6 Proven Digital Transformation Trends for IT Consultants in 2023

Nowadays, everything is digitalized. New technology is shaping our lives and changing our working style. Clients also expect industries to follow these trends and provide results accordingly. 

When it comes to consultancy firms, the situation is not different. Clients want consultants and consultancy firms to adopt digitalization and use digital tools for maximum benefits. If a firm doesn’t act according to the wishes of its clients, it might lose people.

In addition to losing clients, a consultancy firm won’t be able to compete with other competitors. If someone doesn’t stay up-to-date with digital transformation trends, they are forgotten. Here are some trends that are essential for IT consultants to follow.

Increased Migration to the Cloud

The cloud has become a popular medium for storing all kinds of data. From freelancers to multinationals, everyone is using cloud technologies for daily work. It helps cut down expenses, improves accessibility, and helps avoid tedious maintenance work.

All that one requires is a fast internet speed which is available everywhere. Therefore, your consultancy firm should prefer the cloud. Almost every Transformation and Technology Consultancy firm relies on cloud technologies.

It’s easy to store data of any type and size on the cloud. The best part, you don’t have to be physically present at any one place to access the data. With cloud technologies, individuals can conveniently access crucial data from even their homes.

Online Consultancy

There was a time when consultants would meet clients in person. They would visit offices or other locations to understand the needs of every individual. However, now all of it is done online with the invention of Teams, Zoom, and other digital platforms.

Online consultation is a demand of the present time. Consultants can work from remote locations and communicate virtually with every client. That way, one doesn’t have to waste money on transportation and can meet multiple clients. Even clients feel at ease speaking with consultants from places of their choice.

These digital platforms automate the entire process of collecting requirements and collaborating with multiple stakeholders. Thus, saving essential resources. The advantages of online consultancy make it a popular trend in 2023.

More Usage of Customer Data Platforms

Being in the consultancy department, you deal with multiple people. With each individual, you get new information. From addresses to names and favorites, there are several things you will keep in your system. However, without using this data accurately, you are only wasting space.

Regardless of your company size, you will have clients. If you do not learn about their behavior and desires from their existing data, you won’t be able to provide them with relevant offers and advice.

In such cases, customer data platforms come in handy. These systems use client data to create more personalized campaigns for your customers. No matter how massive the data size is, a customer data platform will easily handle it and extract valuable information from it.

If you believe these platforms are for marketing departments, you are mistaken. Any company or industry dealing with clients should use customer data platforms.

More Focus on CyberSecurity

One of the most crucial digital transformation trends is a higher focus on cyber security. We all are aware of the increasing number of cyber-attacks on various businesses. People are losing important data and money due to these attacks.

Thus, focus on securing your consultancy firm in every possible manner. The minute you overlook cyber security, you put your company at risk. So ensure there is a balance between people, processes, and technology. It helps prevent security threats.

You could use artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud technologies to create a more secure system. 

No Touch Solutions and Digital Payments

Amongst all trends, we also have the no-touch solutions and digital payments trend. Since the time of Covid-19, people have become more aware. They prefer social distancing, and that’s where the contactless approach comes in handy.

Restaurants and e-commerce businesses are moving towards a contactless and digital payment approach. Customers don’t have to make any contact, even while paying bills. Your consultancy firm could do the same thing.

Using a digital payment system allows users to pay you at any hour and from any place. You don’t have to manage money, and clients who wish to maintain a social distance can do so with ease.

Higher Demand for Expertise in Niche Areas

There is a high need for individuals who specialize in a particular field. Instead of people who are generally good in every subject matter, companies look for subject matter experts. The reason is simple, subject matter experts are qualified to guide a company.

In such matters, the consultancy industry is no different than other sectors. People are focusing on longer-term strategy development rather than short-term projects. For this, a subject matter expert is a must. 

In the coming years, having expertise in niche areas will become a necessity. If your consultancy firm offers expertise in niche areas, you will stand out amongst competitors.

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