Best Free and Cheap CRM Software Apps

During the COVID-19 epidemic, online sales, client retention, and email marketing were critical for organizations. Fortune Business Insights believes that the customer relationship management (CRM) industry will continue to develop significantly over the next several years, owing to the fact that many workers and clients increasingly work remotely.

Businesses utilize CRM software to streamline marketing and communications. It aids both startups and established businesses in improving customer service and interactions while automating and streamlining a large portion of the sales process. A CRM system could support you integrate all the client data on one platform, whether your firm utilizes spreadsheets to manage transactions, needs to update its sales practices, or is a startup that’s just getting started.

It might take a long time, a lot of effort, and several trials to find out which CRM software is right for you and how to utilize it. Companies who aren’t sure if they want to switch to a CRM should try out a free version first. This way, they won’t be out any money if a certain CRM doesn’t work out for them.

Free CRM plans typically lack the sophisticated features found in premium versions, but they might be useful for small organizations that are new to CRM software or for bigger companies with a high number of CRM users who don’t want to pay a per-user price. Unlike a time-limited free trial, a free version allows you to master the new platform at your own pace. You’ll also have more time to figure out which features are most vital to your company before choosing a vendor.

Below, you can read about the best free and cheap CRM Software Apps that are useful for approximately every small to large scale business. (To buy software, you can use Wadav Software Coupons. Wadav offers Software Apps related coupons, discount codes, and promo codes through which you can get discount deals on different CRM and other Software Apps of well-known tech companies).

1. Freshworks CRM

Freshworks CRM’s free plan includes a competitive feature set, with in-built calls, unlimited users, and a robust support package among the features. Contact management, phone and email logging, deal status, and customer-facing chat capability are all part of the fundamental CRM features.

The possibility to add an infinite number of users is a unique advantage; nevertheless, without workflow automation, a growing team would be forced to undertake more manual tasks. You can establish tasks and reminders tied to a transaction, for example, but you can’t make them happen when the deal status changes.

The program allows you to import new data and amend transactions, making managing contacts and deals simple. Although complex capabilities such as custom fields aren’t accessible, small teams can still benefit from the built-in phone and call and email logging functions. Although lead generation is restricted, Freshworks can gather leads from online forms, which is useful if your website receives a lot of traffic.

2. Bitrix24

Most CRMs, especially free versions, limit the number of users and contacts you may have. Bitrix24 is the only one of our picks that gives limitless for both (HubSpot offers unlimited users and 1 million contacts). This, together with its other characteristics, distinguishes it from the competition. Besides contact management, the software includes workgroups, chat, internal activity streams, and polls for team communication.

The numerous features of Bitrix24 might be intimidating at first, but you can conceal, delete, and rearrange the different menu elements. Then, from within each menu item (for example, CRM), you may alter the order of the elements (e.g., deals, contacts, companies, analytics). Click the Sitemap button in the bottom-left of the menu if you ever want to view everything at a glance.

You may invite your complete staff to utilize Bitrix24 and assign them to the app departments you establish with limitless users. Your workers will be granted access to their own personalized version of the app after they accept the invitation. To provide access to each user for viewing and making changes, you must upgrade to the premium editions. 

3. Less Annoying CRM

Less Annoying CRM (also known as LACRM) is an all-in-one CRM solution for small enterprises. They provide a 30-day free trial. They then have a single, low-cost premium plan after that.

Task management, lead-to-sale, contact management, and follow-ups are all handled by LACRM. Track your prospects via sales pipelines and manage all of your client data. Keep track of upcoming events and tasks (in easy-to-use calendar and agenda formats). It’s a fantastic real estate CRM.

Inside LACRM, emails written and received outside of a CRM platform can be tracked. Every user receives a unique email logging address from the app. You may make a contact with any email service provider.

Final Thoughts

Sales operations may be made more effective with features like drag-and-drop deal status management, automatically tracking client conversations and emails, and simplifying fundamental duties, which is especially useful for small and medium-sized firms.

That is why sales and marketing teams use CRM software to manage client interactions more effectively and close more transactions.

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