List of Our Favorite Software to Play N64 Games on PC, Phone, or Tablet

You probably must have heard of the new Nintendo switch which has had everyone talking. However, this new Nintendo masterpiece cannot run on any emulator properly. For this reason, we have compiled for you a list of the best software to play N64 on a range of devices including phones, PCs, and tablets. Apart from Nintendo, Sony is the other formidable opponent when it comes to creating controversial, yet unique consoles. But there is something about the old N64 that not even Sony can match – it gets great with age like fine wine. Let us get this rolling, shall we?

OpenEmu for Mac

It is considered one of the best emulators, the world of gaming has ever seen, thanks to its diversity and simplicity. Despite it being relatively old, this emulator has virtually every gaming feature you need. Most importantly, it allows the player to save games to resume them later. Also, you can configure settings whichever way you like without any difficulty. OpenEmu boasts of having the best video game library where the player can have a neat virtual shelf of their games. The shelf is arranged with beautiful box covers as well. Finally, as mentioned earlier, the emulator is very simple to use since it is well-organized.

NewGamePad for iOS

If you’re having a hard time using emulators from sites that restrict them such as Apple, then NewGamePad is your best option. It is one of the few places you can download apps to your various devices directly. However, you need to allow the app to access some areas of your PC, tablet, or phone to work properly. Once you have selected a ROM, you can start enjoying the game with it like any other emulator. Buying a wireless gamepad is the only thing you need to worry about because it might not work well with normal touchscreen controls.


Highly diversified and simple, RetroArch is a multi-platform software with a clean user experience record. Although not considered an emulator, it does most of the things an emulator does as far as N64 is concerned. The best thing about RetroArch is that it has amazing features that can be customized to improve user experience. With various cores such as parallel which improve vision and color greatly, this software is always a step ahead of mainstream emulators. The installation process may be a little cumbersome but you can always follow guides and do the right thing.

Project64 for Windows

Project64 is the easiest and most convenient emulator you can use if your device is running on Windows. The emulator is not only simple but it is also having some of the coolest features can find for an N64 console. Most importantly, you can always customize the settings to fit your needs. Many players look for an emulator that will allow them to save their game to resume later, and that is what Project64 gives you. The emulator’s official website has a comprehensive yet simple-to-understand guide on how to set up and use it.

Mupen64Plus FZ for Android

This is by far the best emulator to play N64 on your android phone. As simple as it is, Mupen64Plus uses the same base code as any other emulator. But its compatibility with N64 is what makes it worth sticking with. Most importantly, this software is updated regularly to include advanced features and improve existing ones. Mupen64Plus FZ has great color and visibility, unlike most emulators. Make sure to go for a Mupen64Plus emulator with ‘FZ’ to avoid downloading another software that might not serve you well.


Great android software to play N64, Megan64 has close to a million Android users worldwide. This according to the number of mostly positive reviews found on various review platforms. With an average rating of 4.7, it remains to be one of the most popular and efficient software to play N64 on various devices. However, you must load games onto a microSD card to be able to play using the software. Although it does not come with many features, what you get is quite impressive and will do the trick. Additionally, its production has been declining over the years but that doesn’t rule it out as a viable option for android.


Last on our list is this multi-platform emulator that is similar to RetroArch in virtually every aspect. Users are most impressed by the emulator’s unique graphics which give great resolution and colors. Additionally, the software comes with customization capabilities to allow the user to make modifications as per their liking. The only thing you need to worry about is the version of your phone because it might not work on very old ones. Otherwise, you can enjoy ClassicBoy’s amazing features such as auto-save and a great audio experience.


Nintendo, alongside other newbies such as the new Xbox, is quickly taking over the gaming market. However, these new consoles have features that are slightly different from the likes of Microsoft’s Xbox and PlayStation. It is for this reason that developers had to come up with new software to fill the gap. Our list consists of emulators that have been tried and tested as far as Nintendo 64 is concerned. As you will notice, this software comes with advanced yet simple features that let you have a great gaming experience. We hope you find one that will meet all your gaming needs as you proceed to download Nintendo 64 emulators.

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