Expert Tips For Meeting Customer Demand

In today’s fast-paced world, customers expect fast, efficient service. If you’re not meeting their expectations, then they’re not returning, and sales will suffer. So what can you do to meet customer demand?

Use Forecasting Software

Forecasting software is a system that extends the capabilities of traditional forecasting methods with new features to enhance data analysis and decision making. This software is programmed with all the necessary algorithms, models, and tools for better analysis of data and data mining. They are also equipped with advanced search engines and databases to provide easy access to information. The right software can help you with your demand planning, enabling you to meet potential demand better while reducing waste. Planning is a complex process that requires time and resources to maintain. However, companies still need to plan their inventory to ensure enough stock for their target customer base.

Focus On Your Target Market

By focusing your efforts on the people most likely to buy your products or services, you will be in a position to understand their buying habits better. Once you have a grasp on this, it will become easier to find ways to meet demand. For example, suppose you know that your target market is a specific demographic known for making multiple purchases at once or are repeat buyers. In that case, you can look at ways to boost your stock of those particular items.

Improve Your Supply Chain

Often, businesses have to deal with an increase in customer demand, but their supply does not meet the demand. It can also be challenging to meet customer demand, especially when dealing with many suppliers. It is vital to have a good supply chain strategy in place that helps you improve your supply chain management and ultimately meet customer demand. This may involve speaking with your existing suppliers and seeing if they can boost the production of a particular product. In other cases, the bottleneck may derive from your logistics situation. Whatever the case may be, you should make an effort to improve your supply chain wherever possible to gain immediate results.

Make Sure Your Customer Service Is Top-Notch

Companies rely heavily on customer service to reach their target audience and meet customers’ demands. There are many ways that companies use customer service to help them meet those demands and keep their businesses alive. In order to deliver what their customers want, companies rely on customer service employees who can prioritize, communicate with customers and create solutions for their problems while also researching what they might need in the future.

Set Clear Expectations From The Start

The notion of setting expectations is not new, but it is still a challenging task. When you set an expectation, you want to ensure that the customer gets what they are looking for by clearly stating what they should expect. By communicating clearly what they can expect in terms of pricing, delivery speed, etc., you will receive fewer complaints and become more efficient at delivering on your promises.

The tips above should help your company stay ahead of the competition and create loyal customers. Knowing what customers are looking for, and being able to provide it to them well, is the foundation of business success.

How Predictive Analysis Can Help You Streamline Your Business Operations?

Predictive analysis is utilized to forecast the future based on the past and present, as well as current patterns and data to determine if a certain event or circumstance will take place. This analysis is very useful for streamlining business operations, and here is how it works and how you can use it.

1. Using Predictive Modeling Software Solutions

Predictive analysis can be used for many benefits, such as improving customer service and streamlining business operations. It is important to note that the analysis should only utilize aggregate data and cannot be used on an individualized basis. With that in mind, this type of software solution aggregates information from various sources to provide users with actionable insights. It provides you with information about your customers’ preferences based on their buying habits, websites they visit, social media activity, location at any given time, etc., so you can better understand them. 

You will also gain insight into what products are being sold the most over a certain period of time, so you can determine if these products are keeping up with changes in demand or losing favor among consumers. This analysis can also help you make decisions regarding staffing and expenses. Using Predictive Modeling software solutions can help you streamline your business operations and provide you with the aggregate data that is needed to make better decisions for your company. It is important to note that predictive analysis should not be used on an individualized basis.

2. Using Predictive Analysis to Improve Marketing Campaigns

In addition to providing you with insight into what products are being sold, predictive analysis can also pinpoint which customers are likely to purchase a specific product. This information is very useful for marketing campaigns. Predictive analysis can help you determine which ads or offers would be most effective with certain audiences, as well as identify the best time and place of distribution. In short, predictive analytics will allow you to spend your resources more efficiently by sending out ads only to those who would be interested in them instead of bombarding all consumers with irrelevant offers and advertisements. Marketing campaigns can also be improved by taking advantage of an additional feature that predictive analysis software solutions offer: cross-selling and up-selling features. Since predictive models use data mining techniques, they can pick up on patterns that indicate if customers need something else or want to buy more, so it can be brought to their attention.

3. Stop Wasting Time and Money on Data Preparation

One of the biggest issues in predictive modeling projects is data preparation. The process of data preparation is complex and time-consuming. Data must be cleaned, standardized, manipulated to fit industry standards, and transformed in many ways in order for the analysis to work properly. Predictive models run better on clean data with standard attributes that can be easily processed. 

All these processes take an extraordinary amount of time and effort, which is a waste when you have more pressing issues at stake. However, companies are now able to conduct smart data discovery by utilizing predictive modeling software solutions without needing a Ph.D. in mathematics or statistics because there’s no need for manual manipulation of data prior to analysis– everything is done automatically within the application which increases productivity exponentially while saving your company money from expensive consulting services you’d have had to hire out for data preparation. In addition to being able to run multiple models at the same time, you can also conduct an analysis on a selection of records in a database instead of having to access all of them. 

4. Predict Business Opportunities with Confidence

Another advantage of using predictive modeling software solutions is that it allows you to predict potential business opportunities with confidence. This is not possible without the use of this type of software and will require a lot more time and effort if it were to be conducted manually. Predictive models calculate the probability of certain events happening, so you can determine what’s most likely to occur in your industry or organization gave current circumstances, allowing you to focus on high-value activities that maximize competitive advantages and minimize risks. Not only can predictive models predict when an opportunity is most likely to occur, but they can also predict when it will pass by if nothing is done about it or when there’s something that needs attention in order for the prediction to materialize. 

It’s important to note that the results of predictive analysis are probabilities and not guarantees, so companies can develop multiple models and then compare them with each other. This allows you to determine which prediction is most likely and calculate the probability of each one occurring, so you can determine what needs to be done in order for the preferred outcome to become a reality.

5. Gain the Insights You Need to Make Better Decisions

Predictive analytics software solutions will allow you to gain deeper insights into your business and industry. It can help you detect patterns in data that were previously invisible and reveal the root causes of problems. This allows you to make better decisions which can translate into higher profits, revenue growth, customer satisfaction, and other indicators of performance. All this insight makes it easier for organizations to identify new opportunities and grow their companies. This is possible because these models are able to analyze data from many perspectives, compare it with existing research and industry standards, and look for patterns in the data which can be utilized to make better predictions. 

With today’s exponentially expanding data, these insights are more important than ever before. This is because you have access to large amounts of actionable information that can lead directly to higher profits and increased business growth. Predictive models are able to analyze this data for patterns, trends, relationships among different variables, time series which create multiple opportunities for companies to make better decisions about the best way to move forward with each situation.

6. Increase Your ROI by Interpreting Your Data More Effectively

Another significant benefit of using predictive modeling software solutions is that they allow businesses to increase their return on investment (ROI) by interpreting their data more effectively. The results obtained from a predictive analysis can help organizations decide where they need to invest their resources, what assets need to be protected, and which strategic initiatives require more attention. This is another essential benefit because it allows organizations to use their time and money in the most efficient way possible. 

