How to Choose a Bespoke Software Development Company for Your Project

If you are thinking to hire an external resource for your new start-up or small business, it is important that you invest in the right resource. You can scout platforms like Fiverr to engage the services of all kinds of freelance software developers. However, your best bet is to go for a professional bespoke software development company that can implement all your unique project requirements perfectly, keeping in mind both quality and budget.

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The problem with going for a software development company is that there are a lot of great options available. With all sorts of technological advancements bridging the gap between opposite corners of the world, there are new opportunities for hiring the best possible talent regardless of the geographical distance between you and the vendor. Offshoring versus outsourcing often go hand in hand for this reason.

We have prepared this little guide for you so you can hire the best possible software partner for your bespoke software development project. In this article, we will talk about what factors to consider when choosing a software developer, so that you can make the best choice.


Like we mentioned before, technology has brought the world closer together. However, it is still important to consider the location of potential software development vendors as it affects the cost and quality of the work that they provide.

If you choose a company that is based in India, for example, it is likely that they will be able to offer you lower prices since labour is generally cheaper in developing countries. However, this in turn will affect the quality of services. Developing countries are often lagging behind in terms of the usage of the latest technologies and tools. They might not have the expertise or skills that you require for your project. There is also the problem of a gap in communication. Since their native language is not English, you may have a hard time communicating your requirements or feedback to their software developers or understanding their responses.

On the other hand, a software development company in the UK, for example, would have greater exposure to modern education as well as the latest development trends. Their knowledge and skills would be far more refined and valuable. They are more likely to be updated on the latest benchmarks of software development methodologies and tools. Since their primary mode of communication is the English language, it would remove this barrier as well.

Previous Clients and Past Reviews

Nowadays, every type of business has a basic website that acts as a platform where they can showcase their portfolio. The same is common for software companies in this age too. A lot of companies have a list of current and past clients on their homepage. Others publish the details of each project they have worked on in a separate section on their website, often called ‘Case Studies.’ If a company has worked with certain “big names” in the past, chances are that you can expect high-quality work from them.

If you wish to see the reviews for a particular vendor, you can also look that company up on reliable review platforms such as SoftwareWorld, GoodFirms and Clutch. Most of the trustworthy companies are listed on these popular review sites. These sites contact clients and conduct in-depth interviews with them regarding their feedback for the services they availed from a particular vendor. The clients also give a star rating to their software development company.

Costs and Pricing Models

Budget is a crucial part of any new bespoke software development venture. A quick look at platforms like Clutch can give you a brief comparison of the different types of projects that other customers have had built, and how much they ended up paying to their software partner. This can give you a rough idea of how much your project could cost. If you are a small business or start-up, you may also need a flexible payment plan since it can be difficult to pay large amounts upfront. Therefore, it is important to do a proper price comparison when choosing a software company.

While cost reduction will continue to be the key rationale for outsourcing, quality and technological superiority will become equally vital. Outsourcing was mostly utilized to cut total labor expenditures, such as pay, insurance, equipment and supplies, and technology. However, new IT outsourcing trends have evolved, with an emphasis on high-quality solutions.

The price of software development services can vary depending on many factors. If your project has a wide scope that could take a long period of time to cover, you might need multiple team members to fill in various roles in the development team. If the project requirements are highly complex, you would have to hire highly skilled and experienced expert developers. Similarly, for a project that is time-sensitive, your vendor might have to assign extra resources to it.

A great way to conduct a deeper price comparison would be to shortlist a few potential software developers and send them a complete list of your requirements to get an initial quote.

Where to Look

There are two well-known options that can assist you in your search for the best software development partner.

The first option has been mentioned above: review and portfolio platforms. Clutch, for example, compiles a list of top vendors in different categories of software development every year. If, for instance, you are looking for an expert in mobile app development services, you can go through Clutch’s latest compilation of the best app developers for this year. These websites also allow visitors and clients to filter their search for the best service providers according to budget, location, expertise, and several other factors. For example, if you want to look for a software development company in London, you can apply the location filter to your search and obtain a list of vendors based in London, UK. If you are looking for a vendor who provides moderately priced services, you can adjust the budget filter accordingly.

The second option is online business directories. If you are certain of the location of your software partner, you can look up directories that are local to that specific geographical region. From verified business directories, you will be able to obtain the complete contact information (e.g. contact number, address) of the businesses you might consider partnering up with.

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