6 Reasons Why Job Seekers Should Contact a Technical Recruiter

When you want to find a job in IT, you may search for opportunities yourself. You may ask your acquaintances for opportunities, browse job boards and social networks as well as post your CV online and wait for responses. Alternatively, you can resort to the services of a dedicated recruitment agency. You send your CV to an agency and explain what you want. The recruiter will find the most suitable position for you and ensure you’ll get it on the most lucrative conditions. In this article, we’ll list six reasons for opting for using the services of a recruitment agency.

Recruiters Know Inside Out the Tech Job Market

Let’s imagine that you’ve worked for 10 years for some company. Now, you want to quit it and find another job. You take the CV that you used 10 years ago to land your current position. You add just one thing to it, the information about your experience with your current employer, and post this CV on job boards. You might wonder why you get few responses and the offers are far from what you’re dreaming of. You start sending out the same CV as a response to job offers and the results are far from being impressive. What’s wrong?

The IT labor market is incredibly dynamic. A decade is a long time for it to change. Here are just a few examples of what might have gone wrong:

  • New skills have come to the forefront — and those that used to be paramount years ago have lost their importance
  • You might need to restructure the information in your CV to set priorities in a new way
  • You won’t know which types of employers to focus on and which ones to bypass
  • You might need to fine-tune your salary expectations because specialists of your qualification have become much more or considerably less available

If you start investigating the modern market trends on your own, it might take you several weeks. You’ll need to compare your CVs with others, read articles and explore the results of research studies. Nevertheless, you won’t get the expertise of a dedicated recruiter.

A professional recruiter can save you a lot of nerve and effort. They will be able to precisely assess your strong and weak sides. They will know which types of employers should be most interested in you.

Think of yourself as a product — a recruiter will find an appealing package for you. They will “sell” you to the employer as a valuable asset. It’s good both for your self-esteem and your budget because you won’t stay jobless for too long.

They Will Help You Better Understand What the Employer Expects from You

Your previous employer might have hired you because you knew how to handle specific tools and technologies. Today, many specialists might be able to do it — and your unique selling point consists in the fact that you’re used to working with a DevOps engineer and catering to a particular type of customer. Without a recruiter, you might fail to guess about that. The better you understand the employer’s expectations, the better you’ll perform and the more lucrative conditions you can ask for yourself.

Recruitment Services for Employees Are Free or Very Affordable

Typically, it’s the employers who pay money to recruitment agencies in exchange for their assistance. Companies have a much higher paying capacity than individuals. Some agencies might charge a fee to candidates but it will be a reasonable sum. Anyone can afford this service — and get a dream job in return.

Recruiters Have Access to a Much Larger Pool of Vacancies, Compared to Open Job Boards

Job boards are imperfect because:

  • Not all employers use them — some prefer to search for talents in a more clandestine manner (for instance, because they don’t want to waste time on candidates who fail to 100% meet their requirements)
  •  The interface of some boards is outdated and there are bugs
  •  There are scammers and fake job postings

The recruiter will help you avoid scams and dead ends. You won’t have to send out the applications and follow-ups yourself. The agency representative will assist you in scheduling interviews.

All the vacancies that they will offer you will be from real and reputable companies. The recruiters personally know the HR managers of these employers and can guarantee their honesty.

You’ll Have Higher Odds of Landing a Job That Best Suits Your Demands, Skills and Experience

HR managers are usually not tech-savvy. They might make mistakes in job titles and descriptions. You might think you apply for a certain role but… When you get in touch with the hiring company, it turns out that they meant something else in their job ad.

The worst thing about job boards is that employers may be not ready to answer questions. They want to receive people’s CVs and not spend hours explaining things twice to candidates. Recruiters can directly contact the employers to clarify the details and double-check whether you indeed fit the vacancy.

The agency representatives keep large amounts of precious information in mind. When they get to know who you are, they will quickly understand where to look for a job for you. They won’t need to search by trial and error or revise the database of openings from scratch. They will narrow down the search, based on your competitive edges.

Recruiters Can Negotiate the Best Salary for You

How can you guess which salary to ask from your new employer? You may try to:

  • Ask your acquaintances about how much they earn in the roles that you’d like to have
  • Check the numbers in the offers on job boards
  • Explore the results of market research
  • Avoid exploring the market and ask for a sum that you find attractive

The figures that you find by using these methods might be either random or too generic. As a result, you may find a perfect employer and ask for a salary that would seem suspiciously low to them. They will doubt whether you’re professional enough and you’ll fail to get an excellent job. Or, you might ask for too much money and miss a vacancy that doesn’t pay too well but offers other perks — such as flexibility, free education and good growth opportunities.

A recruiter will make sure you get the most generous salary possible. Firstly, they want you to be happy and spread the word about the agency among your colleagues. Secondly, recruiters earn a predefined percentage of the accepted candidate’s salary — the employer will pay it to them in exchange for finding an ideal professional. That’s why the agency will be negotiating very enthusiastically.

How to Find a Good Recruiter

To secure the best results, you should pick the most reliable and professional agency that specializes in IT recruitment in Poland. It’s essential that it ticks the following boxes:

  • Has been around for at least a few years
  • Has a comprehensive web presence (the official website and social network profiles where you can get exhaustive information about it)
  • Clients leave positive testimonials about it
  • When you contact the agency, its team responds promptly, talks politely and eagerly answers all your questions

Znoydzem.com can serve as a worthy example. It meets all the above-listed criteria and is an established brand in the IT labor market. It works with candidates with any level of experience and handles all types of vacancies: full-time, remote, hybrid or project. Feel free to reach out to it and you’ll have very good odds of landing a top-notch job soon.

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