4 Types of Software Business Owners Need to Use 

Most entrepreneurs are busy-busy-busy. Yet sometimes you’re so busy with all sorts of small tasks, you don’t have any time for the important parts or the things you have to do to grow your business. Luckily, we live in the digital age so there is software for everything. There are probably many things you spend your time on, that can be done with AI software – and sometimes even done better! In this article, we tell you about 4 types of software that might truly transform your business and your life. 

1. Customer Service Software

Customers are super important for a business. But…. they can also ask a lot of questions – and lots of repetitive questions. You can always use a chatbot to deal with these repetitive questions, but these aren’t always well-liked. You can opt for customer service software that collects and analyzes data regarding those customer questions and transforms that data into easily understandable datasets. It’s very useful – you can e.g. make templates with answers your customer service can easily send out. 

2. AI-Powered Data Analysis Software

Talking about data… it’s not just your data from the ‘FAQ/customer service’-part of your website you can analyze. There are tons of AI-powered software tools that help you make sense of the boatloads of data you have from your customers. Find out what makes them exit your website, where they spend the most time, what location converts the most, what ethnicity loves your website and more. Use this data to optimize your website! 

3. Fully Automated Invoicing Software

It’s 2022, why are you still spending so much time on your invoices? You’re losing so much time! Invoicing software has come a long way.

AI invoicing software takes care of boring, repetitive tasks and can create invoices from projects, contracts and timesheets. You can let the program do the work for you and then quickly check the invoice and if needed change a few details. You can even integrate the software with other programs you use – super handy if you for instance log all the time you spend working for a client. This way, you never have to wonder how many hours you spent on a project. 

Most invoicing software also gives you an alert when your clients are late with their payments so you can give them a call and ask what happened or hire a debt collection agency (Dutch: incassobureau inschakelen). Being fast to notice unpaid invoices is important: in the case your collection agency (Dutch: incassobureau) has to file for bankruptcy for your debtor, you want to be the first person to get paid! 

4. HR Management Software

Why spend hours inputting holiday days or personal information, when HR management software has been transformed in the last few years? There are many useful programs on the market where AI automates payroll, benefits and more. The self-operation workflows allow you to have more time for important tasks and also allow you to see your employee data in the blink of an eye. Want to check your turnover rate or your diversity stats? In just a few clicks you can see everything you need. 

Which AI software is going to transform your weekly schedule? 

4 Types of Software Business Owners Need to Use  was last updated December 1st, 2023 by Marunis Nutma