What Criteria Should You Follow to Buy Waterproof Headphones?

When you intend to purchase waterproof headphones, you need to consider a specific criterion to ensure that you get the best bargain available. I hope this guide will help you get the most out of the value for money on your new headphones for swimming. The criteria should cover the following points:

  • Use
  • The Quality of Sound
  • Protection Certificate
  • Capacity
  • Battery
  • Design


Rationally speaking, the very first thing to consider is what use you will give your waterproof headphones and in what setting you will use them. You won’t need the same type of device to swim for hours in a pool as for a relaxing half-hour session in the sauna after a long day at work.If you need to use them for surfing, you should opt for a model that offers maximum resistance, given the large number of impacts that can take place during such an activity.If you want to listen to music while you shower, you might be better off opting for wireless ones for added comfort.

Sound Quality

  • You need to pay attention to three technical parameters in this regard:
  • The impedance measured in ohms
  • The sensitivity in decibels
  • The frequency range in Hertz

Impedance values ​​between 16 and 60 ohms are fine; in any case, the lower, the better, as this way, the waterproof headphones will offer less resistance to the power delivery.

In terms of sensitivity, the higher, the better, as less power will be necessary for the waterproof headphones to sound loud enough. Also, it is desirable that the frequency range is as close as possible to values ​​between 18 or 20 Hz, which is the range of frequencies that the human ear can hear.

Protection Level

The protection level against water offered by waterproof headphones is another crucial aspect. In relation to this, it is also important that you take into account the use;for instance, if you want them for swimming, you will need an IPX8 protection level. To use waterproof headphones in the shower, IPX7 will be good enough.


Most waterproof headphones have their own built-in player. In that case, you shouldn’t overlook the storage capacity. Most of them have an internal memory of between 2 GB and 8 GB.Of course, the higher the capacity of the headphones, the more music you can store. To give you an idea, the capacity of 4GB can store about 1,000 songs.


Regarding the battery, the time required to charge and the duration of charging are considered the most. Some waterproof headphones have the possibility of fast charging, i.e., with just a few minutes of recharging, you can enjoy music for half an hour or even more.

Design and Material

To be honest, your main concern should be functionality beyond, and the aesthetics should come later. If your waterproof headphones don’t have a good grip, they will be slipping, which will irritate you more than you can enjoy your music. People have different ear canals. So, you must check if they will fit in your ears easily. As for the material, it is usually plastic.

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