How to Use Technology to Enhance Your Team’s Productivity

Technology and productivity work hand in hand. Technological advancements improve productivity in several aspects. Thus, businesses can thrive and profit if they adopt recent productivity trends backed by technology.

Note that only some technological advancements are suitable for various businesses. It’s best to research the most appropriate for your business. Here are some insights on how to use technology to enhance your team’s productivity:

1. Streamline Your Communication

Communication is a focal point in business operations. With effective communication, there’s a collaboration that significantly increases productivity. Technology helps streamline communication by reducing the chain of command. You can quickly relay and communicate vital information that impacts productivity.

You can consult your managed IT service providers on the best software for your business. Remember, the advancements should relate to your operations to maximize their performance and enhance productivity.

Some communication channels facilitated by technology include emails, video conferencing, phone calls, direct messages, social media, and live chat. Furthermore, you must install some communication software to integrate the systems seamlessly. For example, second brain AI apps like Elephas help in writing emails and direct messages.

2. Make It Easy to Access Company Devices

Making work tools accessible is a strategic move toward improving productivity. You need to provide the team members with enough resources. Gadgets like laptops, phones, tablets, and computers should be readily available in shared workspaces. This way, everyone is working on their device to improve output.

According to Computers Made Easy, you must get tech tools for remote workers if yours is a hybrid workspace. They help them stay updated on productivity requirements. Additionally, you should have a central point where everyone can locate business files. This makes it possible to avoid interruptions if a team member isn’t on duty. Others can access their work and continue working on different gadgets.

3. Organize Your Workflows

One way of increasing productivity is by making it easier to share files. Cloud-based systems enable businesses to have shared files among departments and sync all the files. In this era of technology, you’re likely to lose your work when systems crash.

To avoid all that, it’d be best to take proactive measures. You can significantly reduce constant IT disruption through managed IT services. You can hire IT service providers to handle your cloud systems. This way, they monitor the occurrence of any threats and work towards ensuring your data is protected.

4. Track Time

Technology has helped create a better organizational culture advocating for adequate time utilization. Team members can track the time used for projects or tasks. Tracking time ensures office time is optimized for work-related tasks.

Luckily, technology facilitates the integration of time-tracking software on company gadgets or personal devices. The software records what the employees are working on and how long they take to complete a task. Such software enhances productivity since team members can’t take on personal tasks while working.

5. Embrace Video Conferencing for Hybrid Workspaces

Video conferencing is appropriate for hybrid workspaces. For remote workers, it’s necessary for team leaders to engage them often. For instance, you can schedule meetings where they report their work progress and give the work reports without coming to the headquarters. The sessions should be short and purposeful. Video conferences are also an excellent way to improve communication, getting everyone on board.

6. Utilize Project Management Tools

Project management tools help with time management, proper planning, better documentation, and better collaborations among the project players. The project management tools are easy to customize and adaptable for diverse workspaces. They help you know who’s working on what task, avoiding two team members working on the same project.

7. Use Automation Tools

Automation tools help businesses in doing their operations better and faster. For instance, these tools help reduce recurrent tasks and let them upskill their other talents. Automation tools can be used in marketing, accounting, and customer service departments.

Below are some insights on how to use automation tools:

  • In customer service, introducing chatbots is effective, given their timely responses.  
  • In accounting, automated tools help in having better visibility of the data. This helps with better decisions and analysis. It’s best if you want to reduce errors. 
  • Automated marketing tools help nurture better leads and improve the customer journey. It also helps in creating better collaborations between other departments like sales.

Automation is helpful because time is used for more useful tasks that lead to productivity. 

8. Train Your Team

Training your team members on the appropriate use of technological advancements is ideal. For one, it boosts their confidence when operating the tech tools, which improves their morale. Training makes transitioning to work systems more accessible and adaptable. It’s also essential as it helps them upgrade their working skills, increasing productivity.


Adopting technology for business is a vital key to prioritizing your team’s productivity. When choosing technologically advanced tools, evaluating their efficiency with your business operations is best. Since not all are compatible with every business, you should assess how they impact your productivity levels before incorporating them into your operations.

How to Use Technology to Enhance Your Team’s Productivity was last updated May 20th, 2024 by Nora Sbalckiero