Top 18+ Essential Tools You Need To Grow a Successful SaaS Business

SaaS business and its development is quite a complex process requiring special knowledge and skills in programming. However, despite all the difficulties, this sphere continues to grow. Their customers are small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as large firms and startups. Saas companies provide brands with software products. One more thing that is important for your SaaS business growth is keeping your business name memorable. You can simply do it by using a business name generator tool.

The success of a SaaS business, like any other in today’s world, depends on tools and their proper use. Therefore, we are going to share with you a few cases, which will definitely come in handy for enterprises offering SaaS services. Furthermore, at the very end of the article, we’ve prepared a little bonus.

Along with helpful business tools, it is also a good idea to conduct employee performance appraisals to keep your team working at its best. These meetings can keep your workforce up to speed on how to work more efficiently and be their most productive self.

Best Tools Review

1. Qualaroo

Any growing SaaS business must keep tabs on the kind of experience it offers to the customers. Tools like Qualaroo feedback software help you collect customer feedback to understand the ground reality and what needs to be improved to offer the best customer experience.

SaaS businesses have customers of all sizes, from start-ups to large businesses. So, conducting pop-up surveys ensures that you can access all of your customers’ opinions without interrupting their experience and cater to all of their needs. 


  • Access to pre-designed, customizable survey templates 
  • Different survey types like NPS, CES, and CSAT with advanced targeting, branching, and skip logic 
  • Dashboard equipped with advanced reporting
  • Third-party integrations like HubSpot, Zapier, and many more

2. ContactOut

ContactOut is a tool for finding the email addresses and phone numbers of your leads. It mainly features an email finder Chrome extension that reveals your leads’ contact information as you visit their LinkedIn profiles or company websites. It offers triple-verified contact data, ensuring that you send your cold emails to the right people and through the right channels. 


  • Email finder Chrome extension
  • Company and people search portal
  • Data enrichment
  • Email verification
  • Email campaigns
  • AI writer

3. Unbounce

It’s a cool platform that helps you create landing pages to attract potential customers.

With Unbounce, it’s easy to become a web designer or developer as the software has many built-in features allowing you to customize landing pages, as well as create them quickly.

The advantage of the platform lies in the fact that you can test it. You don’t need any special skills for this. Go to Unbounce, register, choose a template, and edit it. In addition, it is possible to change elements of the landing page, test it after customization, there is a prospect to integrate with other software, and more.

4. Ryviu

Ryviu is a customer product review platform that makes generating social proof for your store simple and quick. It aids in the conversion and sale of your product. There are both free and paid memberships available.

Ryviu currently supports the 3 most popular eCommerce marketplace including Shopify, WooCommerce, and Prestashop.

This tool is very useful for online shops, especially the dropshipping stores, because it helps sellers import customers’ reviews directly from the marketplace like Amazon, and Aliexpress to their store with some clicks.

Key features: 

  • Export reviews from AliExpress & Amazon
  • Export and import reviews ‘from apps to apps’
  • SEO-friendly review scores
  • Multiple styles & custom style
  • Reply to customer reviews
  • Show useful rating
  • Have Social Authentication & Email verify feature
  • Show Feature Reviews
  • Boost Sales Popup feature
  • Reviews email request

5. Hubspot

The developers of such software first created it for marketing and sales for medium and small enterprises. However, Hubspot is actually used by international corporations these days.

The list of functions of this tool is quite large — maintaining a contact database, organizing and making deals, etc. In addition, Hubspot is used to communicate with clients, schedule appointments, and make calls.

In addition to the user-friendly interface and multifunctionality, the program has another advantage — it is free and has no restrictions on users. This means that the system is versatile and beneficial not only for SaaS companies.

6. Aritic PinPoint

Aritic PinPoint is a full-stack marketing automation software platform for marketing operations teams or SMEs. It helps you to build relationships with leads, automate marketing campaigns and convert leads to paying customers easily.

It has landing page builder, lead scoring, lead tracking, lead nurturing, email campaign management, email campaign automation, marketing campaign builder, a/b testing, website tracking features with marketing file and library management. 

PinPoint integrates with Salesforce, SugarCRM, Zoho CRM and Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Foursquare, Instagram.

7. Intercom

It is a multi-level system designed precisely to communicate with customers. So, what can it do? Talk with customers in chat, real-time communication, data collection, message automation, segmentation, time performance monitoring.

