Pinterest Marketing in 2021: What it is and How to Do It

A registration on Pinterest gives you free access to share and discover interests. It is a social media network focused on visuals of people’s lifestyles, tastes, interests, DIY’s, facts, graphics, exotic locations, and anything that can be visually represented on this planet. Users can share their interesting photographs or videos by pinning them on their boards or on other boards. Pinterest also has a Pinterest lens similar to Google Lens, which allows you to discover ideas related to the thing you point your camera to. With surpassing 400 million monthly live users in 2020, Pinterest is a serious online business platform. So it is valid to think about a Pinterest growth service to grow your business on the third-largest digital network of America. And, Pinterest claiming 459 million users makes it a guaranteed growth destination for creators to reap their online business by Pinterest marketing.

What originated as a visual experience for displaying interest in inspiring arts, cooking recipes, fashion styles in clothing, DIY’s, and other interests of females has gone to the imaginative numbers of interests Pinterest caters to mankind today. From scriptures and arts of the medieval period to the information on the conceptual flying cars, Pinterest offers every kind of interest one can have.

Pinterest marketing potential

The footfall of buyers from Pinterest to the marketer site is very exciting with more than 90% being first-timers. Pinterest claims the male users have reached nearly 50% recently. Pinterest’s fourth-quarter shareholder report of 2020  displayed tremendous growth outside the US. In 2020, global monthly active users showed an increase of 46% from the previous year. In the US alone the increase was 11%, representing 98 million users monthly active in 2020.

The coming generations like Millenials and Gen Z tend to see and understand things more with videos and images, ensuring the value of this platform automatically rises. With features like  Pinterest Lens, users can discover over 2.5 billion objects. Such interesting figures, and 87% of pinners claiming to purchase through the platform, show the humongous marketing potential of Pinterest. So, let’s dive into Pinterest marketing and what you need to succeed.

1.  Create a Business Profile

The very first step for marketing on Pinterest is to create a business profile. Pinterest provides one of the simplest interfaces to backlink your website for people to find more about your products. You can make a business profile by clicking on Join as a business while signing up. Fill in the remaining details and you’re ready for marketing from your Pinterest business account.

2.  Understanding the search

Pinterest is less of a regular social media and more of an image search engine. Like, you can search for a red wallet and a series of multiple pins will appear from the influencers, big fashion brands, retailers, magazines, and other user’s boards. Unlike other search engines where you go to the next page, you can keep scrolling down until you find your preferred pin. Furthermore, writing accurate details in the description of your pins guides your customers better to your linked website.

3.  Pinterest Boards

The boards hold your collection of pins. For your label, your collection of boards helps you organize your pins categorically, so your followers can access and follow their interests. Likewise for a motorbike modification company, creating a board on self-bike repair is a specialized zone for bike enthusiasts. As A Result, these enthusiasts will spend more time on your boards and therefore good marketing is done for your company.

4.  The Pins

Pins are the most essential and founding bricks of Pinterest. Whenever you search for anything on Pinterest, basically all the images displayed are pins. These founding elements are the first thing attracting your targeted customers to this platform and guide them to your web page. Every pin can say a specific thing about an e-commerce online store, a person, or any company. For this reason, it becomes quintessential to make your pins unique and inviting with communicative details.

How to do Marketing on Pinterest

Since you have understood the need and fundamentals of marketing on Pinterest, let’s move ahead to understand how to do it. After setting up a business profile you need to optimize it to imitate your brand value and aesthetics.

1.  Optimization

For this, you should understand that aesthetics is the key here. Having a distinctive and alluring display will hold the potential of maximum conversion through Pinterest. Setting an eye-catching cover image that displays similar pastel colors on your company’s website reflects a singular identity of two platforms. Further, optimizing by following a theme that sync’s all the boards with accurate descriptions on each pin.

2.  Utilize pins

Your visitors should have the ease of saving an image onto their boards. You can install Pinterest’s save button and allow people to do so. For a blogger, pins are the gateways to drive traffic to their website. Similarly, a handmade online shop displaying information and the price of their products is a classic example. You can also use rich pins once you’ve validated your website on Pinterest. Rich pins are linked to your source site. If anything is changed on the source website, rich pins update information automatically.

3.  Pin wisely

You can’t randomly post a quotation or an image with a link and think it is great marketing done for your brand. It’s important to plan out the content strategy to achieve a set goal. Like actively sharing educational content can be a driving force to your business. For example, a pickle company actively sharing guided methods to make homemade pickles with illustrations will educate people on the topic. Resulting in people regularly visiting the company boards and hence increasing the leads and chance of more sales.


Since its launch as a closed beta in 2010, Pinterest has come a long way in building a strong reputation in digital marketing by 2021. As stated by Pinterest, because of the pandemic, usage rose to 36% on their platform to juggle between new part-time jobs. With 95% of the top searches still unbranded on this network speaks a lot about the untapped potential of Pinterest marketing. On this positive note, I wish you to reap by exploring and establishing your digital presence.

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