Why Choose ReactJS for Web App Development

Business owners need a website that has a scalable and responsive web app. Having a web app with a rich UI can easily make your business get more traffic and generate more revenue. However, if your web app takes more than 3 seconds to load, there is a high chance that users will move to another site.

React is one of the eBay web app development libraries that helps your website become user-friendly and interactive. In this article, we will see the primary reasons why developers are choosing the ReactJS platform for web development.

Along with that, if you want to hire ReactJS developers in India, you can take a step ahead and recruit them; because ReactJS is a popular JS library for interactive UI development. Now, let’s dive into the article and learn more about ReactJS benefits.

ReactJS- Basic Overview

React is often referred to as a tool, framework, language, runtime environment, etc. and they are not wrong also. But, ReactJS is a JS library for developing interactive web development.

Here are some characteristics of React platform for easy web development:

  • It is an open-source, free, and explanatory JS library that is used for developing UIs.
  • ReactJS is used to develop enormous, dynamic, and complex data-driven apps and interfaces, and single-page apps too.
  • The main goal of React web development is to make a scalable, simplified, and fast UI.

React library mainly focuses on developing the View Layer which means the page visibility of the application.

React is not a framework and it is a library. But many people think that it is a framework. The confusion is created because React consists of so much more than some pre-written functions and snippets.

Using the modern versions of ReactJS and React Native, one can develop a whole app for smartphones and also web browsers. Moreover, this platform also has a strong ecosystem and is flexible. Developers can take advantage

It has a robust ecosystem and is remarkably flexible. it has its different set of associate libraries and frameworks for implementing complex functions.

Why Use React.js for Web Development?

If you are a part of the JS language, you can use React because of its various advantageous features.

Projects built with ReactJS are easy to scale and a single language is used on the mobile/client/server side. This feature grants outstanding performance, and the workflow patterns are convenient for regulating teamwork, making UI code maintainable and readable, etc. World-leading companies have leveraged React and similar JS tools in some or the other products that belong to them like FB, Insta, Reddit, etc. Let’s see what factors that make ReactJS a good alternative for web development.

Compatibility and flexibility

ReactJS is used for making the web development process extremely convenient as it is one of those cases where one can use a single technology for reusing the project on various ranges of platforms.

It is possible because it has been a natural library that consists of various features; its primary purpose is to create different web design components and elements, anything from labels to buttons, interactive features, etc.

On the other hand, there’s an extensive and long-established community that contributes significantly to the growth of React users. React’s ecosystem is vast and it helps developers to develop solutions and mobile apps, make static websites, maintain server rendering, and add advanced concepts like 360 view, VR, etc.

Mature, and simple-to-understand workflow

ReactJS has an ultimately optimized development user interface and easy-to-learn coding language. It has a lightweight API with speedy performance capacities to get a hassle-free and quick development workflow.

ReactJS concepts are easy to figure out, so the learning curve of this library is much easier. Unlike different popular frameworks, like Vue, Angular, etc. There is no need for extra HTML code. In the future, one can put JSX in JS and React will grant a better readable, much cleaner, and comprehensive development code.

Facebook supports ReactJS

As we know that React is developed by FB, and they use React platform heavily in different apps like Insta, FB, Messenger, etc. That is why the tech giant, FB, is deeply committed to supporting the ReactJS library.

Now, there are over 50k components in React’s production environment. The top four React contributors who share their learnings on GitHub are full-time employees of FB. Additionally, the React team manages a verified blog that constantly updates its users about each release and update.

Moreover, some of the FB resources are also used in supporting the ReactJS framework. Hence, ReactJS is ultimately feature-rich and also easy to learn and implement.

Huge support and user community

ReactJS has impressive community support of more than thousands of contributors as it operates under the MIT license and is also an open-source platform.

Whether you are building a multi-page application or SPAs- single-page apps, using ReactJS for web development can be a good alternative. The React community has many interesting ideas and functions to offer. It can help you build scalable web apps like FB, Insta, etc.

Even developers can get help from many tutorials and documentation accessible from the internet. It makes the development process easier for programmers when they are stuck with some query.

ReactJS is easier to learn than Angular

ReactJS is a lightweight and elementary library that deals with the view part of the web page. As it is easy to learn as compared to Angular, it is easier, to begin with developing the web app when using JS.

If you have some functional understanding of CSS-HTML and a primary understanding of programming techniques, you can easily begin using the ReactJS library. If one is shifting from React to a different library or framework, it might require some time to set up with the innovative methods found in React.

Other than this, there’s no concept like React is too hard to use. It has extensive documentation and tutorials available online which helps you with everything related to ReactJS.

Particular React Hooks

When the React Hooks were first made available, there was a huge discussion of whether it would be an alternative to Redux. It is not true. However, Hooks are the features of ReactJS 16.8 v, which allows JS developers to introduce states and other features to the function components.

Now, there is no more need to cope with difficult classes. React Hooks makes it easy to manage logic between different components, transfer information between components, and gather comparable logic into one component.

Virtual DOM

DOM is the acronym for Document Object Model, and it is an interface that states XML and HTML code into trees. Web browsers develop a model like DOM to show the output, in which each element of HTML is treated like a node of the DOM tree.

When any updates are made in the HTML, either by user interaction or value, this tree requires rendering again, and it leads to a lot of power and time consumption. Here React comes to our rescue as they use Virtual DOM.

The React platform will simply develop a copy of the DOM and maintain cache memory in different sorts. Every time any change is made, it will examine the Virtual DOM and might pinpoint which tree component and node need to be changed.

These are some of the reasons why developers choose ReactJS for web app development.

When to Use ReactJS?

So, the main question is when can one know how to use React platform for your next app development? Here are the use cases where React platform can give important value.

Complex UIs

React platforms excel at handling hard and complex UIs efficiently. If your web app includes a lot of interactive and dynamic elements like real-time updates, data visualization, etc. React platform helps you develop a responsive and seamless UX.

Cross-platform app development

ReactJS can be easily used to develop mobile, web, and desktop apps, which makes it a versatile framework for developing cross-platform apps.

With the use of React Native, a framework that is based on React, one can design mobile apps also. So, to develop desktop apps, use React, and for mobile apps, use React Native.

Developing enterprise-level apps

ReactJS has a component-based architecture that allows you to develop reusable and modular code which helps you upgrade your web app as and when your business increases. It makes React a good choice for building large-scale apps which require flexibility, scalability, and maintainability.

Developing high-performance apps

React has a strong rendering system and virtual DOM which assists it to handle huge amounts of complex UI and data without any glitches in the performance of the app.


We know that JS can make a revolution in the web app development world. Hence, you can learn JavaScript and help your clients to improve their apps and earn more revenue. One has to already know when to use ReactJS platform for web application development.

After reading this article, we hope that you can easily understand when and where to use ReactJS for web development. If you have any doubts regarding ReactJS and its uses, let us know. We will help you in any manner we can. Till then, happy reading!

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