The Best SEO Tools to Boost Your Google Rankings

No master can do the job without proper instruments. The same is true for site optimization and promotion. If you still think that good articles are enough for putting your resource on the first page of results, you are still living in the Stone Age. Implement modern tools to achieve maximum results. 

There are a lot of free options available, and they work well. But in most cases, the free version provides only limited functionality. For the most efficient and quality services, you’ll have to pay for the full scope of services. This article will describe the most interesting and useful ideas for resource optimization. We divided them according to the optimization direction.


To implement the most effective keys, you need to know the most relevant words and the keys popular among the competitors. Use Google Analytics or a similar service to determine the keys relevant to your topic. Place the most important words into the title and meta description; less popular variants can be spread evenly throughout the article. Don’t forget to check the rivals’ strategy regularly. It will allow you to correct your tactics in time and maintain your position.


Links leading to your site from other resources are an extremely effective method of raising your ranking. The rule of thumb: the resources where you place your links should be reputable and trustworthy. Otherwise, it can harm your site rankings or simply be useless.

You don’t have to surf the Internet and choose suitable sites manually; numerous instruments facilitate this task. You can read a detailed free backlink generators review. Select the tool that suits better for the skills and the goal.

Code and Internal Links

Do you know that the invisible part of your site has a major effect on the overall efficiency? Search robots analyze the information and the code of the resource, and you can use it for your benefit. Optimize the programming part to ensure successful indexation. You should revise and fix broken links, analyze the efficiency of meta titles and descriptions. To learn interesting details of code optimization, read this post. You can find a list of top SEO promotion tools for the best Google optimization.

Overall Site Performance

Check the traffic of all the pages you have. This way, you can determine the most effective parts of your resource and make necessary improvements for the sections with poorer performance. New platforms for SEO boost will show you the sources of the visitors’ flow. It’s extremely useful information; you need to find out the promotion methods you can get rid of and the effective tools worth additional investments. What is the best SEO ranking software that will show the most promising tactic? More interesting tips on improving your SEO methods you can find on

Your Current Position

To raise the site’s efficiency, you must determine its place among the rivals. The simplest evaluation method is to google your company using the most popular keywords. The results will present your ranks compared to other companies in this field. You’ll receive an approximate picture of the alignment of forces. To receive more exact information, utilize analytic tools designed for this job. For tracking the results of your rivals, such services as Ahrefs can be truly helpful. In a few clicks, you’ll receive a list of companies with detailed statistics data. You can utilize this platform for complex site audits and key research. ProRank Tracker is a useful tool for this part of site optimization. It has a great reporting option, remote access through a convenient web interface.


The articles and posts you publish on your resource are vital for an SEO boost. The resource should contain only interesting, high-quality and proven information, and you’ll be surprised to know that modern tools can help with it. Screaming Frog makes data analysis easier and facilitates determining broken links and other reasons for poor content performance. It will easily spot duplications in your materials and build a site map for attraction to search robots. The platform has free and paid pricing plans, and best suits small and medium companies. The best SEO tools ensure a powerful marketing effect.

Serpstat can be extremely useful because of marketing suggestions and recommendations and a thorough audit of your materials. The service can quickly boost the performance and ranking of the site, but all the versions are paid-for. Four pricing plans are available, so it’s possible to fit them into your budget. This complex instrument is ideal for medium-sized enterprises. 

Now you have a complete picture of tools you can utilize for your site enhancement. They differ in price, functionality, and included instruments, so pick the most suitable variant for your tactic, company size, and goals. Using the wrong program can still be helpful, but it means a waste of money and resources, so choose wisely.

The Best SEO Tools to Boost Your Google Rankings was last updated March 22nd, 2024 by Anna Shevchuk