Is General Liability Roofing Contractor Insurance Enough? You are Dreaming!

Roofing contractor insurance is essential protection for a roofing company, but what do you need? At Contractors Liability we look for an insurance solution that protects your whole business and meets your unique needs.  This means protection for damages in a liability claim; coverage of your employees; and protection of your assets like tools and equipment. Let us look at the details.

Roofing Contractor Insurance – Liability Coverage

In most states, it is a requirement to have general liability coverage. Some liability settlements can run into millions of dollars and so this coverage is essential. 

Did you know that as a roofer you can get specialized liability coverage that is customized to the risks you face?  A tailored solution means that you get what you need for your roofing business. You also do not pay costs for things you do not need.

“Trying to secure a successful roofing contractor business with only general liability insurance is like building a house without a solid foundation – it’s a disaster waiting to happen. Don’t gamble on your roof insurance claim, invest in customized coverage that truly protects your business.” – lawyer from Leader, Leader, & Zucker PLLC.

Roofers Contractor Liability covers the following damages:

  • Injuries to body. This covers damages if your actions (or inaction) result in an injury to a third party.  Practising good safety is vital but accidents can still happen. A single tile falling from the roof can cause serious injury if it hits a passerby. You could be sued for negligence. This general liability insurance covers the cost of medical payments, and the settlement costs, as well as your legal defense.
  • Damages to property. If you damage the property you are working on, Roofers Insurance will protect you.  An example could be setting the building alight when doing torch-down roofing. Torch-down roofing can be excluded by some insurance providers but a good agent shops around to ensure this is covered if it is part of the services you offer. 
  • Personal Injury. An example of this is if your actions damage the reputation or rights of another.  An example would be bad-mouthing a competitor to your client, resulting in the competitor losing business and suing you for damages.
  • Advertising Injury.  An advertisement for your company can result in a liability claim. A common example is when you use a picture of your work without explicit permission from the owner of the building. Then the owner of the building finds out and files a claim against your business.

As a roofing company, securing comprehensive insurance is vital. Contractors Liability ensures protection against liability claims, coverage for employees, and safeguarding assets like tools and equipment. Whether you’re a roofing contractor or a building materials provider, tailored insurance solutions are essential for business resilience.

Workers Compensation

The above Roofing Contractor Insurance does not cover injury to your employees.  Workers Compensation covers this.  This insurance is both mandatory and vital roofing company insurance.  Roofing is in the top 10 most dangerous occupations and injuries are commonplace.

Builder’s Risk Insurance

This is specialized property coverage.  Builder’s Risk is tailored for a specific project and generally covers the materials, tools and equipment used in the building process.  Typical loss events it covers are theft and vandalism. The cost of replacing tools can be very high and this could be the roofing contractor insurance your company needs. The project owners policy may include you as an insured party on the project owners policy so it is always worth checking this detail.

Speak with Contractor’s Liability for your Roofing contractor insurance

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