The predictive models can help you find patterns that lead to higher profitability for your business or industry, so you will get results faster than if you conducted the same analysis manually. For example, using these tools can reveal why customers are leaving your organization at an increasing rate, so steps can be taken to retain them more effectively. It can also show why certain products aren’t selling well, so appropriate adjustments can be made with respect to production, inventory levels, distribution channels, and other variables.

7. Build a Solid Foundation for the Future

One of the most significant benefits of predictive modeling tools is that they can help organizations build a solid foundation for their future. They can predict changes in consumer behavior and industry patterns, so your company is able to stay competitive and keep pace with the latest developments in your field. This is another important benefit because it allows organizations to use their time and money more efficiently, analyze their data from many perspectives, compare it with existing research and industry standards, identify new opportunities which can lead to higher profits, increased business growth, and ROI as well as a foundation for a successful future. It’s possible because these models are able to analyze data from many perspectives, compare it with existing research and industry standards, and look for patterns in the data which can be utilized to make better predictions. 

These tools allow organizations to find patterns that lead to higher profitability for their business or industry, so they get results faster than if they conducted the same analysis manually. By using predictive analytics software solutions, organizations can increase turnover by identifying new opportunities and growing their companies while saving time and money along the way.

8. Reduce Risks to Your Business

Organizations can also use predictive models to reduce the risks they face, such as legal and compliance challenges, market fluctuations, and the threat of cyber-attacks. These models can identify patterns that allow organizations to take preventative measures before a crisis occurs and reduce the risk of potential legal and compliance issues as well as market fluctuations. It’s possible because these tools can help you find patterns that lead to higher profitability for your business or industry, so you get results faster than if you conducted the same analysis manually. 

For example, spending more time on fast-paced projects like improving customer service or developing new products lowers an organization’s exposure to not meeting agreed-upon deadlines, such as those found in contracts or standard industry practices (SIPs). This makes it easier to avoid being held responsible for missing important deadlines, fines resulting from late deliveries, or penalties that slow down business. This is another significant benefit because it allows organizations to use their time and money in the most efficient way possible, analyze their data from many perspectives, compare it with existing research and industry standards and identify new opportunities which can lead to higher profits.

Why Should Every Business Use Predictive Analysis Services?

Every business should use predictive analysis because the predictive analysis will help them make decisions, which in turn helps them grow their companies. Every company has a need to know what is going on at any given time and how they will face the future and this is exactly what predictive analytics can help with. Predictive analysis can be used for just about anything from inventory management to staffing recruitment. 

Predictive analysis software allows managers and business owners to take an analytical approach when looking at various parts of their business. This information can help them see where they will encounter problems down the road, so they can be prepared for it before it happens. Businesses that use predictive analysis services are able to cut costs because they will not have as many surprises or unforeseen expenses in the future.

What Are the Steps Needed to Implement Predictive Analysis?

Implementing predictive analysis is not difficult and only takes a few steps to get started. The first thing that needs to be done is for managers or owners need to talk with their employees about why they would like to begin using predictive analysis services in the business. Every employee should know what these changes will mean for them and how they will help their company in return. Once everyone has been informed of what the different aspects of this service entail, then you can start implementing things one at a time until everything is finished. The best way to go about doing this is by starting with one project, completing it successfully, and then moving on from there when you are ready.

How Does the Future Look for Predictive Analysis?

The future looks very promising for predictive analysis because it is becoming more popular every day. These services are not only used by big-name corporations but they are also being used by small businesses as well to help them keep up with their competition. It is important that every company realizes how using these services can benefit them in the long run and start using them before it’s too late. This service will continue to grow as years go on, so people should learn how they can use this service to their advantage right now while it’s still fresh. It will not be long before predictive analysis is an industry standard, but the companies that implement this service first will gain a great advantage over their competition.

Predictive analysis, also known as predictive analytics or advanced analytics, is being used by many companies around the world to help them stay ahead of their competition. Predictive analysis services will continue to grow and become more popular each year so if you have been thinking about using it, now is the right time!

How to Increase Brand Engagement on Social Media?

Every company wants to garner more attention from customers. One of the best mediums for this is social media. Nothing is as fruitful as the social media platforms to get more exposure for your online business. Not only can you target audiences having different demographics, but you also can enhance customer relationships and brand image. However, brand engagement on social media platforms is not easy.

You will encounter hundreds of similar competitive profiles, which have already established a firm hold on the market. Therefore, to compete in this race, you need to consider the best and effective ways for improving and enhancing brand engagement. For instance, you can go for Instagram growth service mother-child method, which helps to get more followers using specialized marketing techniques. In this article, we will talk about more tips so that your business can meet user expectations excellently.

Address Your Audiences’ Interest

You need to listen to what your audience wants, like the kind of information they are looking for related to your products and niche. If your users want to see how your business performs, it would be best to post a live video and explain everything. Similarly, when it comes to e-commerce or retail business profiles, the audience usually looks for product reviews, discounts, and offers. To increase your brand’s engagement, you can give discounts for first-time purchases or special occasions. This will undoubtedly improve user satisfaction and brand engagement.

Bring Transparency to Your Business Operations

One of the best ways to increase brand engagement is by introducing transparency in your business operations. For example, to let the users know about your business, make sure to mention the link of your website in your social media profile. You can also engage your users by replying to their comments, using live videos for displaying what your business is about, and more. This will provide more exposure and increase trust with your target audience.

Take Help from User-Generated Content

You can allow your users to post their content under your business profile. For example, you can ask your customers to post about the product directly on your business profile rather than asking for reviews. Such contents are user-generated and play a crucial role in brand engagement. It will also allow other users to understand the genuineness and quality of your products and services. Therefore, your brand will get more exposure and positive reviews.

Create Engaging but Unique Content

You need to create content that can convince users to come and visit your profile or react to the post. If your content is not unique, convincing, and honest, you won’t build trust with your target audience. As a result, brand engagement will become almost impossible. Therefore, make sure that whatever you post can convince the audience about your brand’s credibility. Also, do not copy content because it impacts the credibility of your brand.

Final Thoughts

Social media is one of the best platforms for improving your business revenues, getting more exposure, and reaching out to new audience groups. However, growing your brand and improving user engagement is not something you can achieve overnight. You need to understand the market properly, know your audience’s needs, and devise strategies to improve brand awareness.

Discussed above are some key strategies that will help you do more business and earn revenue. Maintaining a strong social media presence is paramount in today’s time, but one needs to be wise enough to use it in favor of your business.

6 Ways to Boost Event Ticket Sales

After all restrictions and limitations imposed by the pandemic worldwide, the world is slowly getting back to normal. This is true for practically every sphere of our daily life, including live events that seem to be coming back strong.  Truth be told, the work of a ticketing professional can be very stressful at times: if they fail to deliver, the experience of the host party and attendees is most likely compromised. At the same time, as we all know pretty well nothing ever happens exactly as we planned it. Additionally, the post-lockdown environment has brought up its own specifics. However, the most important thing is that now that the event industry is back you want to get the most of this possibility. Hopefully, you’ll find our small tips helpful at the end of the day.

