8 Sure Ways to Level Up Your College E-Commerce Store

Technology has revolutionized how we do things, including businesses. Tech advancements have made it possible for ventures such as e-commerce to thrive without limitations such as location. E-commerce has also become a way for students to earn income on the side without interfering with their schedules. However, for the e-commerce business to be successful, one has to put some essential strategies in place.

Running an e-commerce business means that you will also be competing against other foreign businesses being run online, hence the need for strategic planning to ensure your business stands out. Every fine detail about your business, from the website to social media pages, must be well thought out and represent what your business stands for. So, if you are looking forward to taking your business to the next level and thriving in the e-commerce world, here are some top tips to apply.

Build Your Social Media Presence

Social media is a powerful marketing tool that every e-commerce business owner should explore. Harnessing the power of social media marketing will help take your online business to the next level, as it will be easier to reach many people. Social platforms also help to cut down on marketing costs while still reaching out to a larger audience. Therefore, when starting up an e-commerce business, it is also essential to create its social media pages.

The social media pages should provide direct links to the main business website where clients can place their orders. Additionally, the pages should give your prospective clients an idea of what the business is all about and what offers are available. A key goal in e-commerce is to achieve website traffic, and social media can help you achieve this easily.

The most impression of your business is on your website. Therefore, you will need to channel more traffic to ensure your prospective clients get a vivid picture of what the business is all about. Noteworthy, for better traffic and conversion rates from social media, it is best to post quality and relatable content.

The first search engine optimization practice was primarily focused on optimizing websites and blogs. However, the concept now incorporates social media. Google algorithm currently rates websites with strong social media interactions. Therefore, keeping your social media business page active will be good for your e-commerce business. Having more people scrolling your social media pages increases the chances of getting more conversion rates.

Make the Website Simple

You’ve probably heard the statement “less is more.” It completely applies to web design. Simplicity is always a winner in e-commerce since it makes your clients’ work easy. While you may try to look for sophisticated designs, it is best to opt for the simpler version. Jamming your website with a lot of information often leaves the audience confused, thus affecting your conversion rates. Having straightforward search buttons, menus, and control icons is the best way to go.

A simple website like essayusa.com is easier to navigate, thus enhancing clients’ shopping experience. Shoppers prefer shopping in the shortest time possible, and a complicated website may take most of their time. Therefore, if you want to get more return clients as well as land more new customers, it is best to make your website more accessible. The main aim of using a simple website design is to ensure your clients feel more at home on the site. Besides, using a simple design helps you save on the initial cost of starting up your e-commerce store.

Most people shop from their phones; thus, the website needs to be mobile-friendly to ensure one does not have to wait too long for the page to load. The best way to achieve a simple website design is to limit the website menu. It is often tempting to give your clients a list of everything the business provides right off the bat. However, this can be detrimental to the business, seeing as the client may be overwhelmed or frustrated; thus, there is a need to avoid having too many navigation options.

Additionally, focus more on the call to action for a better conversion rate. Calling your audience’s attention to several things at the same time decreases the chances that they will act on the opportunities given. Therefore, you need to stay away from anything that may distract your audience from seeing the main call to action. Nonetheless, do not limit yourself from advertising your most essential services, but limit each offer to its page to ensure it gets specific attention.

Enhance Your Website Speed

The internet is becoming fast, and users expect website owners to keep up. Reducing the amount of time clients spend on the website is among the best ways to keep them coming. Therefore, you have to get it right from the beginning by adopting a simple website design. Speed gives your clients more opportunities to explore the different items in your store.

Furthermore, if you are looking forward to improving your search engine rankings, then you should work on the website’s speed. User experience is among the primary search engine ranking factors. A high bounce rate, which can be caused by slow loading, can lower your page ranking. Therefore, you need to give your clients a reason to stay on your page, and website speed is among the factors that will help you achieve this. Slow websites are a turn-off to most shoppers; despite a store having the best products, shoppers will be turned away by the long load time of the website. To make your store mobile-friendly, you need to adopt a simple website design to reduce the loading time.

 A fast website increases scalability since customers can shop and pay faster, leaving space for other clients to shop. It allows the e-commerce business to serve as many customers as possible without experiencing any hitches. Therefore, if you are looking forward to sustaining your e-commerce business and taking it to the next level, it is essential to ensure your web host delivers a fast-loading page.

