How Companies Can Use Telegram Marketing

Telegram, a popular instant messaging app with over 500 million active users worldwide, has become a valuable marketing platform for businesses. Offering a unique and effective channel for communication and engagement, Telegram allows businesses to create groups and channels to connect with their audience in real time, share updates, announce new products or services, and provide customer support.

Let’s review some of the key aspects of using Telegram for marketing purposes as a part of the omnichannel messaging approach to customer communication.

Create Telegram Channel or Group for Marketing

With a Telegram group or channel, businesses can:

  • Share updates and announcements: Telegram is a great way to keep customers informed about new products and services, upcoming events, and other important news.
  • Provide customer support: just as free live chat widget, Telegram groups and channels can be used to answer customer questions, resolve issues, and provide assistance.
  • Promote products and services: businesses can use Telegram to share links to their website, blog posts, and other marketing materials. They can also run contests and giveaways to generate leads and sales.
  • Build relationships with customers: groups and channels provide a space for businesses to connect with their customers on a more personal level. Brands can use these platforms to get feedback from their customers and learn more about their needs.

Use Telegram Bots

Telegram bots can be a powerful tool for automating your marketing efforts. They can assist your customers whenever they encounter a common problem and need an urgent solution. With chatbots, you can create the impression of availability around the clock, making your brand appear more accessible and responsive. Additionally, if you connect Telegram to an all-in-one messenger, you’ll be able to view all chats betweens customers, bots, and agents in a single interface.

Bots can automate marketing campaigns, reaching potential customers directly and promoting products or services. They can also send reminders, receive payments, broadcast updates, news, and other important information to large audiences, and allow customers to make bookings directly through Telegram. To use a Telegram bot for marketing automation, create a bot using the Telegram Bot API and add it to a channel/chat as an admin. There are also many existing bots that you can use as a starting point.

Measure the Effect of Your Efforts

First of all, monitor the increase in subscribers after each post. This can give you an idea of which content is attracting more users. UTM tags in links can provide you with information on how many people clicked a link in a Telegram post. Also, calculate the cost per acquisition during a specific marketing campaign. You can arrive at a rough CPA figure by taking the total amount spent on acquiring new customers via your campaign and dividing it by the number of new paying customers acquired during the campaign.

Remember, the KPIs you focus on will depend on the nature of your campaigns and your intended audience. Carefully select a handful of core performance metrics and stick to them. Social CRM systems can provide invaluable help in analyzing performance of all your social and messaging channels in a single view.

Summing Things Up

Telegram can be an effective platform for businesses to reach and engage with their audience. The app offers a range of features including chatbots, groups, and channels, equipping businesses with a comprehensive toolkit for their marketing needs. To effectively leverage Telegram marketing, businesses should develop a content strategy that aligns with their business goals and resonates with their audience. They should fully utilize Telegram’s features and experiment with different types of content to see what resonates best with their audience.

Additionally, using a Telegram CRM system, such as the one provided by Umnico omnichannel messaging platform can help companies manage all interactions across several Telegram channels, as well as other popular social media, and get accurate real-time Telegram marketing insights.

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