionLink -- its been great. But its not the same experience using it with iPhone. The appointment alarms that I came to rely on are now gone because the alarm settings and sounds are poor and barely audiable. All was so perfect with my Android, but I needed the iPhone for car navigation. This works poorly with iPhone, in my opinion. Very disappointed.
    CompanionLink just works!
    By Pete S
    on Aug 10, 2023
    CompanionLink for Outlook
    I've used CompanionLink for Outlook for what seems like a decade now and for synchronization of CompanionLink for Android with Outlook running on my Windows PC it's great and has been flawless, even with over 3000 calendar entries and 400 contacts.
    Tiffany Rocks
    By Steve
    on Apr 17, 2023
    CompanionLink for Outlook
    Tiffany helped me work through a problem with sync - she was great!
    Works great!
    By Bruno B.
    on Mar 8, 2023
    CompanionLink for Outlook
    Best software I ever purchased.
    One of the Best Programs on My Computer.!
    By John K.
    on Feb 10, 2023
    CompanionLink for Outlook
    CompanionLink is without a doubt one of the most important programs on my computer. It syncs all of my contacts (847 today) and my calendar events (116 today) flawlessly, efforlessly and instantly between Outlook on my desktop and laptop and also as a stand alone on my Android phone. In most cases it does it automatically! And whenever there is a problem (and it's always something I've done) their customer service responds faster than any support I have dealt with and always with the right solutions. You absolutly cannot go wrong with this program.

    Comparison of competing products by price; low to high.

    In addition to the features, look carefully at the Resync time. After the first day of use, all other days you will synchronize at least once. So the automatic sync and resync time are what is most important.

    GO Contact Sync ModOutlook Google Calendar Sync (beta)Competitor ACompetitor BCompanionLinkGoogle G-Suite Sync for Outlook (GSSMO)
    Demo PeriodN/AN/A50 records7 Days14 Days14 Days
    Price (rounded)$0 - Donation$0 - Donation$20 One PC$50 One PC$25 One PC
    $50 Portable
    $50 per year
    Free Updates ForN/AN/AVersion1 YearVersionIncluded
    Upgrade CostN/AN/A$10.00 $25 $40Included
    LicenseN/AN/A1 Computer1 Computer (1)Portable (Work, Home, Laptop)Only with Sub
    SupportForum OnlyWeb Article OnlyEmailEmail\ChatPhone\EmailPhone\Email\Chat
    ContactsYesCalendar OnlyYesYesYesYes
    CalendarsContacts OnlyYesYesYesYesYes
    Field MappingNoNoNoNoYesNo
    Local FoldersYesYesYesYesYesNo - Requires migration to new Outlook Profile and Data File-2
    Free\Busy StatusNoYesYesYesYesYes
    Timezone BehaviorWorksTakes TZ of Event not PC.WorksWorksWorksWorks
    Outlook Colors to GoogleNoNoYesNot WorkingYesNo
    First Sync (1000 Contact\500 Cal)12:42 (1000 Contacts)3:22 (Calendar only)8:2316:0210:205:35
    All other sync (Add 1 Contact and 1 Calendar2:303:021:170:160:100:30
    Real Time SyncNo (5 Mins)Not Working (10 Mins)YesNot Working (15 Mins)YesNot on Contacts

    1Vendor considers an Windows Upgrade as a new computer and requires a purchase

    2GSSMO requires a migration to a dedicated Outlook folder (not your Mail folder)

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