What Is CoinList and Why Do We Need a Proxy for It

CoinList is an early-stage cryptocurrency token investment platform that is experiencing significant growth. In 2021, it increased its user base by 42 times, its staff by a factor of three, and raised $100 million in investments. CoinList provides an opportunity to buy tokens at low prices and sell them when the value rises significantly. Lucky users manage to make a profit of 50 times more than their initial investment. In the article, we will talk about why you need to buy proxy for CoinList and how to make money on this site.

How CoinList Works

The CoinList platform is designed to simplify the process of issuing, selling and trading tokens (cryptocurrencies). This allows investors to buy and sell tokens on the secondary market at a higher price. Using the platform, you will be able to interact with innovative projects in the field of blockchain, cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance (DeFi). CoinList offers an intuitive interface and tools that make it easy to issue, sell, and trade tokens. There is also user support and security services to protect personal accounts.

Also, the platform may have limits on the maximum number of tokens that can be purchased by one investor within the framework of this campaign. These limits may vary depending on the project and the conditions of the token sale.

Why Do I Need a Proxy to Trade On CoinList?

To maximize potential profits, power users follow the following strategy:

  • Create multiple investment accounts.
  • They buy tokens from various accounts at low prices.
  • They wait for the price of tokens to rise and then sell them for a profit.

This allows you to bypass the limit on the number of tokens that one investor can purchase. The more you can buy, the greater the potential profit. As a rule, there are hundreds of times more investors than the proposed cryptocurrency. Therefore, it is distributed among those who wish in the manner prescribed by the rules of the project.

Account Details for Proxy-based Trading on CoinList

CoinList carefully approaches the selection of investors. Registration requires not only account verification via email, but also the provision of biometric data for profile verification, such as a passport and user photos. Friends and acquaintances can help with this.

In order to avoid a ban at the stage of registering an additional account, you must:

  • Rent individual proxies to provide accounts with unique IPs.
  • Use a reliable anti-detect browser such as Aezakmi, Undetectable, AdsPower or AntBrowser that allows you to create proxy connections to individual tabs. Thus, each open-browser page will have a unique IP address, which will make it easy to work with multiple accounts.


Using the recommendations from this article, you will be able to maximize your profits from CoinList. Create the required number of accounts and win tenders for the purchase of tokens at the best price. However, good proxies are not forgotten, without which the site’s security systems will find a connection between your accounts.

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