Kicksta vs Sprout Social

In this digital world, having an Instagram presence is very crucial for promoting your brand or content. And to influence people on Instagram, you need to have a large following and increased engagement rate on your Instagram profile. Several tools and growth services can streamline the process of content creation, post scheduling, increasing followers, and gaining engagement on Instagram. 

Two of the most competitive growth services are Kicksta and Sprout Social. Both the tools focus on increasing followers on Instagram. And both of them are the best sites to buy Instagram likes to improve engagement rate. So which one should you choose? Check out the comprehensive comparison between Kicksta and Sprout Social given below to pick the best Instagram growth tool for yourself. Let’s get started!

Product Features 

Sprout Social 

For social media management, Sprout Social offers several services such as – 

  • In-depth social media audit
  • Advance scheduling and post automation 
  • Social media content calendar 
  • Data analytics and reporting 

Besides these services, it also provides major tools required to gain engagement on Instagram. It is compatible with a lot of different social media networks and helps in increasing your followers at every platform. 


Kicksta is an Instagram growth service and the best site to buy Instagram likes, comments, and followers. These tools are also crucial to gain engagement on Instagram. Some features of Kicksta include – 

  • Smart targeting algorithm – Kicksta’s AI-powered technology helps to get high-quality followers on Instagram. 
  • Automation – Kicksta automates finding similar Instagram profiles along with auto-engaging of the target audience. 
  • Kicksta focuses on growing genuine Instagram followers, likes and comments. This helps to improve brand awareness. 
  • Data analytics and reporting 

Pricing Plans 

Social Sprout 

Social Sprout offers three different pricing plans – 

  • The standard plan at $99/ month/user – this plan allows the user to connect up to five social accounts. Here, you can get a content calendar, publishing tools, an all-in-one social inbox, comprehensive reporting, profile, and keyword monitoring. You also get some paid promotion tools to boost your profile. 
  • The professional plan costs around $149/month/user – this plan allows the user to connect ten social profiles. It offers custom workflow, content tagging, detailed analytics reports, helpdesk integration, and optimal post scheduling. 
  • The advanced plan costs around $249/month/user – with this plan you can connect the ten social profiles. Along with this, you get access to automation tools like Chabot, digital assets library, custom URL tracking, message spike alerts, and automated inbox rule builder. 


Kicksta follows a ‘pay for what you use’ model. In this model, the user can cancel the subscription at any time. And the money for the remaining days on the scheduled subscription will be refunded back. There are two subscription plans offered by Kicksta – 

  • The standard plan costs around $49/month/user. This plan assures moderate growth speed with automation tools. The user can target up to ten new accounts. 
  • The premium plan costs around $149/month/user. This plan assures four times faster gain in genuine and real Instagram followers. It also provides more engagement rate with the automation tools. Additional services include live chat support, email support, advanced targeting options, and blacklist capabilities. 

Data Analytics and Reporting 

Sprout Social 

In terms of data analytics, Sprout Social offers plenty of reporting features. For example, this tool compares your post-performance with your competitor’s post. Additionally, it tracks team productivity and task performance. If you opt for upgraded plans, Sprout Social offers custom reports, interactive charts, and graphical representations along with advanced filtering. All of these tools are excellent in gaining engagement on Instagram.  


Kicksta provides insightful insights on profile performance and individual post-performance with the help of graphs and numbers. All the data can be accessed easily from the user-friendly analytics dashboard. In addition to this, Kicksta also allows the user to analyze their engagement rate and followers gained during a particular time frame. 

Which among the two is best?

Considering all the key factors that are required to gain engagement on Instagram with quality followers, Sprout Social wins them all. Although Kicksta is also an excellent tool to get genuine Instagram followers. Perhaps it is one of the best sites to buy Instagram likes, comments, and followers. However, its limited features and data analytical tools do not match the level of Sprout Social. 

Another factor that makes Sprout Social a much better growth tool is its ability to generate traffic to your website using social media posts and marketing. Additionally, flawless user experience, customer support, and excellent product features make Social Sprout the number one choice. 


Choosing the best social media management tool is a very challenging task. There are several factors involved that decide which tool is the best for maximum social media growth. While both Kicksta and Sprout Social provide unique features to get genuine Instagram followers, Sprout Social beats it in terms of superior automation tools, improved product features, and data analytics. Although the pricing plan of Social Sprout is slightly expensive as compared to Kicksta. It is the best out of the two when it comes to growing your Instagram. 

Kicksta vs Sprout Social was last updated June 30th, 2021 by Jeremy Collins

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