Magento Blogs – Mirasvit recommends 4 useful Magento blogs

One of the ways to build a loyal customer base is to offer users something more than just your wares. Many companies use Magento 2 Blog Extension for this purpose. Creating a blog and filling it with useful information may bring new visitors and capture the attention of an already existing user base. Especially, if you provide news, tips, ratings, and guides for products you sell. Why go to a different website if all they need is already here? Today, we present 4 Magento blogs for e-commerce owners that are worth your while.  

Mirasvit Blog  

Our blog encompasses many aspects of the Magento platform. For example, you can learn about the impact of Chatbots For Ecommerce on your store. You will see statistics with references to chatbot usage. All technical terms and processes are explained in a simple language that anyone may understand. On top of that, you will get some advice about the work with chatbots and the list of the most popular ones.  

Every post gets this attention to detail, be it about Ecommerce Loyalty Program or Load Time impact on the conversion rate. Our authors spend hours researching and have their own experience to back it up. The main themes of the Mirasvit blog are: 

  • Extensions. Installation guides, rating lists, news, and optimization tips. 
  • SEO. Education and advice on the topic of content optimization.
  • Online Marketing and Tips. How to attract more customers and boost your commerce.
  • Updates. News about development, new modules, and upcoming updates. 

Magestore Blog 

You can find over 500 posts written about all things Magento in this blog. Several authors write posts, and each has a distinct style and themes that they prefer. Some research recent trends, while others offer insights and tips. The most popular categories for posts here are:  

  • Guides, tips, and insights about Magento. 
  • Retail trends and advice on how to improve commerce. 
  • News and trivia about Magestore. 
  • POS knowledge and solutions. 
  • Customer experience. 

The latter theme is one of the most interesting, as it offers knowledge not only about online retail but also about working with customers in general. For example, how COVID changed the landscape of customer loyalty. Or about the changes to modern restaurant management. Clients are the blood of the business, so don’t miss out on that nugget of knowledge.  

MageComp Blog 

The real veteran blog started back in 2014 with the Magento 2 Beta. Over the span of 9 years, it accumulated almost 157 pages of posts about various topics. Some authors from that time are still writing for this blog, using their immense knowledge. Content leans towards “how to” types of articles and news about updates and releases. 

The most notable difference with this blog is the range of the categories. While Magento mostly dominates the website, local authors also write about other platforms. Shopify, Laravel, and others can be seen here. There are also guest posts about more specific stuff, like starting the jewelry store online. 

Amasty Blog 

In this blog, you may find over 70 guides about different Magento 2 systems. Some of them offer advice on e-commerce optimization, and others will explain much about the modules and basic functions of the platform. However, it’s not the only topic of the blog. Categories also include:

  • News about Amasty modules. 
  • Marketing and commerce advice and insight. 
  • Trends and development hacks. 
  • SEO optimization. 
  • Specific case studies. 

Authors write with distinct styles and personalities added to the texts. Occasionally you may also see content about other platforms like Shopify.

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