Competitor Price Tracking and Monitoring Software

In modern business, there is fierce competition between companies offering similar services or products to consumers. This applies to both the real sector of the economy and IT technologies. Priceva Competitor price tracking and monitoring software will allow you to track the offers of other companies in time, adjust the indices and attract more customers. This portal is described in detail below with all the details and instructions for use.

What Are the Benefits of Priceva?

Priceva Competitor price tracking and monitoring software service is in high demand among representatives of all industries of large, medium, or small businesses, as it has a lot of the following undeniable advantages:

  • Quick registration in the system, without the need to fill out voluminous and complex forms.
  • The presence of a demo version allows you to understand all the intricacies of the platform for free.
  • Users are immediately offered four types of periodic subscriptions, which differ in the set of services, cost, and nuances, which allows each interested person to choose exactly the tariff plan that fully meets his requirements.
  • Each registered user receives system notifications about changes in competitors’ prices automatically after daily monitoring, which allows him not to miss important information.
  • A very simple interface that does not require special knowledge to use.
  • An integrated approach of artificial intelligence to the analysis of current indicators of current market prices with index adjustments depends on the period.
  • The innovative theology of artificial intelligence offers each half-table a unique system of interaction with databases, adapting to his needs in the process of primary work and based on the analysis of requests.

Thus, Priceva software is one of the most advanced on the market and also eliminates the need for users to independently monitor competitors’ offers or check the results issued by an automated system since they are based only on current data based on the market situation.

Priceva Competitor Price Tracking and Monitoring Software Capabilities

Each user who has registered and issued his tariff plan for subscribing to system updates gets full access to the following set of useful functions for tracking specific offers on the market:

  • The offer interface combines queries, automatic market diagnostics, as well as the issuance and reading of results with the compilation of statistics, comparison of optimal indicators with values ​​and parameters selected by the user, and this combination greatly simplifies the user’s work with the system.
  • A convenient system for searching for the necessary design parameters through the application’s own internal spreadsheet in Excel format. There is also a filter by categories and other parameters, allowing you to quickly select the desired position without any double results or the need for a long search.
  • Price monitoring can be done on request and constantly monitoring the results of an automated platform that will independently carry it out at selected time intervals.
  • Each user gets access to automatic commands, which eliminates the need for manual data entry. Priceva portal guarantees the absence of errors and the human factor, which allows you to get only the expected result.
  • A convenient and effective informative system of notification of current prices for each competitive enterprise of interest. The application is available on both PC and mobile devices, and the user is aware of price changes even when the system is offline.

Additionally, each user can register their current e-mail address in the system and receive a newsletter from the application about adjusting market prices immediately to their mailbox.

What Is the Software or Platform for Re-Evaluation?

The Priceva platform also offers each user many other possibilities, namely a universal algorithm for re-evaluating their offers, based on an analysis of the competitive market. This platform works according to the following algorithm:

  • The user sets boundary conditions, according to which, if the price of competitors goes down or up to certain values, his offers are automatically re-evaluated.
  • Based on the analysis of proposals from similar companies, statistics are automatically generated with a table in Excel format convenient for each PC user.
  • If necessary, the user can also activate the advanced price analytics function to collect competitors’ offers in more detail, which will allow him to always have advantages over each of them.
  • There are separate applications and settings for specific retailers, depending on the scope of their commercial interests, as well as convenient filtering of companies by brand.

In the application, it is possible to analyze both the maximum and minimum or average market prices from each competitive enterprise. Such information will always help you organize profitable promotions, and discount programs and be one step ahead of your competitors.

Services That Are Offered in the Most Affordable Plan

For those heads of companies or representatives of various business areas who have issued a paid subscription of a standard format, the following minimum set of useful functions is offered:

  • A service for tracking current market offers from competing companies, with an analysis of the commercial field of activity.
  • Comparison of selected products with the current pricing policy of the customer.
  • Registration of statistics in a readable format using standard text editors with the possibility of sending it to the addressee or printing information on paper.
  • Re-evaluation of own offers for the least popular products provided that they do not participate in the discount program or other promotions. This function allows you to accurately set the desired range, price ceiling, as well as parameters for their adjustment. As a result, the system will automatically compare the numbers with competitive offers and quickly adjust the retailer’s internal prices.
  • Diagnostics of the availability of goods that are of interest to the customer, namely, the analysis of its sales statistics after adjusting prices.
  • Checking each competitor for a dumping policy will allow you to keep the price on time and not lose the planned profit. Thus, goods from a particular retailer always stand out from the average market price, the cost of which is significantly lower for biased reasons.
  • The application analyzes the digital shelf with the most in-demand products since they often form the largest part of the retailer’s revenue and profit.

The Priceva application provides the customer with complete market analytics, allows you to adjust your business plan quickly, adjust to the average offers of competitors, and also not miss the expected profit, which will ensure the rapid growth of the company and other benefits.

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