8 Home Security Tips To Keep Your Family Safe From Burglars

One of the very first things families consider when looking for a new place is the safety of the neighborhood. Home safety measures have evolved tremendously over the past, but with this evolution, the crime rate has also significantly increased. According to FBI statistics, a burglary occurs every 30 seconds in the United States.

Therefore, when you move to a new house, decorating the place should come second, the first thing people should do is to set up home security systems to deter any potential burglaries. While home burglaries may seem random, they are actually based on a pretty simple selection process. Burglars choose a house that looks unoccupied, has easy access and has good cover. To help you with your security checklist, here are 8 home security tips to keep your home and family safe from burglars. 

1. Lock The Windows 

Windows are the most common entry point for burglars, so the first line of defense against intruders would be to lock your windows properly. However, traditional window latches and locks aren’t always effective. Criminals can easily pick a window lock, or even break a window to enter your house. The solution is to invest in some aftermarket window locks or key operating levers that come with an added level of security. Other alternatives can include: 

  • Reinforce window glass with security films. This helps prevent the glass of your windows from shattering and hence effectively stop window break-ins. 
  • Install window sensors that alert you when someone’s trying to pry open your windows from the outside. These sensors also alert you when the glass is broken. 
  • Add window bars that provide the highest level of protection. With these, there’s no chance a burglar will even think of entering your house through the windows. 
  • Plant bushes with thorns and pricks under the exterior side of your windows. 

2. Secure The Doors 

Don’t give easy access to the burglars by leaving your doors unsecured. This does not imply that you should simply lock your doors and hope for the best. Many robbers knock down doors to gain access to a home. What you need is an extra layer of security, which you can achieve by adding a deadbolt, a strike plate, switching to smart locks, or purchasing a video doorbell. This way, you’ll always be able to keep an eye on your front door. Plus, smart locks require secure authentication that only you or your family members can provide, and if the intruders try to break the door down, the sensor will alert you no matter where you are. 

3. Get Outdoor Lights 

With ample outdoor lighting, burglars will be put on display if they try to break into your house, and therefore, they usually avoid breaking into homes with a lightened landscape. You can install lights along your front and backyard, pathways, near the garage, and around other outdoor structures. Not only will this make the burglars think twice before trying to break into your house, but will also help prevent you from tripping in the dark. If you’re worried about your carbon footprint when using so much energy, convert to solar-powered lights.  

4. Invest In A Home Security System 

Your house should have some type of security measure to help prevent break-ins, whether it’s a simple alarm system or a high-tech, automated system. There are numerous options when it comes to a home security system, you can purchase one that meets your security needs and budget. When purchasing a security system, you should consider these factors: 

  • Whether the system will need to be installed by professionals.
  • Research the brand’s reputation and customer service. 
  • Whether the system has any extra benefits like smoke or carbon monoxide detection. 
  • The installation and monthly charges. 

5. Add Security Cameras 

Having a security camera installed outside your home will not only act as a deterrent for intruders and burglars but also provide you with evidence in case a robbery does take place. Many robbers and porch pirates have been caught because their faces got identified through the security footage. Whether you get a security camera as a part of a home security system or separately, you should opt for one that connects with your smartphone so that you can keep an eye on your place in real-time, and store the footage in case you ever need it.  

6. Eliminate Hiding Places 

Trees, shrubs, and plants may give your home a nice appeal, but they also provide the perfect hiding place for burglars. Therefore, you should always keep the trees and shrubs near your windows trimmed down. You can also opt for smaller flowers and bushes instead of large trees. Eliminate any other potential hiding place that would provide cover to a thief, and give them easy access to enter your place. 

7. Use Home Automation 

If you’ve been thinking of converting your house to a smart home, added security is one great reason to consider this option. Home automation will allow you to control lights, door locks, security cameras, sensors, smoke detectors, and other safety devices. You will get instant alerts in case any suspicious activity is going around in your house so that you can respond in time and stop any potential burglars. Here’s how you can use home automation to your advantage. 

  • Schedule lights to turn on and off when you’re not in your house. 
  • Scare away burglars and porch pirates with a two-way talk system using a smart doorbell. 
  • Get instant video footage when anyone walks up to your driveway. 

8. Lock Your Garage 

Your garage is another common entry point for burglars. Even if your garage isn’t connected to your house, there’s a pretty good chance that you store some valuable stuff in there. Therefore, you should ensure that you lock your garage door, and make sure it’s secured. Here are some ways you can do that: 

  • Cover garage windows to hide the goods inside. 
  • Upgrade to a smart garage door opener. 
  • Install extra locks for added security. 
  • Add a driveway alarm. 

Setting up preventive security measures can be somewhat overwhelming, however, they don’t have to become a chore. Follow the tips presented above to ensure that your house is secured when you leave it unattended. Secure every entry point, and use the available equipment to ensure the highest level of security to keep your family safe from burglars.

8 Home Security Tips To Keep Your Family Safe From Burglars was last updated March 13th, 2024 by Allen Brown