Vignesh Sundaresan: “MetaKovan”

Hailing the power of Decentralization is the idea that anyone can reach their milestones. And the most significant evidence of this is “MetaKovan,” a pseudonym used everywhere. So, then who is “Metakovan”?

He’s a person from South India with a real identity, named “Vignesh Sundaresan.” Let’s know about his journey from nothing to a Billionaire. Instead, don’t mislead yourself, as he is not from a wealthy society background. He could not even afford to buy a laptop for himself but just a flash drive to learn to code 1k daily profit, as he is a software engineer by academic profession. Dominating the crisis, somehow, he managed to learn to code and created around 54 websites, out of which 51 of those flopped. He had the potential to learn & start a journey with nothing and make a $5000 investment into a Billion dollar, with a perspective of helping their surrounding people to grow.

Besides, Vignesh is a Y-Combinator alumnus and a co-founder of BitAcces, a Bitcoin ATM startup. He also founded the Lendroid Foundation, a credit card platform powered by the blockchain. Further, he founded a software techno enterprise named Portkey Technologies Pte Ltd. Moreover, he also financed some incomparable crypto projects, like Polkadot, Ethereum, Flow, and Decentral lands.

The legit user-friendly app that has blockchain software introduced in it that helps in keeping all our transactions safe and secure.

After studying at Carleton University, he fell in love with blockchain in 2013. Getting exposed to a globally leading idea of decentralized money, he accumulated that this will be a big boom in coming years. It’s almost turning a decade, and he had made it a long way journey from a broke software engineer to a “Billionaire” crypto holder. Vignesh spent most of his time on Bitcoin and blockchain and invested every little saving into learning and building a Bitcoin company. He acquired Bitcoin, Ethereum, Crypto, & Blockchain.

He founded the e-coin startup and later sold it to Casa Crypto in 2014. He also built Canada’s first Bitcoin Teller Machine (BTM) prototype, initiated in Ottawa. And ought to be an everyday conversation with Bitaccess. The startup became known as BitAccess, which was a Y-Combinator-funded enterprise. The Lendroid Foundation is a long-time dream that he finally realized.


Vignesh believes so much in crypto; all that he owns is in crypto because he feels that everything is virtual in this world now, like decentralized money, Land, Art, and so on. He’s a billionaire with no cars, no properties or lands, or stocks. But he owns a lot in the virtual world, which made him achieve this position. As he’s a firm believer in crypto, he bought a Genesis edition crypto jacket worth $660, connected to a blockchain, and an address printed of his NFT having an NFID chip in it. Nevertheless, he made the most expensive purchase of virtual digital art by an American artist, “Beeple” in his “Everyday: the First 5000 Days” auction, which is worth $69.3M ~ $70M. It is the most extravagant virtual art sold in history via NFT on 11 March 2021. And is the third most costly art sold by the living artists in the world. Mr. Sundaresan also mentioned that “This is the most valued piece of art in this generation to be noticed as a Crown Jewel.”

MetaKovan, in his interview, also announced that they are planning to build a monument in a Metaverse, a virtual space, and is a part of one of his fundings in MetaPurse. He also owns land in Metaverse and plans to build a monument there for the public and introduce these 440 million pixels of digital art in its proper form as a digital native picture to enjoy its beauty.

The reason for buying extravagant art is its uniqueness. It is owned just by him as original, whereas others can download it for free to watch. Also, it was an act of kindness and a helping hand to all the artists, singers, and other persons out there.

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