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Google Sync for Mac

Thank you for choosing CompanionLink for Mac! The new direct Google sync now allows you to seamlessly your Mac data.

IMPORTANT to switch from DejaCloud to Google Direct Sync:

If you are switching from using a Google Connector via DejaCloud, you will want to remove your active Google connector to avoid potential duplicates since the connector will no longer be needed. Remove your Google connector by following the steps below:

  1. Log into your DejaOffice CRM Live account here: DejaOffice CRM Live
  2. Select "Account Status" > "Connectors" > "Edit" beneath your Google Connector > "Remove"

How to set Direct Sync from Outlook for Mac to Google

1. Download CompanionLink for Mac. If you have a prior build this will update the build with the new direct sync option. If you installing the first time, this is a 14-day demo and you can Purchase Here..

2. Set Google as your Device, set 'Direct' as your Sync Method, then click the gear icon..


3. Enter your Google account login information by following the prompts.


4. Your default Google calendar will automatically be selected to sync. You can elect to change the default calendar or include additional calendars to read from.

Now that your Google sync is set up, you can synchronize Outlook with Google by hitting the "Synchronize" button on the CompanionLink home screen.