The ability to integrate with social media allows businesses to send messages from a single location. It is also convenient to control the team, and you can define specific restrictions for certain individuals.

8. Segment

The service helps collect information about users and process large volumes of data. It integrates with various applications, allowing it to capture metrics from different devices. As a result, the Segment administrator receives an array of data for analysis and reporting.

The capabilities of the tool: it tracks the audience’s behavior, gives recommendations on how to improve the product for the customer, and there is data loss prevention.

The only drawback of the service is that it takes time to set up the tools. However, even this disadvantage is offset by its excellent technical support, which is ready to help at any moment to use the platform correctly.

9. Weje

Weje is a great team collaboration, workflow management and personal productivity tool. Everyone can upload any docs and create different workspaces for each topic that could be shared with team members. The service provides different diagrams, arrows, doodles and ready templates on its free virtual whiteboards.

  • Sharing and admin features;
  • Board publications — publish into a website;
  • Drawing, Kanban, Flowchart and others;
  • Unlimited free boards and different format files can be uploaded;

Free virtual whiteboards —

10. Asana

This is the best program that helps manage the project and coordinate the team effectively. As employees now spend 50% more time in collaborative work, this type of project management system is particularly important. Besides, the service allows you to track each employee’s performance and exchange documentation.

Features: workspace branding, chat, structured project, email checking, notification system, smart search, access management, integrations with other services. 

There are also reporting functions: 

  • Workload management
  • Real-time project status tracking;
  • Goal setting; 
  • Dashboards, and special features.

A big plus of Asana is the user-friendly interface and navigation, as well as the excellent technical support.

11. ScreenRec

Speaking of team collaboration and task management, ScreenRec is a great little tool that will help you with both. 

As the title suggests, it’s a screen recorder and a screenshot tool. But it’s also an instant messaging tool/productivity app. Instead of writing lengthy emails, you can simply open ScreenRec and record your desktop, microphone and webcam. You will get a shareable link instantly and you can paste that in an email, online chat, and so on. 

Created by their own development team for in-house communication, ScreenRec quickly became a popular tool used by web developers, IT specialists, designers, marketers and business owners. You can use it whenever it’s better to show your desktop and/or face and explain. For example:

  • Report bugs
  • Create quick tutorials for customers and colleagues
  • Explain tasks that you’re assigning
  • Review designs
  • Give your feedback on website content 

ScreenRec is free to download and offers 2Gb free cloud-based storage where you can easily organise and search your recordings and screenshots. 

12. YesWare

This tool can replace complex software that would allow your sales department to increase the number of effective emails. Together with YesWare, businesses will get the tools for searching and keeping in touch with a large number of customers and will be able to automate a process such as email.

What’s more, this software will reduce the time employees spend on writing personalized emails and will make notifications more valuable for customers.


  • The creation of first-class emails; 
  • Open tracking; 
  • Testing; 
  • Integration with emails.

13. PDFLiner

PDFLiner is the all-in-one cloud-based online platform for working with PDF documents. Using this platform you can easily edit, electronically sign, fill in, add custom branding and content, and modify your PDF documents any way you want.

When visiting the website, you will face a user-friendly interface helping you find the tools you need to work on your PDF. Similarly, you can directly access the PDF converter without using all the features to do it manually.


  • Editing and filling in PDF documents
  • Making documents fillable
  • Signing electronically 
  • Adding a watermark, and so on.

14. CRM

This is a new free sales CRM with a user-friendly interface even beginners will understand. 

As the competent time management of employees directly affects the company’s success, it will help you save quite a lot of time and grow your SaaS business. As a result, all your sales processes will be performed on one platform, and you will successfully move your deals down the sales funnel.

On this platform, it will be effortless for salespeople and marketers to manage their contact base, communicate with leads, and quickly convert them into loyal customers. Meanwhile, their managers will monitor their ups and downs to create a stronger sales strategy and make useful adjustments to the work.

They can also create pipelines that display their strategy and use tags to focus only on important deals.

In addition to CRM, there are several tools for finding leads, verification, or sending triggered mailings. already has everything you need! You can read a detailed review of this software on Pearl Lemon Leads where they go into detail about and its pros/cons.

15. PandaDoc

With this solution, it is easy to create documents and sign them using the built-in editor, automate document management, and more.

The functions of the service allow you to create a document from scratch or through a template. The following types of forms are available: invoices, contracts, receipts, marketing documents.

Features: ready-made document templates, document analytics, integration with CRM, collaboration, access management, document tracking, auditing, real-time commenting, electronic signatures, and more.

