List of Software That You Should Have for Gaming (Really Useful Ones)

What items make up a gamer’s must-have kit? Beginner online gamers will probably say that you must have a suitable device and a good internet connection. Meanwhile, experienced gaming lovers will provide a longer list. They will assure you that although having a device and a stable internet connection is important, it is equally important to take care of the necessary software, which can significantly improve the quality of the game.

What apps could it be? What are they good for? Why should they be used? We will try to answer these questions by discussing 9 of the most important softwares that every gamer should use. Let us take a look! 

Virtual Private Network

Virtual Private Network (VPN) service was the most reliable online security tool at the time. It encrypts your information and makes sure that any third parties can see it, even if you are using public Wi-Fi. What is more, VPNs also improve ping and it provides smoother gameplay when playing first-shooter, racing or multiplayer games where fast transferring data speeds as well as the server’s response is extremely significant. Finally, using VPN service allows you to avoid geo-blocked content – to reach any game that was inaccessible for you before.


If you spend much time in front of the display, you might experience tired, dry or blurry eyes. The great news is that you may make things easier for your eyes by using the “F.lux” app. It adjusts your display contrast and color temperature depending on the time of a day as well as the light sources you use. In other words, it is a simple tool that reduces eye strain significantly. That is why it is so much appreciated by gaming lovers all over the world.

Equalizer APO

While for some online gamers the visual side is extremely important, for others the audio quality is the most important thing to take care of. “Equalizer APO” is valued a lot because it may significantly improve the limited audio options of a sound’s card in the device. Users may take advantage of different pass filters, VST plugins, loudness correction and many more. So, do you still have questions about the importance of this app?


Many online game players are convinced that a high-end keyboard is the key to a great performance in gaming. However, it is not always true. Even though such a keyboard may improve your game, you may also try out another solution – “KeyTweak” app. It allows you to remap your keyboard layout according to your needs easily and significantly contributes to better gameplay results and greater satisfaction as well!

Razer Cortex: Game Booster

It would probably be difficult to find an online gaming lover who has not heard of this software. It is famous for its outstanding features such as scanning and removing junk files automatically in your system. As one of its users says, this app is wonderful for those who do not have a beasty PC. So, if you also miss a better performance of your computer, try “Razer Cortex: Game Booster” now!


The task to keep your computer clean might not be easy to cope with. That’s why “CleanMyPc” software was created. It allows you to clean out all unnecessary files that accumulate in a system so that the performance of your device would improve. Cleaning your computer has never been so easy – you may do it only in a few clicks! Sounds great, doesn’t it?


That is the software that allows you to play mobile games on a Windows PC! In other words, the dream – to play Candy Crush Saga, Evernote, Temple Run 2 or any other mobile game using your PC – is now realistic! All you have to do is sync the apps from your phone! “Bluestacks” app gives you the opportunity to experience games in a new way – to monitor the image on a large display and improve your reaction speed using a mouse and keyboard.

OSB Studio

Bearing in mind that streaming is becoming an almost inseparable part of online gaming, it is important to mention the “OSB Studio” app as well. It is a very popular open-source streaming software that is used for producing various types of online video content. Even professionals admit the fact that it is the best free streaming software in terms of power as 


You can buy games, have them in one place, get the latest news from it and keep in touch with the community. What is more, it is free to install. Sounds too good to be true? Actually, that is what the “Steam” app offers. More and more often this software is called to be a must-have by online gamers.

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