Manage Airbnb Multiple Accounts and Listings

Running a business on Airbnb is a time-consuming process, even when it comes to managing a single property for short-term rental. What then to say about several apartments or houses in different places on the map?

In this article, we will analyze situations when it is recommended to create a separate Airbnb account for each property. We also highlight the advantages of Multiple Accounts, which simplify the short-term rental business, and the disadvantages. As a result, you will be able to decide whether you are ready to manage a number of accounts on the platform at once.

Can I Have Multiple Airbnb Accounts?

It is believed that by posting numerous ads of the same property from different accounts at once, you make the property more visible to potential tenants. Airbnb’s algorithms will promote ads individually, which means that users are more likely to come across the property 2-3 times during the search. However, according to Airbnb rules, one user can create only one account. And the platform algorithms check accounts by IP addresses, as well as similar information that was indicated in the data about the object and contacts. If the owner decides to place several ads on the same object and registers accounts from the same IP address, he risks getting banned from Airbnb.

Another important point: Airbnb accounts cannot be merged. It is recommended to select the account with the best scores and overall rating and deactivate or delete the rest. Thus, you will not face double bookings or restrictions due to violations of the rules.

To avoid a negative scenario and still manage numerous properties for rent, you can use the Airbnb listing feature. It will help to streamline the property, but it is convenient as long as your property is focused on one target audience.

In What Situations You Can Not Do Without Several Accounts:

  • objects are targeted at different consumers. It can be different types of real estate, for example, a house and a condo or a room for rent, with distinctive amenities available. We also recommend creating separate accounts for objects with different geolocations.
  • your business consists of more than 2 properties for rent or is a full-fledged property management company. Then, your accounts will come in handy for building a streamlined system for managing objects and delegating responsibilities. Let us clarify that such a scheme is valid for objects for rent that are not located at the same address. If you plan to rent separate rooms in the same house, then Airbnb listing is for you.
  • you maintain one profile as the owner and use the other for personal purposes. A good option if you often travel and do not want to combine work with leisure.

What Are the Benefits of Having Multiple Airbnb Accounts?

First, maintaining Multiple Accounts on Airbnb helps you better meet the needs of your target audiences. You immerse yourself more in home improvement issues to make them attractive to clients. As a result, you get better ratings and a higher ranking on Airbnb.

Another point is you reach more users, which means your income increases. By offering different accommodation options, you are interested in potential tenants with completely different capabilities and needs. Thanks to this approach, you will be able to build pricing strategies separately for each property.

Also, if you work in a team, then you will find it convenient to assign responsibility for maintaining individual accounts. Your subordinates will not waste time dividing tasks, moreover, they will be able to try their hand to the fullest.

Possible Issues When Managing a Number of Accounts

Below, we have listed the challenges you may face while dealing with multiple Airbnb accounts:

Information Update

On Airbnb, it is desirable to regularly update information about the object for rent. This applies not only to contact details, for example, the phone number that you changed. Changes may affect prices because the real estate market is dynamic. Also, you may update or add an amenity, and this must be indicated in the description and shown in the photographs.

Cross Communication

Among the performance indicators that form the final housing rating is the speed of response to tenants’ requests. Response within 24 hours is considered a good result, but the sooner the better. Responses with a delay are evaluated negatively by the platform, which affects the visibility of the object in the search.

In the presence of multiple accounts, it is necessary not only to respond quickly but also to be aware of which accommodation facility the request refers to. It is quite easy to get confused in correspondence, and besides, you will encounter the problem of logging in and out of profiles, which we will talk about later.


Managing requires you to remember all your login passwords. In addition, you still need to keep in mind the information that you wanted to add to your account or remember who you wanted to reply to in the correspondence. Most likely, switching between profiles will take time, so we recommend you to keep passwords ready at hand and save them on your computer system.


Be especially careful when you are syncing calendars to avoid double-booking. Keeping track of all the property booking alerts and cancellations that come into different accounts can be overwhelming. 

What Can Make Managing Multiple Airbnb Accounts Easier?

The fact that managing multiple Airbnb profiles seems like a daunting task for one person. You can entrust this task or partially delegate responsibilities to a trusted person. As another option, you can hire an Airbnb management company if you find yourself unable to keep up with the flow of tasks. You can also create your own well-coordinated team and act as a single mechanism in which everyone completes their tasks on time.

But even for a few people, multitasking can be a challenge. Therefore, we recommend using special Vacation Rental software. For example, the Hosty platform has the following features:

  • Airbnb central inbox
  • multi-calendar
  • listing management;
  • reservation management tools.

With their help, you will speed up the process of processing booking requests, and simplify communication with tenants and your work in general. Then maintaining a number of Airbnb accounts will become an orderly process for you.

Manage Airbnb Multiple Accounts and Listings was last updated June 29th, 2022 by Colleen Borator