16. Zapier

Do you want to connect different web applications and automate your workflow? This is no problem if a business uses the Zapier integration platform. In addition, companies don’t need programmers, and everything functions very easily thanks to special templates. For instance, there is a new email in the newsletter, and it needs to be entered into Google contacts. With Zapier, it’s pretty easy to set that up.


  • Integration with services (about 300 options available); 
  • Task automation
  • Configuring actions; 
  • Data security; 
  • Personalizing integrations; 
  • Managing and setting up access; 
  • Sharing integrations, etc.

17. WiseStamp Signature Manager

WiseStamp is a signature management software with the ability to transform your company’s email communication into a low-cost high-return growth channel. This tool gives you central control over your company email signatures company-wide. From the tool dashboard, you can manage the signature design and instantly deploy your signature to all staff emails. 

The WiseStamp Signature Manager provides seamless scalability so your account can grow in congruence with the number of employees you onboard. It has automated email signature campaign capabilities that make your emails a low-cost lead generation channel, and It lets you add your brand logo and other branding materials in every employee email, and turns them into a branding engine with no additional cost to your business. 


  • Email signature design panel
  • Email signature marketing (ESM) campaign manager
  • Software integration with leading email and cloud providers (Google G Suite, and Microsoft Office 365)
  • User directory sync with your email provider
  • Automated invites for new users 
  • Signature segmentation by department or job type
  • Editing permissions for department managers
  • Wide library of email signature features and addons

18.  Freshservice

Freshservice is an internal IT helpdesk and service management platform that helps modern organizations simplify and automate their internal IT operations. One important weapon businesses can wield to increase ROI is initiating Service Management within their teams – across every function and not just the IT department. With an ITSM platform like Freshservice, you can gain the ability to put their employees first and earn loyalty from your workforce, customers, and other stakeholders. Freshservice enables your IT team members to collaborate with users and to act quickly in response to support requests, threats to service availability, and security. 


  • Incident and Case Management for addressing IT questions remotely
  • A Knowledge Base for IT, Service and HR information
  • An Employee Self-service Portal
  • Remote Employee Onboarding
  • Service Catalog to make requests easier 
  • Updating asset details with Asset management

19. peopleHum

peopleHum is an end-to-end AI and automation-driven Hire to Retire HR software for Human Resources to drive business results. It’s cloud-based platform is an intuitive and affordable way for growing companies to track and manage essential employee information.

peopleHum aims to create seamless employee experiences that go beyond the HR silos and whether it’s hiring, onboarding, or performance, peopleHum helps in centralizing that data and automating transactional tasks in order for HR to keep pace.


  • Centralized employee database
  • Employee Engagement 
  • Applicant tracking system
  • Time and attendance tracking
  • Document storage and management
  • eSignature
  • Performance management
  • Free trial available

20. Juro

Juro is a contract automation software that helps visionary legal counsel and the teams they enable to agree and manage contracts in one unified workspace. The browser-based platform enables users to process contracts end-to-end, with a flexible template editor and data model which can be set up in minutes to make contract creation, editing, approval, signing and management as seamless as possible. Juro and Juro alternatives like Pocketlaw are renowned for its ease of use, making it the ideal software for legal teams that want to encourage commercial teams to self-serve on contracts, rather than relying solely on the in-house legal function to manage them. 


  • Unique, flexible template editor
  • Approval workflows 
  • Negotiation functionality 
  • Native eSignature 
  • Smart storage 
  • Renewal reminders 
  • Powerful search functions 

21. simpleshow video maker

This tool is an AI-based online video maker that helps anyone get their messages across in an engaging and simple way with explainer videos. It’s an easy-to-use solution for animated video communication.

The user writes a script and the explainer engine builds the video in a few steps. 

Users can export the video to YouTube, to easily share the link, or download it as an MP4 file.

It’s a great tool for explaining a complex topic, convincing your team, informing your audience or promoting a subject, and the storylines help you to get started in an instance.


  • Guided workflow
  • Storyline template
  • Best practice examples and practical advice
  • Automagic generation of storyboard that can easily be finetuned by the user
  • Video speed and a voice-over selection
  • Synchronization of user voice with the story (depending on plan)

22. Flatlogic 

Flatlogic platform can be also called a web app generator, the platform’s name speaks for itself. Flatlogic helps to create and run business apps with any structure you want.  Now you can make any type of project, e.g. social network or ecommerce store, or a blog, with one of the most popular technologies like ReactJs, React Native, Angular, Vue for the front end part, and NodejS or Laravel for the back end. Now you can also use PostgreSQL, or MySQL for the database of your application. Flaltogic also offers a wide range of designs inside, like Google Material or several custom design options to make your web app stand out from other web apps. 


