Top Bitcoin Millionaires in the World

The market capitalization of Bitcoins has been found to be $913.1 billion till December of 2021. Bitcoin is indeed one of the most important digital assets in the market. It is added among the lists of the most successful digital currencies all over the world. It is a revolutionary concept. The very first Bitcoin which had been traded in the market or exchange-traded fund (ETF), launched in October of 2021. This has given a new boost to cryptocurrency in the market. To know more about ETF, Bitcoin, and trading, visit bitcoinx.

The sudden and unprecedented rise of Bitcoins from 2009 has created a diversified portfolio of investors. The categories of investors have been divided into millionaires and billionaires. Most of these millionaires have been cashing off the ever-growing ecosystem of Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies in the market. The others have been judicious enough to create their own brand of financial products. Their tokens have been accepted by the other traders and created millions in return. The surge in popularity of Bitcoins has been entirely the contribution of the investors who believed in its power.

Bitcoin can never be considered among the group of risky assets. The absence of any kind of central or regulatory body has created an open path for volatility. The criminals and investors are interested in the field with the same energy. Smaller drawbacks have not held the billionaires back. Rather, they thought it would be interesting to invest in something which has economic opportunities with some risk elements.

Owner of the Most Bitcoins

  • Did you know that Bitcoins had been created by an anonymous internet entity? Yes, Satoshi Nakamoto had been the anonymous designer of Bitcoins and it is believed that he had mined more than 22,000 blocks in the platform.
  • It is also rumored that the creator had hold of one million Bitcoins just as cumulative rewards for his great works. It is strongly believed that Satoshi has the greatest number of Bitcoins in the entire world. 
  • He has more than 1 million BTCs and it has been valued at about $ 4,500,000,000 in present times.

Billionaires in Bitcoins

  • Three Bitcoin addresses have more than 100,000 Bitcoins each. None of these include Satoshi.
  • Binance, Bitifinex, and another unnamed company have their names on the list of being billionaires in Bitcoins. 
  • They collectively have 575,000 Bitcoins in their collection. That is something hard to contend with.

Companies With the Most Number of Bitcoins

  • Large corporations like Microstrategy, Galaxy Digital Holdings, and Tesla own treasuries worth in Bitcoins.
  • They do so in order to protect their assets against any kind of inflation of prices. 
  • Negative yield bonds can also be countered in this manner. They issue corporate bonds with lower rates of interest. Cheap debt is created by these enterprises to earn profits as soon as the dollar prices inflate. 
  • Bitcoins can also help to pay off the debts of these companies when required.

Public Companies

  • Public companies collectively own about 216,038 Bitcoins. This is about 1.029% of the total supply of Bitcoins in the blockchain market. 
  • Ten of the famous public companies have a balance of 200,000 Bitcoins in total. 
  • Microstrategy on itself has more than 105,000 Bitcoins which is about 0.05% of the entire supply. Corporate strategies include the development of a treasury which can keep the bonds safe. 
  • The tactics have allowed Microstrategy to acquire Bitcoins at a low rate and sell them beyond expectations. 
  • Tesla has about 42,902 Bitcoins in the market. 
  • Galaxy Digital Holdings has 16,400 Bitcoins in its treasury.

Private Companies

  • According to the data and statistics, private companies have about 174,068 Bitcoins in the collection. 
  • This is about 0.829% of the entire collection. 
  • Block. one, a Chinese company, has about 140,000 Bitcoins in its treasury.

Governments in Bitcoin Holding

  • All governments around the world have accumulated 259,870 Bitcoins in their possession. 
  • Bulgaria is claimed to own 213,519 Bitcoins and Ukraine comes around with 46,351 Bitcoins from the market.
  • The United States of America has about 70,000 Bitcoins in the cache. FBI and other agencies are responsible for the safekeeping.


Companies are no longer conservative about buying and selling Bitcoins in the market. They have realized that corporate bonds can turn out to be better with Bitcoins in their possession. The public companies of the United States have tried to hold Bitcoins in their own treasuries. This has been done as a precaution against Bitcoin price falls. The interests in terms of Bitcoins will always be in the field as long as virtual assets are accepted by the investors. 

Top Bitcoin Millionaires in the World was last updated January 11th, 2022 by Dean Miller