Transition Guide for Google Calendar Sync

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On August 1st, 2014 Google ended support for Google Calendar Sync. The following guide will show how you can continue to sync your calendar and MORE using CompanionLink for Google

Transitioning to CompanionLink for Google

1. Make note of your sync direction and auto sync settings from Google Calendar Sync.


2. Open CompanionLink for Google and select the option to sync From "Microsoft Outlook 2000-2013" With "No device -Sync with Google".


3. Select the Settings button below "Microsoft Outlook". Select the conduits and the sync direction, then press OK.


4. Select the Settings button below "No device - Sync with Google". Select "Use OAuth for login" and enter your Google Login credentials.

NOTE: If you are already logged into Google in a browser, make sure it's the Google account you want to sync with.


5. Follow the prompts to grant access to your Google account.


6. Select the "Advanced" button, then select the Auto Synchronization tab and select your preferred option.


7. Return to the main CompanionLink screen and press "Sync" to initiate your first sync with Google.