Why an Infographic is the Best Tool For Branding

An infographic is not just a fancy graphic that will get your website visitors’ attention. It also creates an appealing and clean design that helps to convey its message in the most effective manner to any audience. Information graphics encourage users to spend more time on your website, which would enable you to increase traffic, boost search engine rankings and attract new audiences.

An infographic is also said to be better than conventional text because they help improve engagement rates by 85%. Not only do people tend to share infographics easily but they also like seeing visuals instead of reading text. One can make their point instantly and effectively without any delay because infographics generate faster understanding amongst readers thereby satisfying the customer’s needs at once before moving on with other things. They are highly visual, engaging, and appealing at the same time.

Infographics also make for rewarding content marketing tools as they allow you to align your company’s business values with its impact on society at large. The information included in this article brings out the benefits of using infographics for your brand image.

1. The Best Infographics are Visually appealing:

Infographics are highly visually appealing and therefore grab attention. Visually, they communicate your message in a way that other media forms cannot match. They engage the viewers on two different levels – firstly, through visuals and secondly, through text.

2. Maximum impact

Infographics convey large amounts of information in a small amount of space because of their visual appeal. This means that the consumer is able to digest it quickly and take away the message from thereon rather than reading through pages after pages for an article or blog post. In fact, research shows that consumers tend to retain more from infographics as compared to other media forms.

3. A Good Social Media Infographic is Highly Shareable

Infographics are highly shareable, which is one of their main advantages for branding purposes. You can easily upload an infographic on a website or social media network and let the viewers take it forward from thereon to generate more traffic and business leads. By nature, infographics are sharable as they make use of images instead of text. Also, people tend to share infographics that have been posted by others because they include useful information that benefits the readers in some manner. In fact, research shows that 80% of marketers plan to increase their investments in creating original infographics for content marketing this year alone because studies show that visuals aid marketing much more than written communication.

4. A Great Business Infographic May Improve brand awareness

An infographic is said to be the best way of communicating your brand’s story. It helps build an emotional connection with customers and also drives business leads for branding purposes. You can use infographics to describe your company to its market in a visually appealing manner. Also, it makes it much more engaging than plain written text which people tend to avoid. As these graphics are highly informative and well designed, they immediately grab attention and thus enhance brand awareness (which is one of the most important aspects of any marketing strategy for branding purposes).

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5. A Simple Infographic Improves Information Retention

As mentioned earlier, infographics lend themselves easily to sharing because they contain interesting visuals that people like seeing instead of reading long paragraphs or words. Therefore, infographics help improve information retention rates in readers thereby driving business leads. If you wish to add a factor of creativity and appeal to your content marketing strategy, infographics are the tools for it. When used correctly, they can help improve brand awareness faster than ever before and lead to greater customer engagement with your brand.

Infographics were once considered an unaffordable luxury reserved only for huge companies and businesses due to their high price tags. Nowadays, they have become more affordable and accessible thanks to simple design software available online without having to hire expensive professionals or agencies for this purpose. Therefore, every company big or small can easily take advantage of infographics for branding purposes so as to build a strong relationship with its customers because these graphics are highly useful when it comes to developing long-term relationships with potential customers.

6. Cool Infographics Improves Search Engine Rankings

It is a known fact that Google prefers infographics over other forms of content on the web because its algorithm heavily favors them due to their rich imagery. This has led renowned SEO experts to advise companies to integrate infographics into their content marketing strategy for better search engine rankings. It also provides you with an opportunity of improving your pages’ time on site as well as page views leading to more business leads, which are very important for branding purposes. With over 200 million searches across the world every month on various topics related to your industry, it is best advised to leverage infographics for driving more traffic and improving your website’s standing in search engines.

In Conclusion

Infographics are amazing advertising tools to use to help sell your ideas in the market. However, the bigger impact of infographics might just be on one’s branding!

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