Introduce Guest Checkout

After targeting your prospective clients and keeping them glued on your website, you also have to consider the checkout process. Every process must be flawless and less overwhelming to create a good relationship with your clients. Guest checkouts ensure that your shoppers do not have to put in a lot of details at the end of the purchasing process. Having a long checkout process may lead to one abandoning the cart. Cart abandonment usually occurs when one is required to create an account before finalizing the purchase; thus, making account creation or log-in optional may increase conversion rates.

Guest checkout is a way of simplifying the purchase process, which is what clients appreciate. With guest checkout, buyers do not have to create an account, and the information entered through a guest log-in is not stored in the website’s database, making the clients feel safer. First-time buyers may not feel comfortable giving out their personal information; thus, introducing guest checkout will help you build trust with your new clients.

The primary downside of using guest checkout is that it may limit any follow-up marketing since you will not have enough data to implement your marketing strategies. Some of the best ways to implement a smooth guest checkout process include:

  • Make guest checkout optional.
  • Give the clients reasons why they can opt for the guest checkout option.
  • Make the checkout process smooth by eliminating any hurdles that might discourage the client from completing their purchase.
  • Apply tight security measures such as finding safe payment methods and encrypting information at the input stage to prevent fraud.

Use Quality Product Images

Online shoppers often trust that the product they will receive is what is posted on the website. Therefore, they may make their judgment on whether to purchase a particular product just by looking at the images on the website. All visual content posted on the website, from videos to animation or other graphics, should be eye-catching and have a depiction of the products and services you will be offering. Text-only descriptions may lower conversion rates. Whichever product you will be selling, it is best to give your clients a good look at the product from all angles, including the color, to ensure they make an informed decision.

Incorporate Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective way to achieve brand awareness in e-commerce and guarantees a wider reach and engagement. The major upside of email marketing is the low budget and high return on investment. You will only have to compose and send out personalized emails and newsletters to your clients. Moreover, this form of marketing can take a variety of forms, including:

  • Cart abandonment notification
  • New client welcoming series
  • Newsletter emails
  • Survey emails
  • Feedback or product review emails
  • Milestone emails
  • Engagement emails

All these email marketing methods aim to achieve specific goals. For example, a welcome email makes the client feel appreciated, increasing their chances of returning to shop on your website. Feedback email, on the other hand, gives customers an opportunity to interact with you and give their take on the products they bought and the purchasing process. All these email marketing methods help create brand awareness and help you engage with your clients more, which contributes to a successful venture.

Running an e-commerce business means you have to utilize every online platform to reach your existing and prospective clients, and email marketing makes this process even easier. For email marketing to be more effective, ensure the emails sent out are personalized and have a human touch. Your clients may only relate a little to robotic emails.

Quality Customer Service

Good customer service never gets old in the entrepreneurship world; it is what keeps most businesses thriving online and offline. Aligning your customers’ expectations with the services offered is what makes up for good customer service. Running an e-commerce store requires excellent customer service since most interactions with shoppers will be limited online. To provide the best customer service, you have to ask yourself questions such as:

  • What do my clients like?
  • What are some of the common complaints being received?
  • Which shipping method do they prefer?
  • Which website section has the highest bounce rate?
  • What attracts shoppers more to the website?
  • From which device do shoppers mostly make purchases?

Once you get the answers to all these questions, it will be much easier to achieve client satisfaction, as you will have a better understanding of your customers’ shopping habits and how to go about making a good impression on both new and existing shoppers.

Eliminate Sidebar Advertisements and Pop-Ups

Running adverts for other brands on your e-commerce website will distract your buyers from getting to know your products and services. Additionally, it is often frustrating to shoppers if they have to cancel notification pop-ups to scroll through the page. Also, for better organization and loading time, it is best to avoid these pop-ups. Creating an advertisement space for other brands may be a way to earn, but it may chase your prospective clients away. Trying to earn extra advertisement income may be detrimental to a business you have worked hard to build.

Wrapping Up

The primary goal of running an e-commerce store is creating an online presence for your business. But this may be a challenging process, especially with the rise in the number of e-commerce enterprises being started daily. The competition is stiff both from established firms and start-ups. You will be competing against big brands such as Amazon; thus, you will have to be more strategic. Everything that goes into your ecommerce website must be well thought out for better conversion rates and client engagement.

Whether you are transitioning to an online business or you are an established e-commerce business owner, you always have to ensure your website is accommodating, engaging, and easy to use. Having a functioning website and excellent customer service are some of the main weapons you will need for your e-commerce store to stay afloat and stand out among its competitors.

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