Outlook wireless sync with Palm Pixi


CompanionLink for Google is software that does a two-way ync between Outlook and Google, which automatically syncs with Palm Pixi using Palm Synergy.  Contacts, calendar, and tasks from Outlook sync to Google and Pixi, and they and can be edited on either the PC or on the phone.

With CompanionLink, no additional configuration of your router or home network is required.  As long as your PC has an internet connection, data will sync two-ways between PC and Google.  Pixi will sync any changes you make.

CompanionLink for Google has an “auto sync” feature that automates the entire process.  You can set how often the sync between PC and Google should occur, and let CompanionLink run in the system tray on your PC.

More info about Outlook sync with Google and Palm Pixi.

Dell smarphones based on Android

Dell Mini 3 two-way syncSource: CNET and Dell

Dell today announced that they will enter the smartphone market with the launch of the Mini 3 device that’s based on the Google Android platform.  The units will first sell in China and Brazil this year.

If the Dell Mini 3 is like current Android-based smartphones that automatically sync with Google contacts and calendar, then Dell Mini 3 users will be able to use CompanionLink to sync Microsoft Outlook data with their Google accounts and their phones.

Here’s the full article on CNET about Dell’s announcement today.

CompanionLink supports supports two-way sync using Chinese characters.  This works because the core architecture behind CompanionLink’s products is Unicode-compliant.  Customers who use Chinese characters in their desktop software – such as Microsoft Outlook – will be able to sync their Outlook data with Google and Dell Mini 3.

Direct USB sync with Droid

CompanionLink is working on a direct USB sync for the new Motorola Droid.  This will let users securely sync data by docking their Droid to their PC with the USB cable that came with their phone.

Currently, users of desktop software like Outlook, Lotus Notes, GroupWise and ACT! are required to use a wireless sync protocol.  For example, data syncs from their PC to their Google account, which then natively syncs with the Droid.  CompanionLink for Google provides this functionality between PC and Google.

While this serves the needs of many customers, this can pose security concerns for people who don’t want to host their sensitive data on Google or have it transmitted wirelessly.  CompanionLink is looking to address that with a direct USB sync solution.

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Smartphone sales continue to grow despite recession

Smartphone vendors shipped a record number of units in Q3/2009, up nearly 5% from the previous year.  Nokia led the pack, followed closely by RIM (BlackBerry) and Apple.

Worldwide demand for smartphones is expected to continue as the economy gets better.  Sales for smartphones is expected to continue to outpace sales of regular phones (without browsing, email, and social media functionality).

Read the full report on CNET.

Sync Outlook Business Contact Manager to regular Outlook/Exchange accounts

Outlook Business Contact Manager (known as “BCM”) is a powerful extension to the Microsoft Office Outlook system.  It provides CRM-like functionality within the Outlook environment people have become accustomed to.  CompanionLink can sync BCM data to Outlook and Exchange folders, to Google, or directly to phones using USB cable or wireless sync technology.

Microsoft’s help and how-to website refers Outlook BCM users to CompanionLink for two-way synchronization with devices that Microsoft does not natively support — such as BlackBerry, Apple iPhone, Google Android, and Palm devices.

Sync BCM data with phones using CompanionLink + Microsoft Exchange

Outlook users with a Microsoft Exchange Server can use CompanionLink’s BCM-to-Outlook sync to get their BCM data on their phones. With CompanionLink, BCM data will sync with Outlook and Microsoft Exchange profiles, which then synchronizes with phones using Exchange ActiveSync  or BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

Sync BCM data with phones using CompanionLink’s wireless sync service

Outlook users who need to wirelessly sync their BCM data with their phones but don’t have an Exchange Server can use CompanionLink’s wireless sync service ($9.95/month per user).  With this service, BCM data will sync over-the-air and securely with your BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Mobile, and Palm OS devices.

Sync BCM data with phones using CompanionLink + Google

Outlook users can also use their Google account to sync BCM data with their phones.  CompanionLink will sync BCM data with their Google account, which will then sync over-the-air with their phones using the free Google Sync service.