Utilize Digital Platforms

If you are trying to figure out the best ways to promote an event, remember that social media is a cheap and efficient way to expand your reach and target new audiences. Given such advantages offered by the social platforms as an easy way to cut and paste information, affordable ad prices, and the ability to reach people without paying for any ads at all, social media is perhaps the fastest, most user-friendly, and least expensive technique to promote your activities. Using advertising tools that Facebook and Instagram offer to make big sense in case you are only getting started with planning your event and selling tickets, especially given the fact that its cost-efficiency is rather high.

Don’t Underestimate Graphic Design

Very often event planners get so much focused on the activity itself that they completely forget about such a crucial detail as a ticket. However, the customer experience starts with the event ticket the moment he or she receives it in their hand. The right graphic design of your ticket can capture the very essence of your event and send this message through to the customer to make their experiences more memorable and enjoyable. Every big thing consists of a number of smaller details, and the ticket is perhaps the first among them. Now you might think that it’s easier said than done, but we have some good news for you. Today you can make the process of designing tickets much easier and faster by resorting to an invitation design template. And you can use this software in a really broad scope: for instance, you can make several ticket designs for different ticket price ranges starting from VIP tickets to the fan zone.

Balance Online and In-person Events

While the worst part is definitely behind, there are still some restrictions and precautions in place. Thus, try not to jump on the opportunity to return to organizing live events, leaving out online activities completely. Indeed, no online event will ever be able to supersede the emotions face-to-face meetings provide. Yet, you may find yourself in a situation where this is the best option you have at the moment. We believe that embracing a mix of the two variants would be the most realistic solution. And remember that online events require tickets, too.

Selling Online and Offline

Undoubtedly, selling tickets online is great, and easy, too, because there are so many specialized platforms where you can do that. A lot of people enjoy the convenience of being able to purchase tickets, and some of them prefer to do it well in advance. So, it’s a naturally effective way to speed up ticket sales for your event. On the other hand, there are always those who love buying tickets offline, for various reasons. To make sure you cover all customers, you should think of how you can provide this option. The most common way is to use a ticket booth.

Customer Experience is Your Priority

Concert halls and hotels have had to keep customer safety at the top of their list of priorities. Your customers must always feel safe at your event, no matter what. Sometimes it’s a big challenge to make sure your attendees feel comfortable and secure during the whole length of the activities you organize, but this is the one and only path to success. And you should always keep it in mind.

Run Contests

Distributing some of your tickets to the winners of different contests and competitions is an outstanding way to attract more attention to your event. It’s important to note that this is not the Olympics, so the contest requirements must be super easy to grasp and fulfill. Also, to leverage social sharing, you can offer some discounts or promo codes on ticket prices when members of your audience share information about your event to their networks.

Final Words

There is no one magic button by pushing which you will be able to boost your ticket sales to unprecedented levels. It’s worthwhile reminding you that if you work hard and take every stage of event organization seriously, this is already a good prerequisite for high sales rates. And our advice will do the rest!

Commercial Real Estate Investing for Beginners

Real estate has become an increasingly popular means of alternative investment. However, residential real estate isn’t the only way to make passive income.

If you’re interested in commercial real estate, here are a few tips for beginners you might want to know.

1. Work With a Management Company

When you’re first starting out, it’s always recommended to work with a commercial property management company. Issues such as tenant retention or managing a heavy workload are just the start of what you can expect.

Making a profit and learning about your investment strategy is where many first-time investors tend to struggle. It requires strategy and business skills you may not have as a beginner. Turn to the experts who have years of experience under their belts.

2. Understand Your Why

The first area where most people go wrong is narrowing down why they want to get into commercial real estate. Of course, we all want to make a profit, but you need to have specific goals in place.

Maybe you want financial freedom for yourself. Maybe you want to expand your portfolio. Some aspire to work with small businesses in their community to make an impact. Before you start investing your money anywhere, sort out what you are hoping to achieve.

3. Understand the Downsides

Just like any other type of investment, commercial real estate can be a gamble. There are downsides to everything including the factor of risk. More money is at stake because more financial backing is required upfront.

It requires a substantial amount of time and you can expect to treat it like a full-time business. While the pros of commercial real estate outweigh the cons, you still want to know what to expect on all fronts of the business.

4. Solidify Your Investment Strategy

There are various ways to go about the initial investment process. Some areas include:

  • Retail
  • Multi-family housing
  • Apartments
  • Office buildings
  • Industrial warehouses

It’s best not to invest in varying types of real estate because each one has a unique process, set of responsibilities, and ROI (return on investment). Pick one and learn as much as you can. Otherwise, you’ll spread yourself too thin.

5. Have The Financial Backing

For you to invest, you must have some type of financial backing. Don’t expect to receive all the money directly from a loan. You may need to look into a partnership investing option or real estate crowdfunding to get you started.

You’ll still need a downpayment, as well as money for repairs, renovations, furniture, permits, and the first several months of utilities as you start to build your commercial real estate business. If you’re becoming a landlord, for example, you’ll have the initial vacancies to consider.

6. Learn About Different Types of Loans

Applying for a mortgage is significantly different from applying for a commercial real estate loan. Small Business Administration (SBA) loans have two different types you can apply for.

There are also hard money loans, bridge loans, blanket loans, and permanent loans to consider. Speak with a financial advisor who can help you navigate which is best for you.

7. Do Your Research

Beginner property investors should be ready to do the necessary research. There are laws and regulations to abide by for different types of real estate. The market is different based upon location; so a restaurant, for example, might not do so great in an area where an apartment complex might thrive.

You’re investing your valuable time and money here. Do your due diligence as to not find yourself declaring bankruptcy before you even get a chance to get started.


Commercial real estate investing isn’t for everyone. You have to treat the entirety of your investment as a full-time business. Be ready to put in the work. When in doubt, turn to the professionals and hire help. This will save you time and money in the long run!

4 Tips for Renting Your Property During an Uncertain Economy

The current uncertain economy can be problematic for anyone who owns a property that they rent out. This is because of the frequent waves of COVID-19 that have been spreading across for more than a year now. While many people are panicking about the uncertain economy, others are taking advantage of it. 

If you’re one of the latter and have a property to rent out, there are things you can do to help you succeed during these tough times. This will ensure your rental property is rented quickly and at a price that meets your expectations.

Renting your property during an uncertain economy doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are five tips to help you rent your property during these tough times:

1. Price Your Rental Property Realistically

One of the most important things you can do when renting out your property during an uncertain economy is to price it realistically. Don’t set the price too high and hope that someone will rent it anyway. You’ll likely find that you won’t get any inquiries at all if you do this. 

Therefore, set the price at a point where you feel comfortable, but be sure to factor in current market conditions. If the market is slow, then be sure to lower the price accordingly. You may even want to consider offering a discount to long-term tenants.

Make sure that you are also flexible with the terms of your lease agreement. This includes things like the length of the lease and whether or not you will accept partial rent payments. You may even want to consider offering “rental specials” in an attempt to attract the attention of potential renters. However, avoid anything too extreme, like reducing your price by 75%. This can be seen as a sign that you are desperate.

2. Have a Well-Maintained Property

One of the quickest ways to turn away potential renters is by having a property that is not well-maintained. This includes dirt or dust, broken appliances, and even structural damage. If you want to attract quality tenants, then you need to make sure your property is in good condition. This means taking care of any repairs that need to be made and keeping it clean at all times. You should also landscape the property so that it looks inviting.

