Having a Company Team Building: Some Awesome Activities to Try

Team building activities are a great way to bring employees together and create a sense of camaraderie within the workplace. From encouraging communication to fostering creativity, team-building activities can help build strong relationships between coworkers, boost morale and productivity, and help establish trust within a team. It’s important to choose activities that engage everyone, and focus on team-building skills such as communication and collaboration, while also being fun and exciting. Here are some awesome activities to try for your company’s next team-building event.

1. Gel Blasting competition

Gel blasting is a fun outdoor activity that combines paintball and laser tag. It’s great for team-building as it gives everyone the opportunity to work together in order to achieve success – be it capturing the flag or hitting the opposing team’s targets! Look for the best gel blasters on the market and have a blast. Additionally, you may want to provide protective gear and safety glasses for your employees. If you don’t have a designated space for gel blasting, consider renting an outdoor facility. Also, make sure to provide some refreshments afterward so that everyone can relax and debrief the event.

2. Escape Room Challenge

Escape rooms are a great way to test problem-solving skills and build connections while having fun. Divide your team into smaller groups and set up an escape room challenge in your office or local area. Give each group a number of clues, objects, and puzzles to solve within a limited amount of time. This activity encourages creative thinking, communication, collaboration, and teamwork – all important qualities for any successful business. Additionally, it’s a great way to break up the monotony of office life! If you don’t have the resources to set up an escape room, there are plenty of pre-made “escape kits” available online. Also, check for local escape room companies in your area.
The PanIQ Escape Room for team building exercises is a great way a company can improve work morale by allowing employees to engage and communicate efficiently in high-pressure environments. 

3. Charcoal Drawing 

This activity is perfect for creating a work of art that everyone on your team can be proud of. All you need is some charcoal and paper. Everyone will have to draw something together as a group! You’ll be surprised how creative the team gets when working together to create one single piece of artwork. This activity encourages teamwork, communication, and creativity – all things that are important for any successful team! Plus, in the end, you can display the artwork in the office as an inspiring reminder of what happens when everyone works together. If you’re feeling extra creative, use the artwork as an opportunity to come up with a mission statement or team slogan.

4. Team Olympics

This fun activity combines healthy competition with teamwork. Divide your team into smaller groups and set up a series of mini-games that test coordination, communication, and strategic thinking. The games should require collaboration and the teams can compete against each other to win points. You can have different levels of difficulty, depending on the skill level of your team members. In the end, award medals or prizes to the top three teams. This activity will foster teamwork and build relationships between teammates while having fun at the same time! While a mini-Olympics may seem like a daunting task, it’s actually quite easy to set up. 

5. Cooking Competition

This activity is great for teams of all sizes. Divide the group into small teams and assign each team a dish to make. Give each team a budget, some basic ingredients, and any necessary kitchen equipment. Let them be creative and challenge them to make something delicious! Everyone can come together at the end to taste-test the dishes and vote on their favorite one. Not only is this activity fun, but it also encourages communication, collaboration, creativity, and problem-solving skills – all important qualities for any successful business! Plus, in the end, you’ll have a delicious feast that everyone can enjoy together. While you can do this activity in the office, it’s best to rent a kitchen facility if you don’t have one at work 

6. Team Scavenger Hunt

This is a great activity to get your team out of the office and explore their local area. It’s a good way to encourage them to work together as they search for items on the scavenger list. You can either come up with your own list or use some pre-made lists available online. Additionally, you can choose to give out prizes for the team who finds the most items. If you’re feeling creative, you can even turn it into a game and have the teams compete against each other. While this activity may seem simple, it’s actually a great way to encourage teamwork and build relationships between teammates.

7. Team Games

Team games are a great way to get your team to bond and work together. Some popular ones you can try are charades, puzzles, scavenger hunts, and even capture the flag. Make sure everyone is comfortable with the game’s rules before starting. This ensures that there is no confusion between teams or individuals when playing. Team games are also a great way to practice communication skills and develop problem-solving strategies among team members. Also, keep in mind that some team games may be better suited for groups of different sizes and ages. It’s important to pick something that everyone is comfortable with and will enjoy 

8. Paintball/Laser Tag

This is a great activity for getting everyone to work together as a team and have some fun while doing it. Paintball or laser tag pits teams against each other in an intense game of strategy and agility. It requires players to work together to plan their strategies, come up with creative solutions, and learn how to react quickly and efficiently in order to win the game. This activity can also be used as a way for employees to bond with each other over shared experiences, build trust between teammates, improve communication skills, and foster collaboration. No matter what type of team-building activities your company chooses, paintball or laser tag will be sure to make everyone involved feel like they are part of something larger than themselves.

