Video Production Tools for Creating Effective Business Presentations

Video for your business is here to stay. Using video production tools is now easier than ever. Some of the newest production tools can help your team create beautiful and engaging marketing campaign videos. When video communications are done right, your communications have a powerful, lasting effect. Hearts and minds open to video technology as you touch the prospective audience for your products and services with video productions.

Whether your business uses video in its corporate communications, media, or marketing strategies, video extends your business reach.

Stand out from the competitive noise. Marketers have so many content options to choose from. Your audience is human—they’re attracted to variety. The connective potential of video offers new ways to positively distinguish your business.

Video and Improved Conversion Rates

Your video conversion rate measures how frequently your customers click or engage with links or view-throughs. It’s calculated by the number of times your customers engage with the content, divided by the total number of views.

Marketing studies show that a landing page video on your business website landing page can almost double visitor engagement. Adding videos to your email can increase click-through rates even more. Customer view-throughs are also much more likely to buy your products online, too.

Vmation simplifies the task of making compelling videos for your business. Because your business has a story to tell, we simplify the range of tasks associated with engaging and supporting your business results with video and animation content.

Video performs well in a variety of formats, including social media video content, ads, presentation videos, or storytelling videos posted online. About one-third of online users spend about one-third of their online time watching video content.

Video as Part of Your Business Marketing Strategy

Video should be part of your business marketing strategy. It’s one of the ways to improve your user engagement, making your business website or blog stand out from the crowd.

There are many types of videos to boost your business results, including:

• Social media updates. A compelling video drives greater engagement than image and text updates.

• Testimonials. Video testimonials may boost audience trust in your brand and message.

• Brand stories. Video presentations and clips should be fun. Short videos are an ideal way to share your brand stories with an audience.

Other Compelling Ways to Communicate with Video

Business Culture and Internal Communications

Video is also an ideal way to support culture and communications with your internal team. Because culture creates and binds your team identity, it’s an essential framework for your business and employee relationships.

Video helps senior leadership to best communicate with employees and staff. It celebrates the organization’s values and wins.

Video Training

Corporate video training is another effective and efficient way to communicate with your team and workforce. Video training can be used to present and educate workers about human resources, safety, compliance matters, and more.

Video training engages the audience. It’s a much more effective format for training. The video viewer retains almost 100 percent of the message. In contrast, the reader recalls just 10 percent after reading written materials. Video training allows your business to deliver engaging, cost-efficient, consistent, and scalable communications.

Safety Training

Safety training is an essential but frequently overlooked market for video communications. To keep employees and workers safe, you must first engage them. Making viewers aware of safety issues is the first step to saving lives.

Safety training is especially crucial in high-risk industries. Businesses can also focus safety materials on workers in higher-risk jobs within the organization. Creating engaging and highly effective video safety training is one of the easiest ways to protect workers while saving money for your business.

Product Demonstrations

Show, don’t tell. Animation and video product demonstrations are ideal for prospective buyers and users of your business’ product and services. Developing this video content is one of the best ways to show product benefits, showcase product features and educate customers.

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