Best Free Online Movie Websites 2021 (Safe and Legal)

From the beginning of time, acting, plays, and movies have been the best source of entertainment for people around the world. Ever since quarantine life with the COVID-19 pandemic, most of us have been hooked to watching and re-watching tons of movies online. This gave a significant boost to online paid streaming websites.

But not everyone can afford the luxury of watching movies streamed on paid websites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. Luckily, there is always a loophole on the world wide web for almost everything. So if you have been to the ends of the internet looking for free streaming movies websites that are both safe and legal, your search is about to end here!

For those of you looking for the ultimate selection of free movies online, we’ve compiled a list of the best five free online movie streaming websites for unlimited streaming of the latest and classic blockbusters.

Not quite sure about the authenticity of the websites? Don’t worry! The websites we have listed are not only absolutely legal but are also absolutely safe to access. Malware or virus from illegal streaming websites should be the least of your worries with these sites. So, let’s start exploring them one-by-one.

1. Samsung TV Plus

With its initial release, Samsung TV Plus was only limited to the company’s own smartphones, smart TVs, and tablets. However, recently, Samsung TV Plus has expanded its portfolio, including local website access as well. Surprisingly, it’s absolutely free to use for all those living in North America and Europe.

Samsung TV Plus brings you the chance to access hundreds and thousands of movies from across the world. Be it Hollywood, Bollywood, or similar others, Samsung TV Plus has got it all. You can easily browse through the website’s huge movie library and pick out your favorite movie genre to binge on. The interface is extremely easy to use, housing a list of hot blockbusters to help you get started.

The best part? No extra plug-ins, payment options, or software installation. Simply type in the URL and stream your favorite movie for free.

2. Crackle

Crackle, sponsored by Sony, is another extremely popular free streaming movies site for streaming high-quality movies all day long. Since the platform offers free movies, you might have to watch a fair few advertisements. However, they are usually pretty quick and short.

Crackle has an incredibly wide selection of movies, ranging from classics like Gone With the Wind to 90s most popular erotic thrillers like Eyes Wide Shut and even contemporary horror thrillers like The Conjuring Series. We can clearly say about Crackle that you will never run out of options when you browse for movies from its extensive database.

3. PlutoTV

PlutoTV was one of the first platforms to introduce independent movies and contemporary content. Made with the intentions of helping people discover some of the best amateur content on the internet, PlutoTV’s popularity grew immensely over the past few years, assisting the platform in hosting various content genres.

At the current, you can watch anything and everything on PlutoTV, from A-List movies, top chart blockbusters, and independent movies, to broadcast network movies, foreign movies, and web series. Think of browsing on PlutoTV as a source of a free cable network, where you can watch endless movies of different genres, ratings, and languages.

4. Vudu

Vudu lets you easily browse through different genres of endless movies without any hassle at all. The interface is extremely easy to use, suggesting movies that fit your preferences based on your searches. If you want to interrupt the movie and watch it later, the movie restarts from exactly where you left off, giving you a wholesome entertainment experience.

As of today, Vudu is playing almost all the latest movies you can think of! From new chartbusters, including Black Widow, The Conjuring 3, and Oxygen to classics from the 90s like The Game, Indecent Proposal, and even Deep Impact. In short, the website offers quite a variety of movie genres. Moreover, Vudu also gives you the opportunity to get a paid account for a premium subscription, giving you the ability to stream, buy, and rent ad-free movies.

5. Popcornflix

Over the past few years, Popcornflix has witnessed immense growth in its viewership, becoming one of the leading free streaming movies websites worldwide. It not only lets you skim over some of the greatest Hollywood movie releases of all time but ensures that you can appreciate independent art and talent through C-list movies as well. The diverse portfolio of free movies at Popcornflix does not disappoint anyone.

All you have to do is go to the Popcornflix website, type in the movie you are looking for, and stream the content for free! Although the endless advertisements you have to go through to reach your content might put you off a bit, still it’s worth the wait to stream content on a safe and legal website.

6. Other

With online streaming becoming the preferred TV choice of many viewers, new streaming platforms are being created all the time. One we found was 123movies, which has a large collection to choose from of all movie genres.

Wrapping Up

Watching free movies online without the constant scare of inviting unwanted malware to your beloved device is truly a privilege we shouldn’t let go of, even if it means having to sit through mundane advertisements! We can ensure that the above list of 5 free streaming movies websites are totally safe and loaded with uncountable movie choices. Get your tv for pc monitor and grab your popcorn, get cozy in your best, most comfortable pajamas, and call it a day with a free streaming movie website.

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