9. Kart Racing

Go-kart racing can be an exhilarating and exciting activity that encourages team collaboration and friendly competition. Create a few teams to compete in a mini go-kart race, with the winners receiving special prizes. Not only will this be fun for your team members, but it’s also a great way to get everyone out of the office for a day and to spend some quality time together. Additionally, go-kart racing is a thrilling experience that can help break the ice and bring your team closer together. If you want to add an extra element of competition, you can even hold a tournament with multiple races and award a trophy or special prize at the end.

10. Karaoke Party

This is an activity that can be a lot of fun, but it also encourages teamwork. Have each team work together to pick the best songs and even create original lyrics. The teams should then perform their song in front of the whole company. It’s a great way to build camaraderie and have some laughs in the process. Also, don’t forget to have prizes for the best singers. This is sure to be a hit with everyone! If the budget allows, hire a professional karaoke DJ to make the experience even more enjoyable. While the singing part may take a bit of practice, the team-building aspect is sure to be a success. Additionally, karaoke is a great way to break the ice and get everyone in the spirit of team-building.

11. Potluck Lunch

A potluck lunch is a great way to get your team to bond over food. Have each person bring in something special and put together a nice spread for everyone to enjoy! It’s an especially good activity if you don’t have much time, as the group can simply take turns discussing their favorite home-cooked dishes or recipes and talking about the importance of nutrition and health. This will also help create a more relaxed atmosphere with everyone at ease. Also, it could be a great opportunity to educate your team on the importance of proper nutrition and its effects on productivity. It’s a great way to have some fun while also learning something new.

12. Volunteering

Volunteering is a great way to build team morale and make an impact in the community. It can also help develop prosocial behavior and create a sense of purpose for your employees. Have a discussion with your team about causes they would like to support, and then organize a day or evening where everyone comes together to volunteer at that organization. Depending on the type of volunteering you decide to do, it could be anything from building homes for Habitat for Humanity, making cards for hospitalized children, or helping out at a local food pantry! Whatever you choose to do, volunteering will bring your team together in ways that are both meaningful and fun.

13. Themed Parties

Having a themed party is an excellent way to bring everyone together with some fun and excitement. Think about hosting a movie night, game night, or a holiday-themed party. You can also organize a costume contest if you want it to be more competitive. This is an especially great way to celebrate major milestones in the company, such as anniversaries or product launches. Not only will your team have some laughs and enjoy each other’s company, but they will also gain an appreciation for their efforts and understand the importance of working together towards a common goal. It’s a great way to build team spirit and show everyone how much they’re valued.

14. Company vacation

A company vacation is a great way for staff to bond and relax in a new environment. It can also be an opportunity to have team-building activities like group hikes, picnics, or even beach days! Make sure everyone has the same expectations before setting out on your adventure. Also, make sure to discuss any dietary needs or accommodations that may be necessary. With the proper planning and organization, a company vacation can be an experience your team won’t forget. It’s also a great way to show your team that you appreciate them and value their hard work. This can go a long way toward creating a positive company culture.

15. Hiking

Hiking is a great way to build teamwork, foster communication, and improve morale. You can take your team on a day hike or even an overnight camping trip! No matter what kind of hike you choose, make sure everyone has the right gear and enough food and water. If you go camping, make sure to plan activities like campfire stories or stargazing. Not only will this be fun and enjoyable for everyone involved, but it will also help develop their problem-solving skills by challenging them to work together as a team in unfamiliar surroundings. Plus, there’s nothing quite like enjoying nature with the people you care about! 

16. Video game tournament

If your team is full of gamers, a video game tournament can be an entertaining way to bring everyone together! You can organize a friendly competition for popular games like Mario Kart or even something more competitive like Call of Duty. This can be a great opportunity for employees to bond and have fun with each other in a relaxed setting. It’s also a great way to promote healthy competition among your team members and show that you value their hard work and dedication. Plus, it’s sure to create plenty of laughs! Additionally, consider setting up prizes for the winners to reward them for their efforts.

Team building activities are a great way to bring your employees together and foster collaboration and communication. Whether you choose charitable volunteering, themed parties, company vacations, hikes, or video game tournaments, there is sure to be something that everyone enjoys. Not only will these activities help build relationships between coworkers, but they will also improve morale and bring a sense of unity to the team. So, don’t be afraid to get creative and start planning! It’s certain to be an enjoyable and rewarding experience for everyone involved.

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