PreCentral.net reviews CompanionLink and holds a contest

PreCentral.net – the famous Palm Pre portal – has partnered with CompanionLink to giveaway five licenses of CompanionLink for webOS USB along with RunStart service (nearly a $400 value).  PreCentral has reviewed CompanionLink and is conducting a poll on their forum.

To enter the giveaway, users are required to answer the poll.  Survey ends November 6 at noon Eastern.

Motorola Droid and its sync options

Motorola_Droid_270x214Motorola Droid
Source: CNET

The Droid is arriving on Verizon’s network on November 6, 2009.  This will be the first phone running the Google Android 2.0 operating system. This device is much anticipated if for no other reason than their viral video that directly poked fun at the iPhone.

What features will the Droid include?

  • Exchange support
  • Ability to set up multiple accounts (i.e., Gmail and Exchange)
  • Voice-activated search powered by Google
  • GPS navigation service bundled in for free with the data plan
  • Turn-by-turn navigation with spoken directions
  • Ability to manually sync unprotected iTunes music or other MP3s

Navigation-related features seem to be big for the Droid.  Here’s a full overview.

What about PC sync?

With Exchange support, you don’t need any other software to sync your Exchange data to your phone.  If you use Outlook without an Exchange server, you will need CompanionLink to sync your Outlook contacts and calendar to your Google account, which then automatically syncs with the Droid’s address book and calendar.

If you’re using any other contact managers like ACT!, GoldMine, Lotus Notes, GroupWise, or Palm Desktop, you can use CompanionLink to sync them with your Google account as well.

CompanionLink is also working on a way to do a direct USB sync between your PC and the Droid.

Update 12/21/2009: This direct USB sync solution is now available here.

iPhone catching RIM/BlackBerry on sales

rim_apple_palm_currentSource: CNET and ChangeWave Research

From CNET:

“ChangeWave Research on Tuesday released the results of its week-long September survey of 4,255 consumers, which showed that RIM retains its lead in smartphone ownership with 40 percent market share. That’s actually a dip of 1 percentage point since the last survey in June, and the lowest share RIM has registered in two years.”

Here’s the full article.

CompanionLink has custom apps for the iPhone and Palm webOS platforms.  These custom apps add business functionality above and beyond what the native apps on those platforms offer.

CompanionLink’s iPhone app (called iClink) adds a custom Calendar and Tasks module to the iPhone.  The custom Calendar allows business users to link their contacts to their calendar events.  It’s important for business users to not only see when a meeting or call is scheduled, but to also quickly read past notes about the person with whom the event is with.

CompanionLink’s Palm webOS app (called CL USB Sync) allows USB sync between the PC and Palm device.  It also adds a custom Tasks and Memos app that allows categories, priorities, and sort features.  These features cater to users who extensively use Tasks and Memos, and need a robust way to categorize them for quicker access and viewing.

How to back up your online Google data

It seems 2009 is the year of online outages.  All the major web-based email and collaboration providers have had some glitch or another with their systems.  That includes Google, Yahoo (today!), and Hotmail.

The fiasco with the Danger (T-Mobile Sidekick) units is another example of how people nearly lost all their important data.

It never hurts to have a backup of your data on a file on your computer.  Never.  And doing it takes less than 5 minutes.  In fact, you don’t even need to purchase a full version of CompanionLink to do it!

If you use Google, you can just download a 14-day CompanionLink evaluation version from our website and use it to back up your data to desktop software like Outlook, Lotus Notes or Palm Desktop.  You can also export it from there to a CSV file or other data format that you can save somewhere safe.

USB sync with Palm Pre

CompanionLink announced the first USB sync solution with Palm Pre.  Before this solution, users had to sync data over-the-air or through their web-based Google/Gmail account.  For many, this was an unnecessary step that they didn’t want to do.  Also, users with sensitive customer data could not store their data in the cloud or sync via WiFi.

CompanionLink for webOS USB is a new software solution that does a direct USB sync with Palm Pre using the MicroUSB cable that comes with the phone. Data is securely synchronized two-ways when the phone is docked to the PC.

Data is syncs:

  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Tasks with categories
  • Memos with categories and priorities