Driving Productivity among Employees: Tactics to Thrive While Maintaining Morale

The “Great Resignation” led to millions of people quitting their jobs. The pandemic shed light on the importance of work-life balance for some. For others, a demand to go back into the office triggered them to quit. The remote work lifestyle is too appealing for most to ever head back to the office. Hybrid models are even frowned upon by remote workers as it requires them to live in a specific location.

Driving productivity is a balance between maintaining morale and improvement. Too much focus on productivity can lead to tension among staff. Celebrate improvement then reset goals that are realistic rather than a pipedream of a manager trying to look good. Remote work changes the type of motivation that tends to produce results. Most remote employees enjoy autonomy and should be given it if they consistently hit deadlines with quality work. Below will delve into how to drive employee productivity without destroying staff morale.

Work on Improving Employee Engagement

Employees that are truly engaged with a company and their coworkers increase productivity. Collaboration is important in nearly any business setting among staff. Team member engagement can be improved but it has to happen over time. A sudden change is not going to automatically lead to the engagement of employees immediately. Engagement takes time with a focus on the well-being of the employees.

Getting information from departing employees can be very important when it comes to engagement. The truth comes out when a person is unhappy or has nothing else to lose. Exit interviews can be valuable but very uncomfortable if a person is leaving under negative circumstances. Surveys for departing employees can be important as some might be more honest in written form. Expressing displeasure or issues with a soon-to-be ex-employer can provide valuable data. Trends can be found with managers or departments to improve employee experience overall.

Incentivize the Improvement

Asking employees to be more productive without incentives can drop morale levels. Rewards help motivate employees when their drive is not too high. Incentives need to be worth the hard work, a team is not going to do its best work if only a Starbucks gift card is waiting for them. Asking specific teams what type of reward they would like can be very important. You want the incentives to matter to the team rather than being a second thought. Bonuses along with additional days of vacation can work wonders in terms of improving productivity.

Working harder is not always the answer as working intelligently might solve a number of issues. Tools are available that can automate aspects of business like email marketing, lead generation, and even accounting. Automation of a process that takes time yet is tedious can completely change the trajectory of a business.

Remote work for the top performers in the company can cause resentment. The truth is that top producers should be allowed to work in an environment where they thrive. Industries saw upticks in productivity during the pandemic which shocked a number of corporations/government entities. Remaining productive should be the only requirement of those that have produced at a high level over the course of time.

Empower Each Team with a Virtual Assistant

Administrative work is a part of life regardless of the position you work in. This could be billing clients or inputting updated client information in the CRM. A virtual assistant for each major team to handle these types of tasks can be extremely valuable. A sales team is a perfect example of a team that should be selling rather than searching for contact info. Allow the teams to their main function in a more efficient way with a talented virtual assistant. Even previous employees can work on a part-time basis as they might have stopped working for a reason.

Hiring the Right Candidates

Morale can be destroyed by a single employee that voices their displeasure. A company wants employees that have thrived in team environments in the past. Former college athletes might be a great fit as they are used to working hard in stressful environments. The competitive nature of certain areas like sales or marketing can help these individuals take their work to a higher level.

Job candidates that seem to have thrived in vastly different positions can be valuable addition to any company. An employee that is versatile along with flexible can be placed in various departments only to flourish. Hiring software can help indicate which applicants have a resume that best fits the job description. Interviewing better candidates saves time and money along with improving the quality of the staff overall.

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