3. Use a Professional Property Management Company

If you’re having a difficult time dealing with tenants and all of the associated paperwork, then you may want to consider using professional rental property managers. This will take care of everything for you, from finding tenants to collecting rent and handling any repairs that need to be done.

While this may seem like an added expense, it may be worth it in the long run. A good property management company will help you find quality tenants who will care for your property and pay rent on time. A good rental agent can also help you negotiate a better rent price for your property.

4. Market Your Rental Property Online

In order to find quality tenants, you need to market your rental property online. This means creating a listing that is attractive and includes all of the important details about your property. Be sure to use high-quality photos of your property and write a detailed description. You should also list the price, the terms of the lease, and any special features your property has.

Bottom Line

The economy is uncertain, but that doesn’t mean you should stop renting your property. Renting your property is an excellent way to generate income during a downturn in the economy. If you’re looking for ways to rent out your home, consider the above simple tips.

The Benefits of Patent Services from InventHelp Experts

If you have had a great idea for a new invention, it is important that you do some research and get yourself organized if you want to move forward with the idea. Many people who have had great ideas have gone on to not only become huge successes but also make positive changes to the world and help other people. By planning your invention journey properly, you can increase your chances of success with your invention idea, and you could become one of these people.

One thing that a lot of new inventors struggle with is having no idea what to do in order to get things moving. Many also fail to realize just how important certain processes are – for instance, patent protection for your creation, which is crucial and should be done as quickly as possible. Processes such as these can also be complicated and daunting, and this can also pose an issue for new inventors looking to protect themselves and benefit from the peace of mind.

When it comes to dealing with complex matters such as patent protection, there are experts that can help. Through the provision of expert patent services InventHelp can provide you with total peace of mind and a high level of legal protection when it comes to your idea or invention. This is something that can make a huge positive difference when it comes to your experience, as you will not be constantly worried about someone else coming up with the same idea or design as yours, or someone copying your idea or design.

In this article, we will look at some of the major benefits of turning to the experts at InventHelp for assistance when it comes to patent protection.

Why Turn to the Experts?

So, why should you turn to the experts at InventHelp in order to get your patent protection sorted out? Well, there are many reasons to consider doing this, and some of these include:

It Saves You Time

As a new inventor, you will have plenty of things that will take up a lot of your time. When you are in the throes of inventing something wonderful, you need all the time you can get to work on your creation rather than spending lots of time trying to work out the processes involved in protecting your idea or creation. Instead of getting caught up in all the legal red tape, you can leave this to the experts when you turn to InventHelp, and this means that you can use your valuable time focusing on your invention rather than on other matters. You can leave the legal side of things to the professionals, as they will know exactly what needs to be done to help provide you with a high level of protection.

You Benefit from Peace of Mind

When you turn to the experts to deal with the legal side of your new invention, you can be sure you have people who know exactly what needs to be done. With something as important as patent protection, you cannot afford mistakes, and you need someone you can rely on to get the job done right. This is where these professionals can help, as they have the necessary experience and expertise to get the job done properly. This then means that you can benefit from greater peace of mind when it comes to your invention. When you feel reassured in this way, your entire experience will be a far better one, and this is something that can make a big difference to your positivity levels and confidence as well.

Proper Protection Will Be in Place

Naturally, the reason you want to get patent protection in place is so that your idea or creation is properly legally protected. All sorts of issues can arise if you do not have this protection in place such as people coming up with the same idea and patenting theirs before you do yours. So, you need to move quickly and make sure that everything is done by the book in order to get your idea or invention patented. This is something that you may struggle to do alone if you have no experience or knowledge of patent protection. The experts, on the other hand, can get it all sorted out for you, and they can ensure that you have the proper protection in place.

It Can Be Done Quickly

There is no time for unnecessary and avoidable delays when it comes to patenting your idea or invention, so you need to move fast to get everything into place. This is something that you may not be able to do, as you will need to focus on your invention. In addition, your lack of experience and knowledge could slow things down considerably when it comes to getting patent protection into place. The professionals at InventHelp will already have the necessary expertise, resources, and experience to get this vital task completed without delay, so you can continue moving forward and focus on your invention.

Get Support with Your First Journey

One thing to remember is that it is not just the legal side of things that these professionals can help you with. They can be on hand for everything you need during your invention journey, and they provide valuable services that can make all the difference to your achievements. This includes things such as helping you to create a prototype so that other people can see what your invention looks like, what it does, and how it works. This can prove to be a game-changer when it comes to securing investments or getting businesses to take an interest in your invention.You also have the added benefit of support on hand whenever you need it, expert advice and assistance from experienced professionals, and access to a wide range of resources and tools that will make your experience all the more enriching. These are just some of the reasons why it is well worth turning to these specialists.

How to Quickly Expand Your Business Online?

When you first launch a business startup, all you can think of is ways you can make it survive. You’re putting in a lot of effort to make it grow and expand successfully. And to be honest there is no magic spell that could turn your business into an empire overnight but there certainly are some effective ways you can follow to achieve the growth and expansion you wish for your business.

We are living in a digital era where the internet has changed a lot of things from what it used to be in the past. Technology and the internet have provided numerous opportunities to people who are struggling to make their businesses work.  We are going to educate you about different ways you can expand your business online and make use of digital skills to increase your online sales.

Before we get into it, make sure that your internet connection is stable and secure enough to support your online business. You can’t afford security risks and connectivity issues now and then, especially when you’ve just begun to promote your business through an online medium.

If you think your current internet connection is not reliable enough to support your online business then switch to WOW Internet. They offer blazing fast internet speeds to cater to all your business needs from emailing to social media posting, downloading, and uploading files in no time. Now that you’ve secured yourself a good internet connection let’s dive into ways you can make the best use of it to expand your business:

Make a Website

If you want your business to be considered authentic online, you need to invest in making a good website of it.  Use different strategies and content to display your product and business description on the website. Make it user-friendly and informational for your targeted audience. The more accessible your service is to reach, the greater sales and revenue it will generate.

Then present it to different search engines so that it could be easily found and seen online. And remember making a website alone is not enough. You need to keep it updated with interesting video content from time to time for your users. It will help your step ahead of your competition, drive more customers and add more value to your business.

Mark Your Presence on Social Media

Online presence plays a very crucial role in communicating with your consumers. It allows you to outbound market your business through different means, especially through social media. Social media provides excellent opportunities to market your business and help it grow. Nowadays almost every person at least has one social media count on any of the platforms.

 People use it for more purposes than only connecting with other people. It has become a medium o work online, stay updated with the latest trends around the world, shopping, look for business opportunities, and whatnot.

To help your business grow, create business profiles on all social media platforms. Post frequently about your products, your services, provide an insight to the people showing a bit of your real side to the world. Use different social media statistics to learn about your progress online, your targeted audience, their most active time slots and work smartly according to that.

Use Different E-Marketing Techniques

E-Marketing is the ultimate future of the marketing world. And why won’t it be, from being cost-effective to offering more feasibility and eco-friendly modes, internet marketing is the best way to promote your businesses. You can also follow various marketing strategies to promote your business and reach out to your audiences.

