Is Forza Horizon Already Losing Its Popularity?

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Forza Horizon is hands down one of the best car racing games that I have ever played in my life and that is for a variety of reasons and the developers, Playground makes sure that every new entry in the series is better than the previous and brings something new to the table.

And that is exactly the case with Forza’s latest entry to the series, Forza Horizon 5. The game is said to be THE MOST versatile Forza title to date and by the looks from the gameplay, it sure is! Soon after the release of the game, players went crazy to try out the different modes that Forza had to offer.

But lately, the craze seems to be dying out just as quickly as it got hyped up. So is Forza Horizon 5 account already losing its popularity and if so, why?

The Release of HALO Infinite

One of the things that made Forza Horizon 5 a hit right out of the box is the fact that the game was available to download and play on the first day of release for all the Xbox game pass players and with such huge popularity, players were bound to drift off into the streets of Mexico.

But apparently, the early release of HALO Infinite which is also available for the players with a game pass proved to be quite a hit for Forza Horizon 5. Players started moving from Forza to HALO Infinite for the sake of gameplay in no time. And that has heavily affected the anticipated popularity of the new Forza title.

And while that is one of the reasons why Forza is getting a bit overshadowed, there is more to it than just the release of HALO Infinite.

Arcade Gamemodes

Forza, just like any other racing game, started off as a realistic car racing and driving game with all the focus on making the player experience as close to reality as possible while also keeping the element of fun in the game. But with the latest entry, the game developers have shifted more of their attention towards making the game more arcade-y by introducing so many game modes that are basically there for the players to have a good time. Some of the game modes even feel like we are driving around Rocket League cars but in rather a realistic world.

While all this freedom and choice is great, some players just find it to be boring after a few plays, which makes them want to try out different options. Hence they are moving to other games released in the same timeframe as Forza. I personally love the game modes as they allow players to make the game entirely your own with the level of control that they give to the players.

However, this control also comes with a price tag that might just be a bit on the face for many.

The Crazy Bans

Like they say, with great power comes great responsibility. The tons of customization options that Forza Horizon 5 has given to the players also come with rules and regulations, which makes sense but the recent incidents suggest otherwise.

This one incident where a player customized his ride with a KFC wrap where he put Kim Jong Un’s photo instead of the original KFC guy. He was literally banned from the game for over 8000 years!! I know that sounds insane and it actually is but that’s how it is.

While the developers are trying their best to make the player experience as memorable as possible, there are quite a few things that are just not going their way and these incidents are just one of the prime examples.

Game Bugs

Speaking of player experience, despite all the efforts that the developers are putting into their game, there still are bugs and glitches in the game which are quite frustrating for many. And while these bugs and glitches are not totally game-breaking, they are still bad enough for a polished game like Forza, enough to tarnish the reputation.

Players are reporting these issues from time to time and I am sure, developers will come to the rescue and fix these but for now, they remain to be one of the reasons why players are moving to other games.

Even though the game is somewhat losing its popularity, I still think that there is no real competition to Forza Horizon when it comes to the MOST REALISTIC car racing experience to date.

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