4 Types Of Productivity Tools Your SMB Can’t Do Without

Today, many people consider starting their own companies instead of looking for white-collar jobs. This has brought about high competition among business owners with identical products or services. If you’re a business owner, finding effective ways to help your company stand out is key to overcoming intense market competition. One of them is enhancing business productivity. 

Increased productivity leads to greater revenue generation, better customer service, adequate employee fulfillment, reduced operational costs, and enhanced profitability. All these help you gain a competitive edge.  However, you must utilize the right productivity tools.  

That said, here are some types of productivity tools you can employ for your business. 

1. E-signature Software 

Signing physical documents can hurt the productivity of your business. This is true since workers must keep printing and scanning documents, thus wasting time. As a result, they won’t be productive in other essential business tasks. For that reason, it’d be a good idea to invest in e-signature technology. 

With e-signature, you won’t need to handle physical documents. Workers can sign them over the internet. This ensures your business saves a lot of time. 

Employees can utilize the time saved to attend to other essential business tasks like engaging with customers, collecting debts, merchandising your store, etc. This goes a long way towards enhancing the productivity of your company.  

You might think that shifting to e-signature technology is expensive. But that’s not true. Some vendors allow you to use their e-signature apps to sign documents online free of charge. Make sure you select a secure e-signature tool from a reliable service provider.  

2. Communication Tools

You can’t ignore the power of communication in enhancing business productivity. It enables workers to share important information and ideas to solve business problems.  

Besides, communication enables workers to get clear instructions to help them complete tasks as required. This goes a long way in enhancing business productivity. However, you must install effective communication tools in your business systems.  

There are various modern communication apps you can have in your business. These include audio, chat, messaging, and video conferencing tools.  

Any tool you purchase should enable employees to communicate or engage in real-time. This is important because you can’t expect an increase in productivity if communication delays occur.  

3. Staff Recruitment Software

The human resources department forms an integral part of any business enterprise. It helps find new workers and orient them to the business system. 

Besides, the human resources department is essential for employees’ continuous training and development. Your company might not grow without an effective and predictive human resources department. That’s why you need to install staff recruitment software. 

Staff recruitment app lets your business increase productivity in various ways. For instance, it enables the human resources department team to complete the recruitment process quickly. Therefore, they can attend to other productive activities of your company like payroll preparation as soon as possible.  

Additionally, staff recruitment software helps you scan candidates during the job application and interview process. This ensures you pick the most suitable candidates for your business regarding qualifications and experience.  Only by working with the right team can you enhance productivity for your business.  

4. Bookkeeping And Accounting App

The bookkeeping and accounting process is the backbone of your business. It forms the basis for developing final accounts like the income statement, balance sheet, cash flows, and statements of changes in equity.  

You need to prepare final business accounts for various reasons. For instance, they let you understand your company’s performance and position regarding assets and liabilities. As a result, you can make strategic decisions to help run your firm.  

While that’s the case, bookkeeping and accounting are complex processes with many steps to follow. And if you aren’t careful enough, your accounting department team will spend a lot of time on a single task. For that reason, you need to invest in bookkeeping and accounting software. 

Bookkeeping and accounting software helps automate tasks in your finance department. Therefore, any task that could have taken ages to complete can now be done within seconds. This enables your accounting team to complete several tasks within a day, thus boosting the productivity of your business.  


As detailed in this article, there are several types of productivity tools your company can’t do without them. However, you must find the best tools in the market. Some factors to consider when selecting any business productivity tool include its compatibility with other applications, scalability, ease of use, and security features. You must also ensure you’re working with reputable tools service providers. 

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