The top online marketing strategies include email marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), affiliate marketing, social media marketing, PPC (pay-per-click), and many more. Do your research and find out what types of techniques will work best for your business. The main goal is to promote your business, market your content and connect to your customers. You can create a strong online presence by using these digital marketing techniques and flourish your business like never before.

Provide Good Customer Service

Customers are what turns your business into a success. You can never completely flourish until you have your customers satisfied and met their expectations. When you’re trying to establish your business online make sure you pay enough attention to the customer service you’re offering. Good customer service is something that can not only help you gain loyal customers but also retain them.

Create a bond with their customers when they try to reach out to you. Help them in all the possible ways you can. Hire a trained and professional staff that sets a positive image related to your business and maintains it by offering consistent services.

Work on improving customers’ experience because it becomes a word of mouth. A happy and satisfied customer will always speak well of your services and that will encourage other people to give a try to your business or company.

Also, you can handle all the above-mentioned activities more effectively by using a project management tool like nTask which hold a great reputation in the business community

Wrapping It Up

There is no single formula you can use to make your business grow. There are several ways and opportunities present online which makes it even more convenient to promote your business and build a strong relationship with your consumers. You can always try a different strategy if one doesn’t work best for you. So be more adaptable, try out different techniques and ways and work hard, it might take some time to get desirable results but you will surely end up reaching somewhere.

The Main Benefits Of Using The New Excel Analytics Software

Microsoft changed the world the very day they launched Excel. What initially started as a niche tool quickly became a staple in offices around the world. As it evolved over the years it grew more powerful and useful, moving from simple record keeping to data modeling. Now, most businesses are using their data analysis capabilities to grow and optimize their operations. But as powerful as Excel is on its own, it can be even more powerful when paired with specialized software that allows users to get every drop of potential out of it. Let’s look at the new Excel analytics software and how it can transform your business.

Super Easy to Use

No matter how useful a piece of software is, what can easily nullify its usefulness is its poor usability. If there’s a door that leads to paradise, no one’s going to bother with it if they can’t find the knob, much less figure out how to turn it if its mechanics aren’t what you’d expect. The same applies to any software. More people tend to use something once they can easily figure out how to use it and where to find what they need. The new Excel analytics software is simply a breeze to use. With its intuitive drag n drop system, you can create scenarios and add them to your model as is without any programming.

Seamless Collaboration

In a work environment, working on a single project can get pretty chaotic. Information gets deleted, left out, or even overlooked. When you’re on one page, everybody else is on something completely different. This can slow down operations and produce inaccurate reports. This issue is addressed by Lugano Software as they make collaboration seamless. They bake in the ability to access and modify scenarios no matter where they are.

You can share your models without exposing confidential scenarios, develop scenarios offline separately, and easily merge them into the master scenario whenever you’re ready. Reviewers and auditors can also add to your scenario or create new scenarios and reporting scripts to verify the analysis.

Easy to Comprehend

This software is a complete monster at processing and decoding information. Lugano is able to unscramble complex counterintuitive results. This means that results are broken down in such a way that it’s easy for the user to understand what they are working with. You are in control of how little or much data you want to capture at each step so you can analyze and explain the results of each step change. This varying granular approach enables users to fully explore the project and make better decisions based on their findings. Being able to go through it “frame by frame” is a feature that can’t be found anywhere else on the market.

Once a business can optimize its data analytics, it’ll be able to make key strategic decisions that benefit. Using the best software that works with Excel data analysis can make this process easier and smoother. As we move forward in our ever-changing world, harnessing this ability can be the difference between a business’ longevity and its demise.

5 SaaS Tools to Help Your Business Grow

What is SaaS?

SaaS is a subscription-based software delivery method for the accessing of data by any mobile device or desktop that has an Internet browser and connection. 

Sometimes referred to as ‘on-demand software’, software as a service can benefit businesses – especially small businesses and startups. If you are in the position of starting a new business then you can generate a catchy name using a name generator tool. Take advantage of saaS tools as they offer access to more powerful software that may be out of reach via conventional purchasing routes. High-price software can be a risky investment when starting out: the subscription system is a way around that risk. 

SaaS tools provide solutions to labor and efficiency problems. They can streamline and optimize complex workflows, facilitate task management, as well as assist with the creation of business proposals and agreements. SaaS tools have the capabilities to steer your business to far greater success, and as such, putting money into SaaS tools is one of the best investments you can make to advance business growth and hone its potential. 

Here, we look at 5 SaaS tools, which can be beneficial for you.

1. MarketingPlatform

MarketingPlatform offers an advanced email and SMS solution with marketing automation and a customer data platform to help you deliver high-end quality content.

The platform is user-friendly and anyone is able to create great-looking email campaigns within minutes. You can choose from many standard templates. Or, if you are feeling creative, you can design your own all with the click of a few buttons.

When it comes to automated emails, there are endless possibilities for creating automated flows with their Flowbuilder. A simple drag and drop editor. All data is kept safely on their platform and complies with EU GDPR regulations. As a result, they assure delivery safety so that your emails end up in the recipient’s inbox, and not their spam folder.

MarketingPlatform is a multi-channel solution that enables you the ability to reach your clients through email, SMS, mobile phone push notifications, or even social media. For example; if you want to reach an audience that hasn’t interacted with your email campaign you can simply retarget them via ads on Facebook. You can also push notifications onto their mobile phones, for those that run and support an application.

The platform has over 900 integrations with various ERP, CRM and webshop systems. For example; Salesforce, Magento, Shopify, Zapier, Sleeknote, WordPress, just to name a few.

Most importantly, the cost of getting started is very competitive in the market field and is only a small price to pay for long-term gains. Starting from $98 per month with 2500 contacts you can upgrade your plan as your business grows.

Why not book a free no-obligation demo with a 14-day trial period and see the benefits for yourself? For more information visit their website.

2. giosg

giosg helps companies engage with website visitors so they can generate more leads and accelerate their sales. Their main product is the  #1 Sales Acceleration Platform that offers powerful tools for companies that want to enter the digital-first world and improve their virtual customer experience. One of the best features of the platform is the live shopping tool that companies can use to bring the brick-and-mortar shopping experience online. All the tools included in the Sales Acceleration Platform require no coding skills and can be seamlessly incorporated into any CRM system.

With giosg, companies can increase engagement, improve the virtual experience and sell more. The pricing of the platform includes consulting and ongoing support and training to get the best use out of the tools. 

Key Features:

  • Live video shopping tool, one-to-one and one-to-many
  • No-code interaction builder for pop-ups, forms, games, surveys etc.
  • Live chat and chatbots

3. Trello

Regardless of your business size, Trello offers a collaborative, one-stop project management solution to organizational streamlining. With the aid of this ever-popular tool, you will be able to improve workflow efficiency, as well as manage your team and track a project’s progress more proficiently. 

Trello is one of the most used project management solutions globally. It covers all the bases necessary, from better communication leading to more efficient task delegation, to document sharing and budget handling. Trello continues to be a leader in aiding businesses of all types with project management. 

