How RedLore Company Helps Businesses with RTLS Systems

Real-Time Location Systems, or RTLS for short, are any devices that can pinpoint the precise location of an object or somebody. RTLS is not a particular system or piece of technology. It is a goal that can be achieved with several asset management and location systems. The time at which assets are tracked is a component of RTLS, and depending on the application, this data may be used in various ways. Some real time location system applications, for instance, need timestamps when an object passes through a particular area, but other RTLS applications demand far more granular visibility and regular data updating.

RedLore Company

With a focus on cutting-edge indoor positioning technology, RedLore is a leading innovator in location monitoring technologies. RedLore is revolutionizing organizations to manage their assets and optimize their operations by emphasizing innovation and utilizing cutting-edge technology like ultra-wideband (UWB). RedLore, a reputable leader in the field, provides a full range of solutions, including their premier RTLS (Real-Time Location System) solution. Due to their knowledge of UWB technology and dedication to providing outstanding outcomes, RedLore has established a reputation as a trustworthy business partner for companies in various industries.

A Review for RTLS Solution in RedLore Company

Prepare to revolutionize and advance my warehouse management with the cutting-edge RTLS solution. For my businesses wishing to streamline procedures and boost production, the RedLore system is the best game-changer thanks to its remarkable accuracy and real-time updates. Increase access to the movement of equipment throughout my business and gain priceless insights. Obtain the highest level of command and effectiveness. A wide range of business opportunities can create by implementing the RedLore RTLS solution. Eliminate inventory monitoring issues while managing and correctly tracking my assets with ease.

Save time in the search for misplaced objects. Redlore’s technology enables warehouse managers to discover assets reduce search time, and products distributed without a hiccup. Enhancing security and keeping track of the flow in real-time lowers the likelihood of theft and unauthorized access. However, the advantages extend far beyond warehouse management. The RTLS solution from Redlore is now transforming how many industries operate.

RTLS Use Cases

Real-time location services have numerous applications in terms of security and safety, such as:

Managing assets

The provision of RTLS tracking is typically a service offered by asset management systems. These systems generally consist of a cabinet for storing assets with RTLS tags. Users who want to sign in or out on an asset must first be verified by a linked access control system. “Content surveillance,” a built-in RTLS tool included in some storage lockers, may confirm that a user has returned the same high-value asset they signed out with.

Access control

Access control systems permit personnel and guests to pass via security checkpoints. Or, if you’re utilizing geofencing, they keep track of any moves that breach those fictitious boundaries with indoor location tracking. When real-time tracking is desired, employees wear RTLS badges that verify them and transmit location information.

Key Management and Key Control

Real-time location systems are ideal for monitoring keys throughout a whole facility. Access cards, master keys, and key chains can al tracked by an RTLS. If a key is taken outside of an approved area or fails to arrive by the check-in or check-out time specified, you may notice an alarm may sound.


With the use of real-time location systems (RTLS), it is possible to track things in their environment in both space and time. These days, there are a rising variety of technologies and service providers. Along with basic logistics and healthcare applications, RTLS also has intriguing potential in the context of manufacturers. Research and commercial practice have already produced certain use cases relating to manufacturing.

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