  • Synchronization with your GitHub account
  • Download the zipped archive and edit the source code
  • Running the project locally
  • Support provided
  • Free week trial to test all the functions to the fullest

23. is a Digital Asset Management (DAM) tool that, as the name suggests, helps you manage your ever-growing library of digital assets (pictures, photos, videos, PDFs, etc.). To help on that front, offers a wide range of options to not only organize your collections but also to integrate them directly into your team’s workflow. So, instead of asking your teammate where is the new batch of marketing photos (and if they’re ready to use at all), the necessary information can be searched, shared, and accessed in a few simple clicks. DAM solves all organizational logic so that you can focus on creativity and productivity. And as far as DAM tools go, offers one of the best price-to-value ratios on the market.


  • Keyword and metadata search to categorize and find assets with ease
  • Integration with Email and Slack to receive immediate updates on your collection
  • Sharing assets with teammates and third parties in a few simple clicks
  • Free 7-day trial with full access to’s functionality
  • Elegant version control: access all revisions from a single thumbnail, compare revisions to each other, and revert to the old versions whenever necessary.

24. Zonka Feedback

In building a customer-centric business, it’s crucial to consider customer feedback. And what better way to do that than using a powerful feedback management software like Zonka Feedback? It is one of the most reliable saas feedback tools for growing businesses which enables effortless collection of feedback using multi-channel surveys and easy response tracking. Using the platform, you can easily capture customer feedback at multiple touchpoints throughout their user journey using the website, email, SMS, in-app, and product surveys.

With Zonka Feedback, you can measure crucial CX metrics, including NPS, CSAT, and CES. Moreover, you can collect quick and in-the-moment feedback using its free customer feedback app with real-time insights and in-depth reports

Key Features

  • Collect feedback through website, email, SMS, QR code, mobile app, mobile, tablet, and kiosk
  • Website survey free of cost – up to 3 free surveys
  • 500+ ready-to-use, industry-specific survey templates
  • Multilingual surveys (30+ languages)
  • Automated workflows
  • User segmentation and tagging
  • Real-time alerts, notifications, and response actions
  • Unified response inbox
  • Employee performance tracking
  • Seamless integration with your favorite tools including HubSpot, Intercom, HelpScout, and Pipedrive. etc.


As promised, here’s a bonus! Actually, there are much more tools that a SaaS business could use. We have presented the most popular options above. Nevertheless, the following services are also worth your attention:

  • MarketingPlatform. A user-friendly and advanced email/SMS marketing automation solution with an omnichannel customer data platform.
  • Albato. This program matches many integrations, allowing organizations to automate many work processes;
  • SalesIntel. Sales intelligence platform to get accurate B2B company and contact data
  • Basecamp. A powerful tool for collaboration and project management;
  • InEvent. As a global event management platform, made for event professionals and A/V specialists, the product delivers outstanding experiences for enterprise companies, empowering them with a white-label solution to create virtual and hybrid conferences, trainings and webinars.
  • EngageBay. The software is for marketing, sales, and service. With such a tool, the quality of customer service will be top-notch;
  • offers advice on employee’s performance appraisals, or employee performance reviews.
  • JotForm PDF Editor. A program allows you to create professional documents and convert data. It has everything to work with: 600 templates, integrations, protections, and even more;
  • GoToMeeting. A great tool for online conferences. It allows you to easily schedule meetings, etc. You can also use Ex Ordo as an alternative conference management system for scientific, medical, and scholarly conferences.
  • Ganttic. A Gantt chart based online resource planner and project portfolio management tool. 
  • SVGator. An online vector animation tool that’s great for keeping your visitors engaged by creating logo animation, icon animations or landing page animations.
  • Free Business Name Generator is an AI tool that can help you create creative, catchy, and memorable name ideas for your business.

Toggl, Zoho social, hosted eCommerce platforms (Wix vs Shopify), Xero, Microsoft SharePoint Online, M-Files, Userlane, and many other solutions fit perfectly into the work of SaaS companies and make it not only convenient for employees but also effective. 

We hope that you have enjoyed our article and have found what you’ve been looking for!

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