Why Web Design Is Relevant In Driving More People To Your Business Website

You may be going to great lengths by incorporating a wide assortment of marketing tactics to increase your web traffic. The reality is that no amount of marketing can increase website traffic if your site is poorly designed. You must build a professional-looking, captivating, and user-friendly website that keeps your target audience engaged and compels them to take the desired action with ease. If your audience does not find your web design aesthetically pleasing or find it too challenging, they will likely bounce off the website. 

Without further ado, let’s dig a bit deeper into how web design impacts audience engagement and its importance in driving more traffic to your brand’s online storefront. 

Key Elements of Web Design 

Before you jump ahead with a costly marketing campaign, you must get the fundamentals of your website design in order. Here are some of the most fundamental elements of a web design and the triggering force behind boosting traffic and increasing sales and revenue. This Atlanta based web design company will work with you to increase your reach and experience over time, build new product banners, categories, and focused landing pages.


Long gone are the times when users would only access the internet from their desktops. People in the modern digital world use multiple devices like mobile phones, laptops, and tablets to browse the net more than ever. 

Therefore, your website design must adapt to various devices by displaying content clearly and allow for a seamless user experience across a range of platforms. Perhaps, designing a WordPress website could be the way to go considering that an overwhelming majority of all users use their smartphones to access and browse a website today. An unresponsive design equates to cumbersome navigation and a frustrated user. That likely means you could be driving away valuable traffic from your site and losing out on valuable leads. 

It is clear to see how navigation and accessibility can impact website traffic and conversion rates. An intuitive layout will keep users engaged, whereas a website that is challenging to use and comprehend will make them lose interest and ultimately stop browsing. 

As you are already aware, the average user’s attention span is way too short for you to have challenging to use features on your website. They only take a few seconds to determine if a website has what they are looking for. Your navigation bar should be relevant and precise and provide seamless internal linking enabling the users to search for the details they need without any hassle. 

Site Speed

Faster page load times can boost the amount of search traffic visiting your site. If you can not deliver page results within a few seconds, you may be losing valuable traffic. A good page speed is crucial for a good user experience and builds a lasting first impression on visitors.

We live in a fast-paced society where people have no patience for waiting, for virtually anything. The same applies to Internet users. Research has shown that almost half of them are likely to bounce off a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load and never return. If potential visitors to your website are unhappy with your page speed, they will be quick to abandon you and drive away to your competitor’s website offering the same product or service. 


High-quality content is vital for a successful website. Your content must prioritize the user’s needs while aligning with what your brand is all about. Consistently creating innovative and appealing content will help bring viewers back to your website. After all, if there is nothing new to do, why go back?

Create videos and blogs to provide new, relevant information to your visitors and stay ahead of the competition. Do not forget to optimize your content by inserting relevant and search-friendly keywords in your page titles, descriptions, and text to let Google know that your website is the one-stop solution for what users are searching.

Your website design is an essential determinant of your search engine rankings. A web design that meets the audience’s expectations leads to your business ranking higher in search results, which means more traffic, leads, and revenue. If any of the key elements of a good web design are not up to the mark, you will face an uphill battle to rank high and be visible to your prospects.

A poorly designed website with low on-site time does not do well with search engine crawlers. If you do not provide your users with a friendly experience, search engines like Google will be quick to pick on that and rank your website lower in search engines, ultimately resulting in reduced visibility and low traffic.

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