6 Apps to Access ChatGPT on Android & iPhone

2022 was the year of the AI boom, as we saw many innovative and advanced AI-powered technologies. However, the world got amazed and shocked just a few weeks before Christmas with the launch of ChatGPT, the revolution in the world of conversational AI. OpenAI launched ChatGPT in November 2022, which quickly took over the tech industry.

ChatGPT not just became the fastest platform to reach 100 million users in just two months, but it also became a go-to platform for almost all kinds of needs. Whether someone is stuck on a math problem, looking for the perfect recipe, searching for the best travel itinerary, wanting to create eye-catching blog posts, needing general information from the web, or doing anything else, ChatGPT has become a one-stop solution.

Today millions of users are using ChatGPT daily on the web. Although ChatGPT also provides an app for iOS, it lacks to provide a dedicated app for Android. Looking at the worldwide engagement with ChatGPT, there are now many ChatGPT and GPT-powered apps for both Android and iOS platforms that offer a more fulfilling experience.

A number of ChatGPT development companies have formed to take advantage of the new opportunities. Their projects range from commercial solutions, healthcare, financial services, stock trading and team productivity tools.

Therefore, this article explores the six best apps to access ChatGPT on Android and iPhone, covering their features, pricing, and other details you should know about.

Bing AI

Bing AI is the most advanced search engine app powered by GPT-4 (OpenAI’s more powerful and advanced language model). With the Bing AI app, you can compose emails, create stories, plan trips, generate mind-blowing pictures, and do a lot more.

The blend of Bing search with GPT has revolutionized web searches by responding to user queries timely and efficiently. Overall, you can unlock a whole different world of information with Bing AI on your smartphones and tablets.

Microsoft’s Bing AI is available for both Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad). The iOS version is ranked 30th in the list of productivity, while its Android app has hit 10M+ downloads.


Bing AI is free for Android and iOS. You only need to sign up to access the services.

Genie AI

Genie AI is a robust AI Chatbot based on ChatGPT, GPT-3, and GPT-4. It helps compose poems, write stories, answer queries, craft tweets on any topic, and do all other activities that ChatGPT supports.

Genie AI comes with an AI Content Writer to create compelling content, AI Knowledge Base to help or advise you on a topic, and AI Creativity and Ideas to answer your questions and generate innovative ideas.

If you are looking for a catchy brand name, interested in translating the text into another language, writing an apology or invitation, or generating viral TikTok captions, Genie AI’s magic will work for you.

Genie AI is available for Android and iOS. It is ranked 23rd in Productivity on the Apple App Store, while it has around 500K+ downloads on the Google Play Store.


Genie AI is free to use for a limited time. For unlimited usage and a higher word limit, and access to GPT-4, you have to pay $7.99/weekly or $44.99/annually.

Ask AI

Ask AI is another powerful chatbot based on ChatGPT and GPT-4. It helps you write stories and scripts, translate text, code, and other activities. With this app, you can chat or ask about any topic, get information about historical events, or even design your travel plan.

Ask AI ensures instant and accurate responses to any requests you make. Moreover, your previous chats remain stored in the app, so you can access them whenever you want.

Ask AI is available on Android and iOS. It is ranked 7th in Productivity on the Apple App Store and recorded 10M+ downloads on the Google Play Store.


Ask AI’s free version allows only a limited number of questions with a confined text length. For unlimited access, you can get its $4.99 weekly plan or $39.99 for a lifetime purchase.


ChatOn app powered by ChatGPT and GPT-4 is designed for human-like interactions in real-time. It offers an AI assistant, built-in image-to-text converter, math and coding guide, AI writer, and multi-language support.

Interestingly, its Snap & Solve feature lets you capture images of any math problems and get them solved right away. It is also known for creating attention-grabbing posts on social media platforms. Besides that, it supports English, French, German, Hindi, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, and more languages.

ChatOn has an Android and iOS app with 18th rank in Productivity on the Apple App Store, while 1M+ downloads on the Google Play Store.


ChatOn offers no free plan. It provides a 3-day free trial, and then you have to pay for its premium version, available for $6.99/weekly or $29.99/annually.


Nova is another well-known AI chatbot based on ChatGPT, GPT-3, and GPT-4. It can recommend the best shows, write copies, help with math calculations, and answer your open-ended questions 24/7.

Nova AI proofreading capabilities allow you to express yourself in any style/tone and let the AI chatbot fix grammar, spelling, and other errors. Similarly, it can also analyze your existing content to provide suggestions and craft a professional-grade document.

Nova is available on Android and iOS. It is ranked 125th in Productivity on the Apple App Store, while it has gained 10M+ downloads on Google Play Store.


Nova offers free access with limited functionality. It offers the Pro plan for unlimited usage for $4.99/weekly or $39.99/annually.


Roboco is your chat assistant with multilingual capabilities powered by ChatGPT, GPT-3, and GPT-4. It can instantly answer text and audio-based questions, write an essay or blog post, become your travel guide or tutor, summarize a book, recommend shows, or develop a code for you from scratch.

Roboco can chat in multiple languages about any topic, from science and politics to sports, history, and more. Moreover, it also helps brainstorm ideas related to any work or career advice. In short, Roboco is another perfect chatbot, offering all ChatGPT-powered capabilities.

Roboco is available for Android and iOS. It has gained over 100K+ downloads on Play Store and maintained 4.5+ star rating on both app stores.


Roboco is free to use with limited functionality. For unlimited usage without ads, it offers the Pro plan for $6.99/weekly or $29.99/annually.


Over the past few years, AI evolutions are rapidly taking over the world, whether it’s self-driving cars, virtual news anchors, robots-driven restaurants, etc. On top of that, ChatGPT has turned out to be revolutionary in the conversational AI field. So, if you want to leverage the full potential of ChatGPT, you can access it directly from the web or through the above apps to access the capabilities of ChatGPT and GPT-4 from your Android and iOS devices. Therefore, we will wrap up the article by recommending you test out the above tools, pick the one that best aligns with your needs, and start incorporating ChatGPT in all your day-to-day activities.

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