Easy Steps To Creating a Beautiful Photo

Are you new to photography and are looking for ways to make your photos more beautiful? Perhaps you find your pictures aren’t coming out as you would like and want some tips that can help you? Or maybe you are just looking for general photography advice? Whatever your reason might be, we have the answer for you!

Today we are here with some easy steps to creating a beautiful photo that you are sure to love! Whether it’s experimenting with lightroom presets, adjusting the settings on your camera, or changing the way you set up a shot, we have some steps here you are sure to love! So without further ado, let’s dive in and look at these easy steps!

1. Make a Genuine Connection

Connection is a vital part of photography and can help enhance your images and create beautiful photographs. You don’t need to communicate with the subject, but taking some time to appreciate and learn about what you are photographing can help strengthen your bond with the person or location and create a more meaningful photo.

It can inspire you to explore new angles or different lighting that you might not have thought of before. Photographs that the photographer has connected with tend to have more feeling in them, creating a beautiful image.

2. Pay Attention to Your Background

A beautiful image doesn’t have to have complicated concepts or hard-to-pin locations. You can create a unique and beautiful image using a simple background. Simple backgrounds allow viewers to focus their attention on the subject and appreciate your work more.

Photographs that are quite busy with intricate backgrounds or complex concepts can be unappealing and often put viewers off. In most cases, less is more.

For example, an experienced event photographer should have the technical expertise to incorporate these techniques into their work to create stunning images that truly capture the essence of your event

3. Lighting is Key

Most photographers will know this, but we couldn’t not include it! Whether you are shooting in a studio or using natural lighting, you will want to adjust it to suit your photograph. You might want to take advantage of the golden hour for softer lighting or invest in softboxes and light diffusers, depending on your setup.

If you are shooting outside, it’s best to avoid midday light unless you want to focus on your subject’s textures. You can also take your photos in the shade during this time. Lighting can be tricky to get right, so take photographs at various times of the day to find the lighting that best suits your style of photography.

4. Vibrance Over Saturation

Your camera filters and editing tools are a massive help to enhance parts of the photograph you want; play about with the brightness and vibrance of the colors. We often see photographers, especially landscape photographers, oversaturating everything. Sure, it makes the image colorful, but it can make your photos look grainy and even ruin some colors!

Instead of destroying your image, use the vibrance tool instead of saturation to enhance duller areas of your photograph for a beautiful and vibrant result.

5. Separate the Subject from the Background

Background details or details in the subject can often blend together, making your image look crowded. You can avoid this easily, though, by using a large aperture to separate the subject from the background.

The aperture you use will depend on your style and the story you want your image to tell. Remember that the smaller the f-number, the blurrier the background will be. Thankfully there are lots of tutorials and reviews online to help you select the right aperture for you.

6. Focus on Leading Lines

Leading lines help lead your subject and allow viewers to understand what your image is trying to say. They also help prevent your subject from getting lost in the image. Leading lines is a phrase often used in the principles of photography, and it’s no wonder why! Incorporating them into your image will certainly help everyone see the beauty in your photograph.

7. Do Not Forget the Power of Editing Tools

Software like Photoshop, Lightroom, and even the editing tools on your phone are all wonderful ways to enhance your image and create a beautiful photo. They also offer features to remove objects from a photo, making your images cleaner and more focused.

These tools are used once the image has been taken and can help add brightness, contrast, smooth out sections, or add shadows and highlights if you choose. These software do come at a price, although students can usually access free versions.

SoftOrbits Watermark Remover has a step-by-step guide about how to remove watermarks from videos or images.

It’s worth keeping an eye out for any offers or business rates for those freelance photographers. There are also free apps that you can use and a wealth of tutorials online to help you navigate these apps with ease. You can also use a background remover tool if necessary to remove background distractions.


And there we have it, plenty of helpful tips to create a beautiful photo! Be sure to incorporate some of these into your photography, and don’t forget to make the most of editing tools to enhance your image further.

Easy Steps To Creating a Beautiful Photo was last updated February 26th, 2024 by Charlie Short