Key Features:

4. Hypercontext

Your employees are your company’s most valuable asset  —without them, you can’t grow. Hypercontext is a solution that empowers over 100,000 managers to lead high-performing teams by streamlining recurring meetings, quarterly goals and engagement measures, all in one place. Using the app, you’re able to build collaborative meeting agendas for the one-on-one, team, and cross-functional meetings, access hundreds of conversation starters, document decisions, and hold everyone accountable for sharing feedback at every single meeting. Hypercontext helps make sure you’re focused on what matters as you grow your business: making your team more productive and engaged through effective meetings and goal-setting.

  • Collaborate on shared agendas, document decisions, and send meeting notes
  • Continuously share feedback through post-meeting surveys and question prompts
  • Hold one another accountable by assigning next steps
  • Access hundreds of conversation starters, submitted by expert leaders in tech
  • Collaboratively set measurable goals that appear at the top of your meeting agenda (making them impossible to forget about!)
  • Understand management blindspots through insights based on your agenda items

5. Maze

Having spent a long time and invested money into a product and its release, the last thing any business wants is for its product to be badly received on launch day. If a product is rejected by its targeted audience, then more often than not, it’s simply down to a lack of decent UX research. User experience research tools provide priceless feedback relating to product prototypes after first-hand use. Maze is a rapid testing research design tool that runs tests to both validate and invalidate your prototypes, concepts, and designs. This invaluable feedback can literally be the difference between your product taking off on launch day or crashing and burning on the sidelines. To highlight the point, over 50% of all consumers report that products fail to meet the expectations laid out by their makers. UX research is essential – and Maze is tailored precisely for the task. 

Key Features:

  • Third-party prototyping;
  • Research surveys;
  • Improved analytical data for decision-making;
  • Works across all browsers;
  • Can be integrated with design tools (Adobe XD, Figma, InVision, and more).

6. SurveySparrow

SurveySparrow is an end-to-end feedback management platform for customers, employees and brands. From enterprise survey software to NPS to 360-degree feedback, SurveySparrow has everything you need to refine experiences for your teams and customers. What’s more, SurveySparrow enables you to pass critical survey data to over 1,500+ applications. You can also create custom workflows to support your teams, from product to HR to customer support to marketing. 

Key Features:

  • NPS and 360 degree feedback software
  • Ticketing software to solve negative customer feedback
  • Data dashboards for real-time data visualization
  • Omnichannel feedback collection from online channels and offline
  • SurveySparrow API for scaling experience management
  • Online audience panels for market validation
  • No code chatbot for website

7. LeadsBridge

LeadsBridge is an iPaaS automation solution that enables marketers and advertisers to enhance their omnichannel strategy and build their own interconnected marketing ecosystem.

LeadsBridge fulfills your integration needs, focusing on bridging gaps between top advertising platforms – Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and TikTok – and main marketing platforms – CRM, email marketing metrics software, autoresponder, and so much more. LeadsBridge is also equipped to develop tailor-made integrations based upon your unique business needs.

The LeadsBridge platform is specifically designed for companies that want to streamline their advertising activities by integrating their marketing stack with Facebook & Instagram Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and TikTok Ads.

With 380+ out-of-the-box integrations available, you can easily connect your favorite software with your advertising platforms, seamlessly synchronizing data for your marketing workflows.

With LeadsBridge’s integrations, data flows from a source into a destination of your choice automatically and in real-time, while always maintaining CCPA and GDPR compliance.

Key Features:

  • Lead Sync
  • Audience Targeting
  • Online-to-Offline Tracking
  • Platform to Platform
  • Tailor-made integrations

8. MS Teams

Remote teamwork has become a normal practice since the COVID-19 pandemic has kept offices closed and employees at home. Efficient collaboration within a business, wherever you are, is vital to achieving the common goals of the company. MS Teams is a tool for remote, collaborative working, connecting employees through video calls, video meetings, and chats. It also provides the ability to share files between team members and edit documents. 

Key Features:

  • Collaborative functions;
  • One-to-one calling;
  • Online meetings;
  • Secured with end-to-end encryption while file-sharing;
  • Encrypted storage of business files;
  • Round-the-clock customer support.

9. Timely

Timely is a time tracking software that automates company time tracking and timesheet creation. Leveraging AI, it helps companies stay connected with their workforce and report accurately on their business – for payroll, project management, team management and capacity planning. By capturing all the time you spend on every document, presentation, meeting and email, Timely lets you bill clients honestly and provide a detailed breakdown of all services rendered. By automating timesheet admin, Timely frees teams for the important work that matters. Offering strict user-level privacy by design, it’s a tracking tool that employees actually trust.

Key Features: 

  • Real-time dashboards and live reports 
  • Invoice accurately for all billable hours 
  • Automatically track what you spend time on 
  • Helps teams stay on top of project performance and budget 

10. Acquire

Acquire supplies immediate help to anyone visiting your website. This instant customer service provides a route to an uptick in sales conversion. Being able to respond to customer queries in real-time hugely benefits overall customer satisfaction and increases the likelihood of retaining current customers, as well as being appealing to prospective new ones. Currently, the most sophisticated software of its type on the market, Acquire includes a vast array of features including video and voice call capabilities, chatbots, and co-browsing. This AI-powered instant assistance software can benefit businesses both in terms of revenue and positive customer engagement. 

Key Features:

  • Website and mobile availability;
  • Real-time problem-solving;
  • Chat history storage;
  • Customer retention improvement;
  • Voice and video functions;
  • Real-time engagement with customers and visitors.

11. PDFLiner 

PDFLiner is an online PDF editing software that allows you to create neat PDF documents for any purpose from the ground up. The toolkit of this platform allows you to create fillable fields, edit PDF text, highlight elements, add shapes, and more. If you need to fill out a piece of the official documentation, such as tax returns, you can not only fill out your forms but also sign them electronically for online submission. The website offers 4 different e-sign features so that you can validate your docs from any device. Finally, you can use PDFLiner as a corporate PDF editing and storage solution due to flexible multi-user plans and unlimited secure cloud storage for your files. 

Key Features:

  • Universal toolkit for editing PDF documents;
  • Four secure e-sign features;
  • Encrypted storage for important documents;
  • Desktop and mobile website versions;
  • Up to 5 simultaneous users per account. 
  • Extensive database of popular forms and templates.

12. SelfCAD

SelfCAD is SaaS 3D design software that has been created for designers as well as small and medium business owners. With SelfCAD, one can be able to prepare marketing materials in 3D. This program makes it easier to prepare 3D models and realistic renders that can be used for marketing your products. Advantage of using 3D models to market your business is that clients can be able to see the design in 360 degrees and this is helpful when presenting a product for approval.

Key Features:

  • There are freehand drawing and sketching tools to help you design type 
  • 3D rendering feature to help you prepare realistic renders of your designs.
  • Gives you an option to prepare your designs for 3D printing. This is enabled by the presence of an in-built slicer.
  • There is an online as well as downloadable version of the software. This enables you to either work online or offline.
  • The interactive tutorial feature enables you to learn the program with much.

