How Do I Know Which Crypto Will Pump?

A significant increase in the incidence of cryptocurrency pump-and-dump scams is one of the drawbacks of any bullish cryptocurrency price surge. In this post, we will explain how to spot a pump when you see it. Currently, institutional investors are interested in bitcoin, it trades on centralized exchanges, and it has its own futures contracts. Read more about the optimize Bitcoin Mining by clicking here.

As evidenced by previous 51 percent assaults on Bitcoin SV and Ethereum Classic, most cryptocurrencies are still operating in a wild west-style atmosphere, with even reputable projects still falling victim to assaults. Traders using reliable and sound bitcoin trading software should be informed that despite the bad market, 2022 has been a busy year for cryptocurrency frauds and that many so-called crypto ventures were actually created to rob unwary traders of their money.

Understanding The Cryptocurrency Pump And Dump Scheme

Pump-and-dump scams, a type of financial fraud that has been around for years and was first concentrated on the equities markets, are nothing unusual. More particularly on equities with tiny caps. This is how a pump-and-dump equity plan operates.

A limited number of individuals choose and buy shares in a business with a modest market cap, which leads to an early increase in price. In order to persuade potential private investors to buy the stock, call center services, also known as boiler rooms, call them.

They do this by giving them bogus information that suggests the stock is poised to enjoy significant increases. The early group of traders will sell their shares to take a gain before the price crashes, and all subsequent traders suffer significant losses once enough customers have been duped into buying the stock, and its value has risen by enough.

These scams target digital tokens and cryptos with low market capitalizations that are simple to influence and have minimal trading activity. Rather than using boiler rooms, enthusiasm and misleading facts about a coin are circulated on social media to drive up prices.

How To Know Which Crypto Will Pump?

Legitimate variables like exchange listings, new products, and burn timelines can cause crypto price rises. However, they frequently point to illegal market manipulations, which is made feasible by a relative absence of responsibility and supervision in the sector.

Web forums like Telegram and Reddit, which are two of the more well-known ones, are frequently used to coordinate pumps. These platforms, according to Ross Thompson, an accounting and finance instructor, are “crowded with dishonest brokers finding and nurturing their marks.”

Pumps, in the opinion of Yves Renno, trade head at the crypto service provider Wirex, “are very hard to foresee” and are not an indication of a stable market. Pumps that are not backed by a strong enough fundamental trigger ought to be avoided, he advised.

According to Renno, dishonest and unchecked market participants (called whales) can set up bull taps that entice purchasers into an overvalued market before the market participants dump large quantities of tokens, reducing the tokens’ price down to pre-pump levels. This traditional pump-and-dump fraud is common in the bitcoin industry.

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The simplest method to spot a pump-and-dump strategy is when an unidentified currency unexpectedly increases significantly without a valid explanation. An easy way to see this is on a coin’s pricing graph. For instance, Coincheckup has defined its benchmark as a 5 percent price increase in less than 5 minutes.

Additionally, a small-cap coin pump may be indicated by the appearance of paid news articles about it together with an increase in social media engagement related to that specific cryptocurrency project. One should exercise caution if a brand-new currency with a capitalization of just a few million dollars surfaces overnight on Twitter and Facebook.


At the end of the day, cryptos are some of the most erratic investments you can make, and very few people have successfully created a perfect system for secure trading. Trading mood implies that, in contrast to the stock market, fundamental factors have a bigger impact on price behavior in the crypto area.

Trading professionals who have a sense of industry trends and a thorough knowledge of technical indicators are likely to identify more lucrative entry situations than those who are just shooting aimlessly in the hope of making a quick buck. Unfortunately, this is a challenging endeavor due to the unpredictable and frequently irrational character of the cryptocurrency market.

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