How to Get Better at Typing

Typing is something you master over time. When you keep on writing large quantities of text, that is when you get a chance to increase your typing speed as well as your skill overall. Yet, just typing in bulk isn’t the only thing that improves your typing. There are a number of other factors as well that can help you get better at this skill. Before we discuss them, the question that needs to be asked is why do you need to get better at typing.

Why Do You Need to Type Better?

Typing better helps you save time, makes you more productive, and helps in better hand and eye coordination. When you start typing, at the beginning you will constantly be switching your view between the keys and the screen but once you become frequent in typing, you will keep on looking at the screen for minutes while you type on continuously for a number of minutes. This is the advantage better typing brings with it. Typing better also helps in lesser procrastination since you get done with work quicker and can then move on to do other things you have planned for yourself. Do typing master free download for windows 7 if you are still using windows 7.

Now that we’ve discussed the advantages you will have once you get to type better, here are the ways you can improve the way you type. Make sure to go through this list carefully as it will surely help you become a better typist.

Ways to Become Better at Typing

Improve Your Workspace

A lot of people believe that fast and correct typing will come to them when they learn to master their keyboard. As true as that might be, it isn’t the entire thing that you will need to master your typing ways. The truth is that you will need to begin with a workspace that is clean, spacious, properly ventilated, and comfortable. For optimal typing, get a table that suits you instead of working with your computer in your lap. If you will be typing for an extended period then make sure you are comfortable. A comfy environment for yourself counts for a lot when you are typing for hours.

Fix Your Posture

If you want to type well then you will need the right posture to go with it because when you have the right posture only then will you have productivity in your work. Typing shouldn’t be done under stress. It is probably the last thing that you should be doing under stress. Make sure that the place where you are typing is comfortable. Your wrists should be positioned in such a way that your fingers can cover the keyboard. Tilt your head a bit as you can look at the screen properly. Adjust your chair so that you can position your chair the way that you like and get yourself the best posture for yourself. You’ll see an automatic rise in your productivity levels the moment you fix your posture.

Hold Your Posture

Just having a posture isn’t enough. The important part is to maintain that posture while you type. Ensure that your posture remains like the one you started with because that is important. At times we get so indulged in work that we forget to maintain the posture we began with hence leaving us with different kinds of pain and aches. These aches are going to slow you down and have a way to keep you out of rhythm. Make sure to not let them get in your way and hold your posture the right way. This is going to prevent you from a lot of back pain! We’re talking with experience here!

Familiarize Yourself with Your Keyboard

Your keyboard is the only thing you’ll ever need for your typing so why not get familiar with your weapon, right? This shouldn’t be a problem because all the keyboards in the world have the same QWERTY layout regardless of where you are. So even if you upgrade your laptop or computer, the keyboard will remain the same. The reason this layout is given this name is because the letters that make up the top-left corner of the keyboard are Q, W, E, R, T, and Y. Apart from this, another important thing that you can learn on your keyboard are the important shortcuts. Some of these include copy, paste, cut, and changing the font.

Speak the Keys Out Loud

When you type the keys, make sure to look at the screen as much as you can and say out loud the key which you are typing. This will help you to remember the pattern of your keyboard and will help you memorize the keys better. This step will go a long way and it will help you memorize the keys. It can easily help you learn how to type faster than before. You can stop speaking the keys out loud once you become habitual in typing and know where your keys are. Until you’re not, telling yourself which key you’re typing is going to help you a lot.

Start Slowly With Touch Typing

Touch typing is the method where you type without looking at the keyboard. The fundamental idea is that each finger is given its own section of the keyboard and your fingers learn the location of the keyboard through practicing regularly and gaining muscle memory to eventually build up speed whilst typing. If you’re only just starting off with touch typing then you might need a lot of time on this step. However, once you learn to type key combinations without looking at the keyboard, your speed will increase.

Don’t Look at Hand Movements

The main goal of typing is to not look at your hands whenever you’re typing so that your fingers are made to learn how the keys work. When you constantly keep looking at your hands, you will notice that your speed reduces. Although it might be difficult to not look at your hands at the start, stick to looking at the screen. This will help you hit higher speeds in less time and you’ll be giving yourself a pat on the back when you end up increasing your speed.

Typing Games

This trick is actually one of the most useful ones on this list. You can download any type of typing game from Getintopc for free. Typing games help you improve your typing immensely. There are a number of websites online that can help you get better at typing. These websites score your and have different modes such as speed typing and typing a number of words inside a minute to help you increase the way you type as well as your speed. You can try improving your record and competing with others as well. Some of these websites are Typing Club, The Typing Cat, and which you can use to improve your typing.

Dictation Practice

If writing is time-consuming for you then another alternative to good practice is to listen to something and then type it alongside. There is no limit of any kind to the number of things you can type. As you listen, keep on typing it side-by-side. This will help you to type better while also improving your hearing and typing coordination. Plus, this is a fun activity as well. You can use an e-book, a YouTube video, an online lecture, or even the dialogues of your favorite movie that you can type.

Monitor Your Progress

Make sure to keep a track of the progress that you’ve made so far as you go on. It is important that you don’t get obsessed with how many words you type in a given time. That’s not what this is about. Yes, improving your speed is important but the most important thing is to be comfortable while typing. With time, the number of words you type in a given time is going to increase as well. Worry about quality over quantity and your typing level will improve automatically.

Get Formal Training

There are specifically designed courses and typing lessons that will boost your abilities to make sure you type better. You just need to go online and find courses that are free and start doing them. These are exercises carefully catered for beginners as well as experts to improve their typing rate. These short-term courses are definitely going to boost up your typing speed and that is what is going to make your typing better than before.

Practice Makes Perfect

The final tip of course is to keep on practicing what you’ve learned so far in the world of typing. These tips mentioned above will be of no use if you don’t apply them whenever you sit down and type so make sure to use these tips as told since they will help you improve the rate of your typing. The more practice you carry out, the quicker your typing is going to improve making sure you get done with your tasks quicker. Typing is one of those skills that is polished every time you carry it out!

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