Best Android-compatible Smart Door Locks

Smart locks add additional security layers and convenience to users; outperforming traditional home security solutions. Although smart technology is not new to the security industry, choosing between various smart lock designs and brands can be difficult. In the current market, new brands with appealing bells and whistles are constantly surfacing. Sticking to the fundamentals and understanding what to look for in smart locks protects modern consumers from subpar digital locks.

What are the Best Android-compatible Smart Door Locks in 2022

The best smart locks integrate seamlessly into a smart home system. Top of the line smart locks compatible with Android in today’s market include:   

  • Lockly Secure Pro Deadbolt
  • August Smart Lock
  • Google Nest x Yale Smart Lock
  • Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt
  • Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro
  • Igloohome Smart Deadbolt 2S
  • Lockly Secure Pro
  • Wyze Lock
  • Narpult Smart Lock Deadbolt

Is it possible for a Locksmith to open Smart Locks?

Due to the computer programming involved, smart locks function differently than traditional locks. Smart locks do not use traditional locking mechanisms and thus cannot be serviced by traditional locksmiths. Specialty locksmiths can however install, service, and help with emergency home lockouts among other obligations.

What are the most common smart lock issues?

The most common smart lock issue is a dead battery. To avoid inconveniences, it is important to replace your lock battery once a year. Twice a year is recommended if the lock is used in high-traffic areas such as hotel rooms. Other common issues include the bolt becoming misaligned with the strike plate. A specialty locksmith can readily assess and fix these and any other issue on the smart door lock. 

What skills does a locksmith require to work with smart locks?

To work with smart locks, a locksmith must have lock reprogramming tools and computer skills. Smart locks are more technological than mechanical, but they do contain mechanical components. A locksmith can assist you in the following ways:

  • Home lockouts
  • Alarm system installation and repair
  • Garage door lock maintenance
  • Window lock repair
  • Replacement of a broken lock
  • Working with high-tech entry locks
  • Installation of mailbox locks
  • Installation of master locks
  • New lock system installation

How can a locksmith assist you with smart locks?

A locksmith updated to the latest technologies can handle smart locks with ease. Depending on your requirements, they can assist you in installing the most dependable smart lock systems. Their extensive experience in the ever-changing world of smart locks provides them with the knowledge to assist you in selecting reputable brands. They can also recommend any additional technologies you may require. They ensure that your smart lock system is properly installed and maintained to avoid future problems.

Locksmiths can handle anything related to smart lock systems, such as:

  • Card readers
  • Key-fobs
  • Biometric technologies
  • Electric shocks
  • Systems with multiple paths

Are smart locks vulnerable to hacking?

Smart locks are controlled by a computer component that is vulnerable to infiltration if improperly secured. Hackers will typically gain access to the lock via your phone or the lock’s Bluetooth. The version of your lock’s mobile app may differ from the version of your lock’s firmware, compromising the system’s integrity. They may also attempt to compromise the wifi network to which your lock is linked..

What are the benefits of smart locks?

  • Work with a variety of doors.
  • Both keys and a mobile app can be used to open it.
  • They provide advanced security via biometric readers.
  • Some locks allow you to set a time limit for access.
  • Restrict access to a select group of people.
  • Restriction of access to specific areas of the house is especially important when visitors or children are present.
  • Change permissions for individuals who may have previously accessed the premises.

What are the drawbacks of smart locks?

  • Cyber attacks are a risk.
  • Lockouts caused by a low phone battery.
  • Faulty biometric recognition could result in a lockout.
  • A faulty lock system may allow unauthorized entry or refuse to open.
  • The lock may be vulnerable due to a lack of updates.
  • Installation costs are relatively higher.
  • Unlike mechanical locks, they are powered by electricity.

Who Shouldn’t Have a Smart Lock?

Due to the level of technology involved, smart locks can be a little confusing for some people. Smart locks may not be your best option:

  • If you don’t use a smartphone or understand how they work. Smart locks may not be the best option for you. Smartphones and smart locks go hand in hand.
  • You have a limited budget. Due to their reliance on electricity, smart locks are relatively more expensive to install and operate.
  • If you don’t have a consistent internet connection. A network connects smart locks to your smartphone key. Without solid internet infrastructure, the smart locks become less effective.
  • Don’t understand the fundamentals of cyber security. Individuals who lack common cyber security knowledge are more likely to be exploited.

When should you replace traditional locks with smart locks?

When you keep misplacing your keys and have access to your mobile device, upgrading to smart locks is a viable option. Also, if you have a smart-home setup, smart locks are a great way to supplement the technology because they can be controlled by Alexa and Google Assistant.


If you take the necessary precautions, such as hiring a qualified locksmith, you should be able to enjoy the same, if not better, security than traditional locks. Smart locks are taking over as technology evolves and appear to be here to stay. It is only beneficial to become acquainted with the new systems as soon as possible.

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