Top 10 Best Educational Apps For Android Devices

Android devices make up a large percentage of the phone market. These days, as more students spend time learning away from the classroom, it can be helpful to use as many resources as you can find. In this article, we discuss 10 educational apps for android users.

10 of the Best Educational Apps for Android Devices

Here are 10 impressive educational apps you’ll find in the Google Play Store:

1. Khan Academy

This app is very popular and completely free of charge. You get the opportunity to study traditional subjects such as math, English, physics, and so much more. This educational app has more than 10,000 videos made by experts that you’re sure you’re getting the best.

2.. Amazon Kindle

This learning app has a ton of guides and books that can be used for reference while working on personal projects. The app itself is free, while the costs of the books vary. All you need to do when you find a book you like is buy it, download it, then read it.

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3. SoloLearn

SoloLearn is a great app for learning programming. It can be used for free, or you can go for the monthly premium version for $4.99 or the annual premium version for $45.99. The app teaches Java, Python, C++, and much more programming languages.

4. Coursera

Coursera can be looked at as an online school. The app is free, while the cost of courses varies, with some being free and some costing a couple of dollars a month. While Coursera is a great app, there’s an abundance of online courses you can use if you need help in essay writing. Or you can hire service and get their second opinion on your essay. They can also write it for you entirely.

5. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn learning can be considered new when compared to other apps on this list. It’s completely free and comes with enough videos and lessons aimed at teaching you some of the most in-demand skills needed in the workplace. This app also supports Chromecast and offline viewing.

6. Duolingo

While Duolingo can be used for free, there are some limitations that might push you to consider the premium version, with a monthly fee of $9.99 and an annual fee of $95.99. Duolingo, like most apps, teaches you the language in small amounts so you can easily understand it.

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7. Udemy

While the Udemy app is free, the courses it offers aren’t always free, with prices varying. Udemy offers a lot of courses that cover writing, programming, and even finance and engineering. Each course comes with videos and lessons you can use to your advantage

8. Photomath

As you might have guessed, this app focuses mainly on developing your math skills. It’s completely free with no hidden charges. It operates by using your camera and OCR technology to scan math equations you write down and gives you the answer in return. This app is great for those looking to work on their math skills as it gives you the answer and the procedure to solve it yourself.

9. WolframAlpha

This app costs $2.99 and is considered a serious app for only the most serious scholars. It comes with a calculator and tons of information on different topics. Topics covered include math, statistics, chemistry, and much more.

10. YouTube

The YouTube app can be used for free; however, depending on your region, you might need to pay a monthly fee of $12.99 to download videos for offline consumption. You’ll find videos on music, soccer, fashion, and, most importantly, education. Almost anyone on the internet can record a bunch of educational videos, which makes the options available truly immense. 

Final Thoughts

Education is a vital part of everyone’s life. As technology continues to progress, you can learn from anywhere, even from the comfort of your phone. Hopefully, the apps shared today might prove useful as you begin your learning journey.

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