Top 9 UX Design Blogs for Inspiration

The UX design sphere is saturated with an embarrassment of riches in terms of resources and tools. While the variety of options is excellent, it can be challenging for designers looking for inspiration to know which options are best to look to for valuable insight. This is especially true when it comes to UX design blogs. There are just so many out there that it would be a full-time job just getting through many of them to find which offer the most quality resources. 

With that in mind, we decided to do the hard work and provide you with a nice consolidated list of the most quality UX design blogs to inspire designers worldwide. 

UX Planet

They are looking for a top-down resource that includes a comprehensive collection of topics ranging from beginners’ guides to leadership articles and career advice? Then look no further than one of the standard-bearers in the UX design article blogs, UX Planet. Even non-designers can dive into the beginner section to start getting introduced to primary and intermediate design concepts.

The contributors to UX Planet include a vast array of designers, all with varying backgrounds and different routes that took them into the world of UX design. With such a diverse crew at work, there will be plenty of “real talk” from current experts who learned much in the same way, along with words of encouragement, advice, and how-to guides. It is a truly fantastic resource to leverage to kick off your UX career.

The Nielsen Norman Group

Don Norman (responsible for coining the term “user experience” back in the 90s) and Jakob Neilsen, two widely recognized and respected UX gurus, started The Nielsen Norman Group, a helpful website for those seeking introduction and education to many terms necessary for anyone getting into the UX sphere. The featured content’s quality, breadth, and depth more than make up for the lack of the blog’s flashiness. At the Nielsen Norman Group blog, you can read up on topics like web accessibility and usability, UX-based psychology, and many digestible yet comprehensive explanations about the most key UX principles, tools, and techniques.

XD Ideas

XD Ideas is a relative newcomer in the UX sphere. Backed and powered by Adobe XD, this blog may have been started with the intent to appeal to UX beginners, but it has undoubtedly outgrown that aim by becoming a resource stocked with a wide coverage area of all aspects of the UX realm. Intuitively navigable, XD Ideas include guides to assist in understanding the basic principles and concepts of UX design, as well as tips that are pivotal to anyone dipping their toes into the UX world. With a vast collection of multi-background contributors, XD Ideas benefit a wide range of opinions and viewpoints from the industry’s most experienced gurus.

UX Collective

Suppose you are familiar with the Medium content hub. In that case, you’d be interested in finding out that they host a blog publication explicitly devoted to no-nonsense UX content presented in an easily understandable and digestible manner. The UX Collective blog, founded, edited, and curated by designer Caio Braga and his award-winning design partner in the venture, Fabrico Texeira, focuses on its intuitive structure and provides readers with powerful insights from top industry designers and a focus on sharing the most valuable content. This blog features everything from career advice, real-world UX design application, and portfolio advice to deep-dive reviews of well-known products and loads of tips that can help you improve your UX design learning experience. Those interested in the blog’s content who want to have some great content written into their email inbox can sign up for the weekly UX Collective newsletter.

Inside Design

If you have done any digging into UX design platforms, you have likely run across InVision. But did you know that InVision also hosts a superb blog, an industry leader in the field, named Inside Design? Anyone who has already started their UX education can find a ton of valuable content at Inside Design. It is an especially invaluable tool for those seeking to expand their understanding of product design and the process of UX development and those looking to optimize their UX teams and processes. If you want to stay on top of the latest UX news, this blog will always supply fresh, new material for you to learn about the latest events, tools, and trends.

The UX Blog

The Medium platform hosts another tremendous blog resource that covers UX topics spanning any realm of design, including (but not limited to) visual and design content, new views on industry standards and practices, and interviews with renowned industry experts. It even hosts its podcast, the episodes of which can be accessed right from the blog. If you are interested in keeping current with all UX aspects and value the viewpoints of leading industry experts, the UX Blog is one to keep in mind.


The Awwwards blog is mainly geared at UI interested readers, but it features a healthy dose of valuable, fresh UX information. The blog’s UI/UX section is stocked with unique content about everything from navigation to microcopy, enough to help pump your creative UX engines. The library of case studies alone is worth the visit for anyone looking for deep UX knowledge. One tremendous aspect of this blog is that its content is illustrated, assisting visual learners in their quest to discover and learn some invaluable UX concepts. The Awwwards blog is beneficial to those who enjoy access to an exciting mix of UX and UI concepts, principles, and news.


Suppose you’re looking for examples of real-world applications of UX and love to read case studies, stopover at the Muzli blog. The case studies are thorough and varied, but all deeply enriched with viewpoints from various designs that illustrate how UX is levered effectively, spurring ideas and creativity for the blog’s readers. They even cover common problems encountered by UX designers, helping readers stay ahead of the UX learning curve, perfect for novices or intermediaries to the UX realm. Weekly content with great advice and tips can also help UX designers and aspiring newbies learn and be inspired by the latest UX trends and concepts.

Facebook Design

Few designer teams have nailed down the concept like Facebook has, which is why reading the Facebook Design blog is a fantastic way to learn and be inspired by the behind-the-scenes view of how Facebook designers operate in their day-to-day activities. While some of the content is specific to Facebook, that is far from the case for its overall coverage. Many important and valuable tips are provided by a talented staff of designer contributors that provide great UX concept explanations and help inform readers about undoubtedly key social responsibilities associated with UX design, an area not addressed often enough. 

Final Thoughts

Regardless of your level of UX experience, interested readers from all walks of UX design dimensions can benefit from tons of valuable content available on the provided blogs above. Whether you are building your knowledge library as a novice or staying on top of current trends, this collection of blogs will provide you with tons of great content in the ever-developing and exciting UX industry.

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