13. Zoho CRM

Zoho has been around for a while now and is still proving to be a very popular customer relationship management tool. Perfect for marketing and sales, Zoho is geared for team collaborations and assisting businesses with taking control of building up their customer relationships. Web-based and customizable, Zoho can be tailored to fit any business size within any industry. It can also be integrated with multiple other products from Zoho, as well as having extensions available for over 300 other third parties, including Microsoft and Google. 

Key features:

14. GrowSurf

GrowSurf is the top-rated referral program software for B2B and B2C tech companies. 

Automate customer acquisition at the lowest possible cost. B2C and B2B tech companies using GrowSurf’s referral program software get new customers on autopilot.

Launch a white-labeled customer referral program to earn word-of-mouth referrals. GrowSurf can integrate with your CRM, ESP and payment processor to automate referrals using your existing tech stack.

Key Features:

  • Generate your referral links
  • Embed elements of the software straight into your website
  • Forms detected automatically
  • Automated reward fulfillment
  • Automated email forms and communication
  • Manage and alter rewards
  • Detailed analytics
  • Excellent customer support
  • Managed service for all plans

15. is an easy-to-use logo maker that’s your answer to everything logo design and brand building. The platform offers some of the most professional and classy logo designs that are at par with world-class brands. It also offers other brand-building tools that can help you launch your business or side project over the weekend.

To get started, all you need is your business name and a slogan (if you have one). The logo generator will produce hundreds of logo designs that you can customize to your heart’s content. You can change the font, icons, format, and more until you get the logo you love.

The platform offers several low-cost plans that give you more than just your logo files. It gives you a social media kit, a free domain name, a website builder, and more.

Key features:

  • Design a professional logo in less than 30 minutes
  • A complete brand-building suite
  • Gives you everything to launch your business on a weekend

16. Narrato

Narrato is an awesome tool to bring all your content creation and collaboration on a single platform. It’s incredibly feature-rich and the best part – free at the moment!

You can manage your entire content creation workflow on Narrato starting from content ideation, planning, assigning tasks, collaboration to publishing. It replaces docs, drives, sheets, project management software, content quality tools and other content software. Think Hubspot for content creation. 

With Narrato, you can:

  • Create great content quickly using AI writing and grammar/readability assistant
  • Assign content tasks, manage content team and projects, and automate workflow
  • Plan content with Kanban boards, calendar and AI ideas generator
  • Manage freelance writer payments
  • Organize and keep a repository of all your content at one place
  • Templatize content tasks to get the best output and keep work organized
  • Search free images and create graphics on the platform

17. Copysmith

Copysmith uses artificial intelligence to generate product descriptions, ad copy, and many more in a matter of seconds. Users only need to input some basic company information, and with the click of a button, Copysmith gives dozens of creative copies that you can choose from. It also has tons of integrations to platforms such as Shopify, Google Docs, WordPress to make your workflow easier.

Key Features:

  • 30+ templates to generate any copy, including long form blog posts
  • Collaboration features
  • Custom voices for specific topics
  • Custom templates
  • Generate copy in bulk
  • Plagiarism checks

18. CocoSign

CocoSign is a HIPAA-compliant cloud-based electronic signature software for SMBs and professionals. CocoSign stands as the easiest alternative to DocuSign and HelloSign with competitive pricing and straightforward features, helping businesses streamline eSignature workflows immensely and get contracts signed 5x faster.

Key Features:

  • Sign Unlimited Documents
  • Unlimited Templates
  • Track Overall Signing Progress
  • Signing Workflows
  • Cloud Storage Integration
  • Automatic Reminders
  • Multi-Teams

19. CocoDoc

CocoDoc is a cutting-edge online PDF editor. Our interactive interface makes it easier for users to utilize the different tools and features available, therefore increasing efficiency and chopping off time. With our secure gateways, users can enjoy the peace of mind that their documents are safe and private.

Key Features:

  • Enjoy the ultimate convenience to edit, track, mark and alter your PDF documents in a smart manner with CocoDoc’s PDF editor!
  • After editing your PDF, you can choose to download, send or share the document as you need.
  • Convert your PDF files to different popular formats, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and JPG.
  • Sign your PDF documents securely online without any hassle.
  • Combine PDF files into one or add page numbers to PDFs to make your document more well-organized.
  • Customize your PDF documents as you need with CocoDoc’s tools.

20. CocoFax

CocoFax is an online HIPAA-compliant fax solution provider, integrated with Google, Microsoft, Slack and many others. It offers an easy-to-use alternative to fax machines for individual users, allowing them to fax from Google(Google Drive, Docs, Sheets), Microsoft(Word, PPT…) and email to fax(Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo..) , whether with a computer, cell phone or a Mac. 

Businesses can also easily integrate CocoFax into their workflow, adding team members and assigning roles and numbers to their accounts.  With its 2FA and TLS 1.2 and AES 256 encryption measures, CocoFax makes sure that all data is well protected for businesses of all sectors and sizes.

Key Features:

  • Free Local or Toll Free Number
  • Email to Fax
  • Fax to Email
  • International Coverage
  • Android & iOS Mobile Apps
  • Secure Unlimited Storage
  • Multiple Fax Recipients

21. Picmaker

Picmaker is an artificial intelligence-based DIY design platform that lets anybody create stunning professional designs in minutes. Be it a YouTube thumbnail, channel art, Instagram posts, banners, flyers, ads, logos, stickers – you name it, we’ve got it for you. Besides, you don’t need any design knowledge to get going on Picmaker.

With Picmaker, you get access to:

  • Thousands of premium design templates for free
  • 100 million+ jaw-dropping stock images
  • Drag and drop 100k icons, illustrations, and design objects
  • Top-notch design tools including gradients, text and image effects,
  • Social media-ready designs with accurate dimensions
  • An AI-enabled background remover for free (no credits needed!)
  • The AI-enabled MAD Button to enhance your designs in one-click
  • Resize your designs smartly in one-click
  • Share and present your designs with your teams in seconds
  • Arrange your designs in different folders based on clients, teams, projects, etc.

22. GoSimplo

GoSimplo is an innovative SaaS platform and free data visualization tool for monitoring financial and operational data. 

Using GoSimplo’s business intelligence digital dashboards, executives can gain powerful insights into their business performance. The dashboards aggregate data on all the relevant KPIs – revenue performance, predicted & historic income, and cash flow, as well as data on employee productivity and client reporting.

GoSimplo delivers all the business performance insights needed for businesses to make informed, data decisions that optimize efficiency and maximize profitability!


  • Their platform is FREE FOREVER.
  • Doesn’t require any technical skills.
  • Creates simple, comprehensive dashboards.
  • Can be integrated and up-and-running in 5 minutes
  • Connects to multiple data sources and integrations

23. Fatlogic Platform

  • Flatlogic is a powerful tool for building web applications just from scratch. It enables you to create any type of application a sort of CMS for the entities defined in the database schema. With Flatlogic, you build fully-functional applications using the most popular JavaScript frameworks, React, Vue, Angular. 

Flatlogic Platform uses a subscription-based business model for accelerating building completely customized, tailored apps that have front-end and back-end parts, and a database ready to download and work with.

