Best Ways to Get More Traffic from Guest Posting

Content is doubtless the core point to emphasize when it comes to SEO. Still, you should keep in mind that only fresh and unique content isn’t enough for lasting and fruitful optimization and indexing. You won’t make the most of it without guest blogging opportunities. Guest blogs on other sites or blogs stand as the perfect way to attract more audiences and raise brand awareness and credibility.

It may take some time to publish guest posts, but it will totally pay off, provided the well-defined purpose. With no clear goal, you might waste time and money and can’t use guest posting potential efficiently. So our key task is to figure out how to drive increasing blog traffic via guest blogging. Let’s consider this in detail.

1.  High-Quality Content

Living in a bloggers’ era, crafting unique content that brings value to people is more than essential. Plus, if your content is of high quality, people will doubtless appreciate it, and you may earn a good name in your niche. Of course, writing articles on topics people strive to read is no less critical. But how to determine the right direction?

One of the easiest ways is to explore questions users ask. And if there are a few similar queries, it means a larger public would also love to see a related post in your blog. Another efficient tactic implies thinking about what would be valuable to you if you were in your prospects’ shoes. Then generate content offering solutions to their problems. Adding a link in text requires craftsmanship here. So subject to putting them in the right places, the site traffic can considerably skyrocket.

2.  Top-Notch Sites to Guest Post on

Before sending your articles, ensure you explore the chosen blog to submit in-depth. It would be best if you read the blog’s previous articles to get a clear vision of the content type they post and understand whether your texts are suitable. This marketing guest blog strategy is a must since backlinks from poor-quality sites may considerably hurt your traffic and SEO indexes.

Remember always to consider the below-mentioned things while evaluating the quality of sites, including DIY blogs for guest posting:

  • Audience. The site’s public speaks volumes about its quality level. Typically, blogs with little niche public are more qualitative than those with broad audiences.
  • Domain Reputacy. This metric is responsible for measuring the site’s potential to rank in various search engines. So high-authority domain blogs will likely be more advanced than low-authority domain ones.
  • Overall Quality Performance. Besides the preceding points, it’s worth reviewing factors such as site design, content quality, and user engagement level.

After a detailed assessment, you will want to be aware of whether the site fits your industry. There are multiple ways to clarify it. For example, seek your niche + guest blog on Google. That way, you can reach all the sites ranking for the ‘guest blog’ key phrase.

3.  Eye-Catchy Headlines

The headline forms the first thing that grabs people’s attention while reading the article. So if you take the time to come up with appealing headlines, you may obtain substantial guest blog posting from your target site.

However, what does it involve to make eye-catchy headlines for guest blogging for links? Read the following tips:

  • The Shorter, the Better. Users adore concise headlines and to the point.
  • Strong Word Usage. Strong words draw people’s attention and make them crave to consume the article.
  • Specify in full. If the headline is specific, it will turn into highly exciting and informative.
  • Be Witty. Clever headlines have higher chances of standing out and being memorable.
  • Resort to Emotions. When the headline evokes emotions, people will be more likely to stop and immerse in the text.
  • Apply a Question. With questions, headlines might be more arresting and convincing.
  • Try Taglines. The tagline is a perfect method to summarize the article in an extremely compelling way.

4.  Stick to the Blog’s Guidelines

Numerous blogs provide certain guidelines, so getting acquainted with them is vital before guest posting. During submitting, attach a short bio and link to your site. Pitching stories or asking for links may negatively affect the process.

So familiarizing yourself with the blog’s guidelines is the key to success. Moreover, the blog’s owner may deny submissions that have small compliance with the instructions. And the webmasters accepting guest articles have specific guidelines according to external links and backlinks across the blog post body. Luckily, most of them allow backlinking to your site, which will surely promote increasing blog traffic.

It’s not surprising that it might take a while for your work has posted, so be patient. It’s the wrong strategy to email the blog team daily, asking about the publishing date. Instead, let things go with the flow after the submission, relax and wait for the reply.

5.  Thank the Blog Owner and Promote

Once you have your article published, don’t forget to thank the blog owner and tell them how grateful you are for such guest blogging opportunities. Commenting on the post, sharing via social platforms, and linking to it from your site will show your appreciation at best.

The next step involves promoting. Be sure to advertise the article on social media and other channels. Thus you can drive impressive exposure and reach more leads to come across it. Learn more about how you can benefit from the blog and guest posting power.

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