Web Hosting Hacks And Tricks That You Should Know About

Anyone who has a website or is planning to have one should know the indispensable role of web hosting. Web hosting is the process of buying or renting space on a web server for a website to store its files and publish these files onto the internet. It is like a virtual warehouse that you can access to store and retrieve the resources you want to access or want other people to access. However, keep in mind that not all web hosting service providers are the same, and the web hosting plans they offer have advantages and disadvantages. Read on to know about some web hosting hacks and tricks you can use for a responsive and reliable website.

Research Your Web Hosting Options

Your web hosting option research should be extensive. Do not just look for the best providers and excellent reviews. Also, look for the worst ones and negative reviews. Chances are, some of those who make it to the best list are also found in the list of worst ones. Be investigative and verify the validity of the reviews you read. Weigh the percentage of disgruntled users and check if the reviews are subjective or biased.

Also, thoroughly research the promos and offers some providers display on their advertisements. Check the hosting types such as dedicated, shared, cloud, WordPress, VPS, or reseller and other relevant hosting information if they are indicated in fully visible Hostgator coupons or other similar web hosting coupons offered by other websites.

Different hosting types have different prices, with shared hosting being the cheapest and dedicated hosting being the most expensive. Discounts in these promos are often attractive but also check the applicable promo period and conditions associated with availing the promo.

Match Your Hosting Needs with Your Website

While it is good that you have various choices for your web hosting provider, not all the services are tailored to fit your website’s needs. Check if you are using a static HTML website or WordPress, if you are using a simple coding language like HTML or CSS or a more advanced language like PHP, Javascript, or Python, and the number of sites you want to create. Also, consider your monthly budget and the anticipated traffic your website will receive each month. Having these factors accounted for will help you make excellent web hosting service provider choices.      

Register for Domain and Hosting Separately

It can be temptingly convenient to register your website’s domain and web hosting under the same company, but as much as possible, it shouldn’t be the case. Unless you are certain that the web host is established and reputable, you can entrust the domain of your site to the web hosting company. Otherwise, err on the side of caution and protect your website’s domain name – the online identity of your business or private site. Also, website domains are very expensive and are vital to the establishment of a website’s online presence on the web.

Thus, it would be best to choose a separate yet trustworthy and dependable web domain registrar. Web hosting and domain registration under the same provider can expose your website to the risks of an inaccessible domain, compromised web domain account, and possible loss of virtual identity. You don’t want any nasty surprises in the event the web hosting company goes down.  

You might be asking what are the benefits of having a separate web host and domain registrar. One advantage is easier file management. When separate companies dedicate their services to hosting and domain maintenance, you get the best possible service without compromising the other, which usually happens in a two-in-one setup or bundle under a single company. Switching to another web host is also easier without other commitments tying you down. If a separate company handles the domain, you can focus on changing your web hosting company if you are not satisfied with its services.

Go For Upgradeable Rather Than Unlimited Web Hosting

Unlimited storage or data transfers can be very enticing and misleading, especially to new website owners or creators. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. The truth is, you are just given a large but limited storage size and a high data transfer cap under the web host’s Terms of Service. Does a regulated stream of traffic feel unlimited to you? Probably not.

A smart approach would be to choose a host that can give your website room to grow in the future. Look for a web host that offers upgradeable bundles or hosting types. As your business or private site grows, your need for more storage, bandwidth, and other hosting features and resources also increases. 

Creating and maintaining a website is a wise investment, provided you have sufficient knowledge on how to get the best resources and services. Web hosting is one of the essential aspects of a website. To harness the benefits and advantages of web hosting, always start with assessing what you or your business needs to achieve with your website and align your website needs with the features offered by the web hosting provider. Strive for balance and harmony between responsiveness, relevance, and engagement between your website and web hosting.  

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