Key Features:

  • Source code availability; with the Flatlogic platform, you can download the source code of the generated application. 
  • Preview option: no need to download the app just after being composed, edit it until the final app is online. Flatlogic provides deployment and hosting services.
  • Premium Support: if subscribed, you’re granted a bespoke specialist support service in case of any web issues arising.

24. Mailbird

Businesses navigating multiple email addresses and a team of people could use an email client like Mailbird. Mailbird allows you to add multiple email accounts to one place and easily toggle between them, or check out all of your incoming mails with their Unified Inbox. It also integrates with Slack, Asana, Trello, Evernote, the entire Google Workspace suite, and other apps like Whatsapp and Twitter. Communication and productivity go hand and hand with this app.

Key features: 

  • Unified Inbox
  • Unlimited Accounts
  • Email Tracking 
  • Snooze Button 
  • Speed Reader
  • Dark Theme
  • Customized Layout

25. Avoma

Avoma is an AI Meeting Assistant to record, transcribe, analyze your conversations, and get summarized notes for your Zoom meetings. 

Bookmark highlights during the live call, share important moments via snippets after the call, and tag and comment on the transcript to collaborate efficiently. With built-in Conversation Intelligence, you can also learn topic trends, team’s talk patterns, and customer insights.

Key features: 

  • Meeting Management: Prepare agenda, collaborate on note-taking, and sync notes to Calendar events
  • Meeting Assistant: Automatically record and transcribe meetings and get AI-generated summary notes
  • Meeting Collaboration: Search across transcripts, share key moments, and comment to collaborate faster
  • Meeting Intelligence: Learn topic trends, talk-patterns of top performers, and get coaching insights

26. DSM Tool 

DSM Tool is an innovative all-in-one dropshipping management software, which allows sellers to drop ship products from 50+ suppliers to eBay and Shopify. It brings e-sellers the automation of the daily dropshipping tasks, such as finding what to sell, adding products to an e-store, optimizing the listings, syncing the stock and price, and processing the orders. 

The DSM Tool dropshipping software allows to: 

  • Find what to sell on your eCommerce store on supported retailers and wholesalers. 
  • List  single or multiple products in your eBay or Shopify store fast and smartly.
  • Copy product details, descriptions and photos automatically. 
  • Optimize the listings before posting them in your e-store or afterwards. 
  • Monitor and sync the products’ prices and stock and update them automatically.
  • Process dropshipping orders automatically. 
  • Provide customer support through a centralized dashboard.
  • Protect your eBay store with alarms and tips. 
  • Learn dropshipping and how to use the software with in-app training. 

27. Invoiced

Invoiced is the category defining-company in the field of A/R automation. Invoiced allows your business to put accounts receivable on autopilot. Get your business paid faster, waste less time and provide a better payment experience with the Invoiced Accounts Receivable Cloud.

Invoiced’s platform integrates with ORACLE NETSUITE, intuit QuickBooks, Stripe, Slack, Twilio, Zapier, and Salesforce–among others. Streamline and bolster your business’ payment capabilities with Invoiced.

Key features: 

  • Billing – Expedite your invoice-to-cash cycle by making it easier for customers to pay.
  • Collections – Powerful subscription billing capabilities are included. 
  • Payments – Installment payments are a cinch with Invoiced.
  • A/R Intelligence –  Stay on top of the full payment picture. 

28. Novocall

Novocall is a cloud-based phone system built for small businesses. Its suite of call management features supports call-driven lead generation efforts, making it ideal for companies that rely heavily on phone-based operations and sales. 

Novocall also integrates with several other tools such as Salesforce, Zapier, and Google Analytics. Furthermore, its Facebook Leads Ads integration allows you to capture leads when they come across your ads on Facebook. This enables you to cast a wider net and capture more leads from various channels.

Key features:

  • Click-to-call feature to automate instant calls and scheduled callbacks 
  • Outbound autodialer to automate cold calling and sales outreach
  • Call tracking to attribute calls to each marketing campaign to identify best performing ones
  • Lead routing rules to route calls to the most qualified reps
  • Call recording capabilities to capture important call data
  • Legitimize your calls with virtual phone numbers
  • Supports up to 42 countries with regards to call automation services and SMS

29. NovoChat

NovoChat is a chat marketing solution built for e-commerce businesses that helps you engage your customers and grow your sales. As social media and email marketing are becoming heavily saturated, chat marketing may very well be your only solution to improve your sales and propel your business towards success. 

Its deep integration with Shopify allows you to pull relevant data and trigger automated messages so you can recover abandoned carts and ultimately drive more sales. 

Key features:

  • Send automated WhatsApp messages such as abandoned cart reminders, order confirmations, shipping updates, and more
  • Broadcast highly-targeted marketing messages on platforms like WhatsApp
  • Centralize all your chats in a shared inbox so you never miss another message
  • A multi-channel website widget to make customer communication easy 
  • Advanced metrics such as revenue earned, number of clicks, and number of messages read so you can launch smarter chat marketing campaigns
  • Promote team collaboration and multi-agent support 

30. Messaged 

Messaged is a SaaS email marketing automation platform that provides services for SaaS companies. This platform helps companies to grow revenue and reduce churn due to its prebuilt lifecycle and marketing campaigns. As it’s designed for SaaS businesses, it has many advantages and features for them to make the working process easier.

It allows users to utilize the platform with the features of free trials, user onboarding emails, churn prevention and even more. 

Key features: 

  • Create prebuilt email templates with a hundred of email templates for your business welcoming, transactional, onboarding emails, newsletter and more. 
  • Providing a guided implementation through the website guide, which will help to choose the right templates for your email marketing campaigns.
  • Consultation with the marketing team specialists, which will lead you to choose such designs and templates that are the best in the SaaS industry. 
  • The platform allows you to send emails at the right time and with the designed templates and have control over your emails. 
  • Engaging customers with newsletters, automated scheduled emails and transactional emails based on your sales process. 
  • Advanced metrics of this platform are iterating on users’ email campaigns, using aggregated and raw email analytics to make data-driven decisions.
  • Creating a user’s contact list in order to offer personalized, targeted messages that increase engagement and deliverability.

31. TimeCamp 

Making sure that the employees are paid fairly for their job should be the major concern of all business owners. Thus, if you’re looking for a tool that offers both an automatic time tracking and overtime calculator, choose TimeCamp. 

TimeCamp is a huge support for accurate payroll. It tracks time in the background and automatically fills the timesheets so that the employees can focus more on what really matters. It covers all your team’s needs for more efficient time management: productivity tracking, robust reporting, attendance, and many more. 

Key features:

  • Automatic time and activity tracking, 
  • Daily and weekly timesheets, 
  • Wide range of built-in and custom reports, 
  • Billable/non-billable hours,
  • Attendance tracking, 
  • Invoicing, 
  • Custom management roles and Guest features, 
  • High availability: web timer, desktop app, mobile app, a browser extension for Chrome and Edge


The markets are saturated with SaaS tools and applications to help businesses thrive. There are different kinds of businesses and for managing them, you need business management tools and there are various sample business plans available for business planning and will reduce your work by using them. Specific needs will determine which ones are most appropriate for your business, but with so many available, it can be hard to see the wood for the trees. Knowing what various SaaS can do should help you whittle down your search for the right software for the right tasks to boost your productivity by business growth.