Avoid These 5 Mistakes When Engaging a Dedicated Software Development Team

The persistent challenge for businesses worldwide to secure and recruit efficient tech professionals in light of the escalating demand for IT services remains an issue. Therefore, engagement of dedicated development teams is becoming increasingly more viable. This is especially true in case your business is pressed for time and resources. 

Dedicated development team approach allows to tap into the expertise of top specialists from more cost-effective foreign markets as opposed to relying solely on local tech talent. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has only highlighted the benefits of remote work and the need to manage budgets prudently. However, bearing in mind all the benefits, it is important to choose a technology partner wisely to avoid mistakes and secure efficient project progress.

In this article let us highlight five common pitfalls to avoid when hiring a dedicated development team. Hopefully this will be of help for those of the readers considering moving forward with a dedicated tech partner on their IT project.

1. Selecting a Tech Partner without Proper Research

To ensure a wise choice when hiring a remote IT company, due research is crucial. Dedicated development team engagements are usually mid- to long-term, so it is highly critical that you know perfectly who you are doing business with. 

While researching initially it is recommended to pay attention to:

  • Partner’s corporate website;
  • Communication with the manager on the partner’s side;
  • Recent customer reviews (preferably on resources like Clutch.co).

As you move forward it makes great sense to ask for several reference contacts you can talk to. Talking to a range of existing customers will help you build a wholesome picture of how your business relationships will work out going forward.

2. Looking Only for Cheap Development Resources

When considering outsourcing, many businesses mistakenly tend to prioritize cost over other factors. They are usually on the lookout for affordable developers in the first place and the expertise levels they show are treated as a secondary priority. Although costs are really crucial, choosing a cheap option can have negative consequences for your project. In fact, you can end up paying much more than you expected.

It’s crucial to find a software development company with the right experience and expertise to meet your specific business needs. Otherwise, you risk working with someone who has a different portfolio and may not deliver the results you’re looking for.

Focusing solely on cost can be detrimental to modern businesses. To avoid this mistake, consider cost as just one of many factors when evaluating potential developers. Remember that low cost doesn’t always equal high quality, and be wary of any offers that seem too good to be true.

3. Limiting Selection to Only Local Developers

When searching for tech talent, don’t restrict yourself to local developers. Highly advanced communication tools that have had a major surge in productivity and usability during the pandemic allow you to surpass geographical barriers. Although time differences may cause problems, proper communication strategies and tools can help alleviate any issues and risks for both your management and the project team.

4. Outdated Development Methodology and Slow Process

Delaying the launch of a software solution can really be, for the lack of a better word, disastrous in a competitive market. Traditional development methodologies may lead to delays and increased expenses, as well as a slow development process that includes testing after completion. This can result in extended periods of quality assessment and feedback, with the baton being passed between development and testing teams before a final solution is reached. Meanwhile, competitors may have already released a solution that captures the audience. 

It is important to consider the development process and methodology when hiring dedicated development teams, opting for those who offer agile methodology and test-driven processes for software development.

5. Paying Only A Fixed Price

A set price can only be deemed reasonable for minor projects where all factors are consistent and established, which is actually a rare occurrence.

In contrast, developers with more experience typically opt for the time and material model, which ultimately benefits both parties. This method is particularly crucial for lengthy projects since business demands may evolve over time.


To ensure a successful hiring process for a remote dedicated development team, it is important to approach the task with care and avoid common mistakes. 

However, the benefits of such teams for businesses are numerous, including access to top talent, round-the-clock work, speedy project completion, and reduced administrative and project management burdens. Additionally, outsourcing software development offshore can lead to significant cost savings.

Avoid These 5 Mistakes When Engaging a Dedicated Software Development Team was last updated September 18th, 2023 by Jane Wilson